All about bemokoLive


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An overview of bemokoLive and how it can help you create the best mobile websites quickly and easily.

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All about bemokoLive

  1. 1. How bemokoLive provides the fastest route to creating mobile websites
  2. 2. What is bemokoLive? bemokoLive provides a multi-device, multi-channel delivery platform, designed with flexibility and speed of deployment in mind.
  3. 3. bemokoLive solves...
  4. 4. Benefits of bemokoLive bemoko®Live is a powerful and flexible delivery platform for mobile content and services, giving the best user experience over a wide range of mobile handsets and other devices. • Faster and easier development than other mobile solutions • Easily integrated with existing systems • Lower development and maintenance costs • Device Database supports over 5000 devices • Maximises device capabilities • Flexible and extendible • Social networking and picture upload out of the box • Industry standards
  5. 5. Take full advantage of phone features Same Content on an iPhone Content on a SmartPhone
  6. 6. bemokoLive Schematic
  7. 7. Why bemoko is right for you • Reduce cost with the bemokoLive platform • Quick time-to-market • Easy transition from PC web to mobile-ready web • Sites created with industry standards - no weird and wonderful markup languages to learn • Low impact. Development teams can be productive very quickly. • Flexible approach
  8. 8. PC websites work on mobile – don't they? PC based website on Blackberry Built for mobile version of the same site
  9. 9. Why not just transcode? • Good for repurposing content but… • Does not maintain brand, design or UX • It’s a best guess at page layout • Pages jumbled & unclear • A little bit of work will always be best
  10. 10. What's the investment? • Costs of adding mobile to a new website could be as little as 5-10% over the cost of creating the new website • Providing a tailored mobile solution for an existing website can be completed in a matter of days or weeks, not months. • Low cost implementation without compromising flexibility and quality. • Low cost of ownership – easy to maintain sites with low support overheads.
  11. 11. Demonstration URLs These are best viewed on a mobile phone but will still work on a PC • Music fesitval – – Shows social & community features including photo upload, voting, commenting, Twitter & Flickr integration • Conference – & • Corporate – • Quiz – • “Normal” web site –
  12. 12. Introduction to bemoko • The team have worked in mobile since 2001 • With the worlds biggest telco’s, brands, media, finance & enterprise organisations • A passion for mobile & the new opportunities it offers • certified • Founded bemoko in 2007
  13. 13. bemoko engagement models A cost effective, flexible range for delivering mobile web • Evaluation versions – Bemoko will work with you to get started as quickly as possible • Hosting options – Ideal for short term sites such as microsites and festivals. – Perfect if you don't want the hassle of hosting yourself. • License model for customers who want to host themselves – Available on a per CPU, subscriber or site licence basis. • Reseller model for partners • Prof. Services – our experts can help with all aspects of your project • Training options for developers, ops, admin & mobile design