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Published in: Education
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Thefutureofeverything 091106062806 Phpapp01

  1. 1. The Future of Everything How to get to the future first
  2. 2. Coming up... 1. The elusive Future 2. A better way to navigate 3. Some results
  3. 3. Companies often look for the future in the strangest of places...
  4. 4. Inside the heads of today's consumers...
  5. 5. Inside the data of a number cruncher ...
  6. 6. Inside the imagination of a mystical guru...
  7. 7. Inside the ego of a trendscout superstar...
  8. 8. Garbage in, garbage out Curiously, tomorrow looks like today Curiously, tomorrow looks like a hockey stick Curiously, tomorrow looks like the 'cool' Curiously, tomorrow looks like the guru's passions of today's minority culture own value system
  9. 9. With so many poor guides, no wonder finding the future is so elusive
  10. 10. Coming up... 1. The elusive Future 2. A better way to navigate 3. Some results
  11. 11. Follow some simple rules Coming up... • Accept that the future will be a different place than an extrapolation of today: always has been always will be • Know that consumers can't anticipate what they have never seen • Realise that trends are an input, not the output • Call upon a rare blend of futuring & business skills Note: following the above will seriously save your budget - and your embarassment
  12. 12. Navigating the future : skillset Researcher Consumer Trends & & Businessperson Business Strategy Worldview & Sector vision Creativity Theoretical & & Pragmatism Operational
  13. 13. Navigating the future : approach 5.Derive sector timeline & 1.Load the system implications 4.Analyse 2.Scan for all underlying market 'Mental Postures' logic in sector 3.Search & filter key sector Drivers of Values
  14. 14. Use the method for the Future of Everything the future of work, of services, of home, of emotions (Nokia) the future of flying (Virgin Atlantic) the future of health (Boots, Merck, AESGP) the future of mobility (Ford, Michelin) the future of London's West End (New West End Company) the future of Christian education (Cook) the sustainability of consumer credit (Egg) leisure futures (Whitbread) the future of fundraising (Cancer Research UK) the future of supermarkets (Tesco) The future of local newspapers (Associated News) Client projects The future of banking (Halifax)
  15. 15. Coming up... 1. The elusive Future 2. A better way to navigate 3. Some results
  16. 16. Natural 50+ Consumer Search for High-Performance Bio-Affinity Health Postures Desire for Optimal Achievement New Witchery Back to Mother Nature Hi-tech Health Vitality Junkies Alternative Medicine Desire for Eternal Youth New Spirituality The Systemic Body Desire for Perfection Modesty in Ageing Holistic View Complementary Medicine Desire to be Unhealthy Sense of Fatality Techno Nature Perverse Desire to be Unhealthy Condition Controlled Postponing Death Money Metric Ageing is Natural Quick Fix Carefree Pleasure Body Piloting Lack of Guidelines Hedonistic Attitude ‘Health Capital’ Managers Hyper Focussed Health Disillusioned Health Alibis Completely Confused Sacrificial Balancing Body Purging Health Anxious Rhythmic Credits and Debits Seeking Symptoms Belief in God Lifestyle Management My Wonderful Body Cocoon Protection Religious Conviction Food Dominance Allergy Obsessed The Environment is the Enemy Obsession with Cleanliness Belief in Human Potential Science Paradigm Learning Body Mental Health First Belief in Science Zero Tolerance Focus on Health Hobbyists New Innovations Sceptics Appearance Brain Power Belief in Miracle Cure Treatment Overdose Health as Fashion Health Experts Belief in Bio-technology Social Pressure
  17. 17. Grouping Mental Postures on 'Market Logic' axes Proactive Seeking Managing Going Enabling Natural For Good Beyond Success Harmony Health Health Long Term Quick Fix Health Following Treating Being Taking Faith Ill Health Less Than Health For Scientifically Healthy Granted Reactive 17
  18. 18. Selected Drivers of Values Proactive Feminisation Status Quest Culture of Learning Emotion Individual Long Term Quick Fix Health Safety Network Needs Culture Traditional Thrill Role Model Pleasure Reactive 18
  19. 19. Strategic implications Proactive Seeking Managing Going Enabling Natural For Good Health as means Beyond Success Harmony Health Health elsewhere End Long Term Quick Fix Health Following Treating Being Taking Faith Health as end Health Ill Less Than Health For Scientifically in itself Healthy Granted Reactive 19
  20. 20. Background
  21. 21. About Chris Middleton  25 years strategic marketing and corporate planning experience  “Chris has deep expertise around futuring, socio-cultural trends and consumer mindsets & is able to bring this complex data into effective guidance.” (Jim Fleming, Head of Innovation, Visteon)  Chris speaks around the world – from Toronto to Taipei, Paris to Prague. His style is engaging, informal and straight talking. Audiences particularly appreciate his fresh perspectives and the way he focuses on business implications and ideas generation  Chris is the founder of Futures Coaching, a network of international futuring specialists
  22. 22. An Inspiring Futurologist * two blogs * press articles * live media interviews * coaching book
  23. 23. Feedback "Chris led the interactive session at which innovative step change initiatives for brand building and commercial activities were developed by 60 senior Merck attendees. Most have since been implemented with significant addition to revenues. He has carried out similar programmes for Merck CH in Latin America and Asia with similar results." (Chris Zanetti, VP EMEA, Merck CH) "Chris has a great ability to use trends as an inspiring catalyst for helping companies generate ideas to build their brands. He also is a rare trends dude in that he is practical as well: he has his "head in the clouds, feet on the ground." (David Taylor, Brandgym) "It was a pleasure to work with Chris and I recommend him as a dynamic speaker. Our [international] delegates found him easy to follow and feedback was that he delivered a frank and challenging presentation; not afraid of highlighting future dangers." (Micheala Hamm, Meeting Associate, International Council of Shopping Centres) "Thank you for your engaging and challenging contribution. As always, well prepared and presented and added a different dimension." (Vince Prior, Retail Director, Jones Lang LaSalle) "I really appreciated having you at the Brand Forum and I think you did a great job. I was impressed not only by your overall presentation and material, but also how you managed to place it into the Taiwanese context." (Magnus Lund, MD, Leap2Market) "Chris is an inspriring, positive person, that can easily draw people in from very different cultural backgrounds and get them thinking about the future." (Petra Meyer, VP Global Marketing, Merck CH)  
  24. 24. Contact + 00 33 1 3908 0542 + 00 33 6 8404 1235
  25. 25. Chris Middleton