Troop leadership org chart and presentation


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Troop leadership org chart and presentation

  1. 1. Troop 280 Youth Leadership StructureTROOP 280 Julington Creek, Florida
  2. 2. Frankly Speaking…• Scouting should be FUN with a PURPOSE• The PURPOSE is learning LIFE SKILLS – Organization – Communication – Leadership – Project Ownership – Personal Responsibility and Accountability – Responsibility and Commitment to Others• Best way to learn life skills is: – Projects (requires thinking and planning) – As a member of a Team (one for all, all for one) – With a defined Role and and Goal (accountability)TROOP 280 Julington Creek, Florida
  3. 3. Purpose• Define MEANINGFUL roles to – Help run the Troop better – Get youth into POR’s for rank – Share responsibilities – Build leadership and project management skills – Continue to create the BEST TROOP POSSIBLETROOP 280 Julington Creek, Florida
  4. 4. Troop 280 Ranks Today• 1 Eagle Scout• 9 Life Scouts• 12 Star Scouts• 15 First Class Scouts• 2 Second Class Scouts• 10 Tenderfoot Scouts• 4 Scout Rank 53 Registered Scouts in the Troop 37 REQUIRE a POR to Advance 12 MORE WILL REQUIRE POR in Near Future We are Still Growing!TROOP 280 Julington Creek, Florida
  5. 5. Requirements for a POR-Rank• SPL: Must be Star or Above• ASPL: Must be Star or Above• All Committee Teams: Must be First Class or Above – We want you working on rank otherwise! – Need opportunities for those who need those positions to advance to Star, Life, Eagle and EP’s• Patrol Leader: No rank requirement, elected as someone you will want to followTROOP 280 Julington Creek, Florida
  6. 6. Requirements for Attendance• You can’t lead if you aren’t there! – SPL, ASPL’s are required to attend 80% of all meetings during tenure. – PLC members: Must attend 5 of your 6 PLC’s – Committee members: Must attend 80% of your committee meetings minimum to have your rank count towards advancement (6 months, 12 meetings, must be at 10) – Patrol Leaders must attend 5-6 PLC’s and arrange for representation if not going to be at the 6th – Patrol Leaders must attend 70% of all Troop meetings (6 months, 24 meetings including PLC’s, must be present for 18)TROOP 280 Julington Creek, Florida
  7. 7. The PLC• The Elected Senior Patrol Leader Runs the Troop with – Three ASPL’s • Program (appointed by SM) • Outdoor (elected by Troop) • Activity (appointed by SPL) – Elected Patrol Leader from Each Patrol • Runs their patrolTROOP 280 Julington Creek, Florida
  8. 8. The Patrol Leaders Council Senior Patrol Leader 1 Unique POR SCOUTMASTER ASPL Program ASPL Outdoor ASPL Activities Patrol LeadersTROOP 280 Julington Creek, Florida
  9. 9. The Program Team• Led by ASPL appointed by Scoutmaster and SPL• Responsible for the Master Program Plan and Execution and Troop Meetings• Members: – Troop Scribe – Troop Webmaster – Troop Historian (Media) – Troop Librarian – Instructor, Games – Instructor, Mobilization and Communications – Order of the Arrow RepresentativeTROOP 280 Julington Creek, Florida
  10. 10. The Program Team ASPL, Program Assistant Scoutmaster Troop Scribe Historian, Media 8 Total POR’s Librarian Webmaster Instructor, Games Instructor, Mobilization and Communication OA RepresentativeTROOP 280 Julington Creek, Florida
  11. 11. The Outdoor Team• Run by an Elected ASPL• Campouts, Summer Camp Selection, Camp Activities, Menus, Duty Rosters, Coaching for FC Candidates• Members: – Instructor, High Adventure Planning – Instructor, Duty Rosters/Master Schedule – Instructor, AM programs – Instructor, PM programs – Instructor, Aquatics – Instructor, Pioneering – Instructor, Cooking Skills and Menu PlanningTROOP 280 Julington Creek, Florida
