Ict Integrated Lesson Minimal Pairs


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Ict Integrated Lesson Minimal Pairs

  1. 1. ICT Integrated Lesson Plan ENGLISH Presented By Divahlee David-Sabordo Frank I.Elijorde Richel L. Puzon
  2. 2. ► Objective: Students must be able to improve pronunciation and recognition skills
  3. 3. II. Subject Matter: VOWELS: Minimal pairs
  4. 4. ► Materials and Requirements: DLP Projector, Computer, Internet Access
  5. 5. I. PROCEDURE A. Motivation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sM45TACI4H4 Have you been in the same so confusing situation that you wished somebody was there for you to help out? So let’s correct our accent by starting with the basic of English sounds. The use of minimal pairs will help you distinguish minor differences between English vowel sounds.
  6. 6. A. Discussion Minimal pairs are pairs of words that have one phonemic change between them. For example: "let" and "lit".
  7. 7. Using these pairs will help you recognize the minor differences between English muted vowel sounds and can greatly help your pronunciation and comprehension skills.
  8. 8. Minimal Pair Practice
  9. 9. ship
  10. 10. sheep
  11. 11. hit
  12. 12. heat
  13. 13. eel
  14. 14. ill
  15. 15. sieve
  16. 16. receive
  17. 17. live
  18. 18. leave
  19. 19. Now, check out how you bout! • Sheep • Ship • Heat • Hit • Eel • ill • Receive • Sieve • Leave • live
  20. 20. C. Activities Activity A. http://www.speak-read-write.com/minimalpairs.html Activity B. http://www.shiporsheep.com/ Activity C. Exercises using the Word Construction Set
  21. 21. D. Evaluation Exercises using the Word Construction Set Word Construction Set is a fully-featured Phonics Tutor to help students to read, to pronounce, to spell, and to understand English words.
  22. 22. Students construct phonic parts of words or sound chunks to assemble words, which then can be tested in a sentence. Over 300 exercises with over 4000 phonemic sounds and words in sentences can be explored.
  23. 23. E. Assignment Choose any two (2) of the following activities below: • Identify two (2)vowel sounds which they want to focus on, for example: 'eh' and 'uh', and have them create their own list of minimal pairs. • Have pairs exchange lists and practice reading the other’s lists aloud. • If appropriate, continue lesson by a more extended look into the IPA ( http://www.stuff.co.uk/calcul2.html)