Ppi engineering ltd feb 2012 - version 2.0


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Ppi engineering ltd feb 2012 - version 2.0

  1. 1. ppiengineering Rotating machine experts a member ofFebruary 2012
  2. 2. agenda Introduction to PPI PPI capabilities Introduction to EWEG Summary EWEG2
  3. 3. company Newcastle • Privately owned • Established in 2005 • Headquarters in Norwich, UK Manchester Sheffield Norwich • Regional offices in: • UAE • China London • Canada / USA • Mexico3
  4. 4. who are we? Design team • Senior mechanical and electrical design engineers from major UK manufacturers • Quality and production managers • Experienced in renewable energy applications Service engineering • Highly qualified service engineers • Extensive onshore and offshore mechanical and electrical expertise • Technical support all over the world4
  5. 5. Potencia - ppi • Joint Venture Company formed by Potencia and PPI in 2010 • Oriented to wind generator industry • Potencia – company with extensive PMG design, testing and manufacturing experience • Direct drive design experienced • Extensive experience with North American onshore wind turbine manufacturer To offer design support, supply and installation services of GOAL: multi-megawatt permanent magnet generators for the offshore renewable industry.5
  6. 6. key markets Renewables Power generation Industry Offshore Marine Services6
  7. 7. design and supply Our target is to design and provide the optimum power conversion solution for the application7
  8. 8. design and supply • Bespoke design • Skills and experience drawn from major generator manufacturers • Supporting every stage of the project • Flexibility • Global industry footprint to serve our customers around the world8
  9. 9. design and supply Recent projects Induction generator: - 1 MW Induction generator for Wind turbine manufacturer - 5MW Induction generator for compressor drive - 1MW Induction generator for North Sea tidal generator Synchronous generators: - 25 MW lightweight generator for trailer mounted gas turbine power plant - 8MW 30 pole motor for reciprocating compressor drive for Dresser Rand Permanent Magnet Generator: - 700kW and 2.5MW PMG for Wind turbine manufacturer9
  10. 10. technical service Our target is to provide technical and after-sales support oriented to problem solving10
  11. 11. technical service Qualified engineers with extensive experience on service engineering, maintenance and commissioning • Diagnostics, reengineering, repair and on site support of electromechanical equipment • Operation & Maintenance support • Preventive and corrective maintenance of electromechanical equipment • Technical support all around the world11
  12. 12. R&D PPI Engineering supports young talents developing new ideas: R&D projects: • Synchronous machine design software • Small scale wind turbine development project • Interconnection system for concentric solar cells • Conceptual design and grid connection study for a low speed 10MW tidal generator • Development stage of a pressurization system for Ex p machines protection • Design of a electrical traction motor as part of electric car development project12
  13. 13. our targets • Provide a full technical and commercial solution • Work with the costumer to get the best solution based on our technical experience • A solution for all the project stages, from design to decommissioning • World Class technical and after-sales support oriented to problem solving • Provide an OEM Expertise and Service response • Provision of a cost effective package for whole of life support13
  14. 14. agenda Introduction to PPI PPI Capabilities Introduction to EWEG Summary EWEG14
  15. 15. Project background Eastern Wind Energy Group was established by a consortia of companies with a common goal in the East of England Its members operate in a wide range of sectors including marine services, power generation components and design consultancy All have identified Renewable Energy as a growth market they can adapt products for, but had encountered difficulties breaking into the supply chains15
  16. 16. EWEG Shareholders16
  17. 17. agenda Introduction to PPI PPI Capabilities Introduction to EWEG EWEG Objectives17
  18. 18. What we have achieved EWEG has represented its shareholders and brought attention to the opportunities the Eastern region of the UK offers. Through this, its members have gained access to global wind energy sector EWEG has developed a network of companies within the region who have the capacity and capability to supply products and services into the wind and marine energy sectors As a result the Eastern region now has the opportunity to attract and support the development of the industry for Round 3 and beyond18
  19. 19. Where do we go now? Using the knowledge and contacts we have developed within the wind industry, EWEG plans to continue developing and showcasing the supply chain it represents Using the capabilities of our shareholders, we can offer technical and business services to: - Enable companies currently outside the industry to develop products and services for the industry - Enable developers, Turbine OEM’s and major first tier manufacturers to develop their supply chains in the UK19
  20. 20. In summary If the UK and Europe are to benefit over the long term from the developments in the wind turbine industry, we need to both attract the industry and enable them to develop supply chains within the UK By leveraging its shareholders, EWEG is able to provide support to cover all aspects of supply chain development with the entire spectrum of companies within the supply chain For companies trying to enter the supply chain, we can help you identify the products and services which best suit your capabilities and develop and market them to the industry20
  21. 21. Thank you for your attention! ppiengineeringppiengineering www.ppi-engineering.com www.eweg.co.uk21