  12. 12. The Outdoor Team ASPL, Outdoors Assistant SM Instructor, Rosters Instructor, Cooking Skills and Menu Plan Instructor, AM Programs 9 total POR’s Instructor, PM Programs Instructor, Aquatics Instructor, Pioneering Troop Quartermaster Instructor, High AdvenntureTROOP 280 Julington Creek, Florida
  13. 13. The Activities Team• Led by an Appointed (by SPL) ASPL• Responsible for all non camping related Troop outside activities• Members: – Instructor, Community Service – Chaplains Aide – Instructor, Scout Spirit – Instructor, Fundraising Coordinator – Historian, Recognition – Supply QuartermasterTROOP 280 Julington Creek, Florida
  14. 14. Activities Team ASPL, Activities Assistant Scoutmaster Historian, Recognition Instructor, Community Service 7 total POR’s Supply QM Chaplains Aide Instructor, Scout Spirit Instructor, FundraisingTROOP 280 Julington Creek, Florida
  15. 15. Empowering the Patrol• Patrols – Elected PL – Appointed APL – Approx same age/grow in Scouting together – Meet every other meeting to • Discuss and plan patrol events (patrol camping, hiking, activities, fundraising, rank advancement, merit badges, get togethers, projects • Report for 2-3 minutes to Troop • Goal: Make Your Patrol the Envy of Every Other Patrol!!!!TROOP 280 Julington Creek, Florida
  16. 16. Patrol Structure Patrol Leader 2 Total POR’s Per patrol (5 patrols=10) Asst Patrol Leader Patrol Members Patrol Member Patrol Members Patrol MembersTROOP 280 Julington Creek, Florida
  17. 17. The Guide Team• Led by a Junior Assistant SM, appointed by the Scoutmaster• Most “Elite” Scouts in Troop (our “Special Forces”)• Mission: – Troop membership/recruitment – Troop outreach to Cubs, Schools – Advancement from New Member through attainment of First ClassTROOP 280 Julington Creek, Florida
  18. 18. The Guide Team Junior Asst Scoutmaster 5 Total POR’s SCOUTMASTER Guide, Guide, Guide, New Scouts Guide, Scout and Second Class and First Class Tenderfoot Advancement Recruitment Advancement AdvancementTROOP 280 Julington Creek, Florida
  19. 19. Other Ways to Grow Positions• Additional Committees – Ideas?• Expand Guide Group to Include Den Chiefs (4-5 new leaders)• Create an additional patrol – Split Venture Patrol (2 new leaders)TROOP 280 Julington Creek, Florida
  20. 20. Why This Will Work• Clear, concise and understood responsibilities• Shares the load across the Troop• Will point out who IS and who ISN’T doing what needs to be doneTROOP 280 Julington Creek, Florida
  21. 21. How This Could Fail• Skipped planning sessions – It will be required as part of rank• Adult tendency to take over when things are not going well – Communicate expectation to adults, reason why• Lack of responsibility – Means to replace those who don’t perform – Well defined accountability means easy to see who is and isn’t doing job right away – Need to hold people accountable and have them own their job• Could make Troop smaller – More motivated Scouts – Could have opposite effect in attracting more committed youthTROOP 280 Julington Creek, Florida
  22. 22. Troop Meeting Schedule• Opening: 5 minutes (Pledge, Oath, Law, Cheer)• Committee or Patrol Updates: 5-10 minutes (2-3 minutes each max)• Troop Activity/Presentation/Speaker: 20-30 minutes• Committee Time/Patrol Time/Instruction: 20-30 minutes• Game: 10-15 minutes• SPL Remarks: 2-3 minutes• SM Remarks: 2-3 minutes• Final Words, Close: 5 minutesTROOP 280 Julington Creek, Florida
  23. 23. So, What are the Next Steps?• Plan for Elections – Troop – Patrol• Form Committee Teams – Bid on positions – Review and Sign Job Descriptions – Adult Advisors for Each Team• Start Cadence of Every Other Week – Committee Meeting/Guide Advancement Topics – Patrol meetings and patrol activitiesTROOP 280 Julington Creek, Florida
  24. 24. Don’t Let This Be YOU!A Chain Can Only Be So Strong as Its Weakest LinkTROOP 280 Julington Creek, Florida