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Pelamis bilbao ukti pwp 2012


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Pelamis bilbao ukti pwp 2012

  1. 1. CF16539GG 1Commercial in Confidence 1
  2. 2. Commercial in Confidence PWP – Business Model Component Suppliers, Sub- contractors and Fabricators Pelamis Wave Power Technology provider. Pelamis design, procurement, Patented concept. assembly, installation, operation 45 staff covering all elements. & maintenance Incorporated 1998 Project ~£45m invested Development ~£19m sales ~£10m grants Power Generation Projects Only company in sector to have secured Electricity Markets supply contracts. 6 full-scale machines built & grid connected. Proven, scaleable & familiar business model 2 Commercial in Confidence
  3. 3. Commercial in Confidence PELAMIS – Fundamental Principles Survivability principles Absorption principles Engineering embodiment Construction and O&M strategyPELAMIS IS A UNIQUE COMBINATION OF THESE ESSENTIAL PRINCIPLES Commercial in Confidence
  4. 4. CF16539GG 1Commercial in Confidence 4
  5. 5. CF16539GG 1Commercial in Confidence 5
  6. 6. CF16539GG 1Commercial in Confidence 6
  7. 7. CF16539GG 1Commercial in Confidence 7
  8. 8. Cost of Energy forecast to match Offshore Wind Levelised cost of energy 2 MW 1,400 1,200 1,000 2 MW 800 Profitable at 5 ROC’s 600 Offshore wind R3 2009-17 400 10 MW (approx.) Source: Mott MacDonald, 2010 50 MW 100 MW 200 0 2008 2011 2014 2017 2020 Historic LCoE Forecast LCoE Each of the customers completed LCoE DD prior to proceeding. All analysis based on validated cost & yield inputs from real “ B&V’s recent appraisal of Pelamis’ LCoE machines – unique in sector. trajectory agrees with PWP’s estimates to within c.10% , this is clear indication Detailed LCoE validation study completed by Black & Veatch. of the high level of confidence in PWP With the right partner we believe we can further accelerate this plan. LCoE modelling ” – B&V December 2011 8 Commercial in Confidence
  9. 9. CF16539GG 1 Scottish Context - Projects in DevelopmentClient Pelamis Projects: Orkney North [50MW], Orkney. E.ON Marwick [49.5MW], Orkney. ScottishPower RenewablesJoint Ventures: Aegir [10MW], Shetland. Vattenfall.Pelamis Wave Power Projects: Farr Point [50MW], Sutherland. Bernera [10MW], Western Isles.Project Pipeline – 200MW with Agreement for Lease from The Crown Estate. Context to de-risk & commercialise Pelamis product for global market. Commercial in Confidence 9
  10. 10. Current Strategic Investment Process Customer demand has prompted the search for an industrial partner. Three of the world’s largest renewables generators are working with us and have been for several years. Pelamis has generated £19m revenues to date. The key requirement for a mass roll out is a strategic partner with complementary skills, capabilities and long term vision. Customers now driving the need for a solid supplier to deliver product. 3+ years to get product rolling – timing is right now . Commercial in Confidence 10
  11. 11. CF16539GG 1www.pelamiswave.comFacebook Commercial in Confidence 11