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Session Summary 13


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Session Summary 13

  1. 1. Session Summary Session 13 Belinda Anne Tamayo February 24, 2012
  2. 2. Session Summary Outline1. Topics for 10 Steps Marketing Plan2. Showed Google Online Alerts3. Case Videos (50 First Dates)4. Digital Videos5. CEMEX Philippines Example6. Videos on Marketing7. Requirements
  3. 3. Topics on 10 Steps MarketingPlan Sir asked the class which topics they wouldtake on No one can have the same topic Some topics chosen: baby lotion, carbtrim,century tuna, fit n’ right Deadline: 11:59pm of March 01, 2012
  4. 4. Google Online Alerts Sir showed the class how to use Google online alerts which sends you an e-mail every time your name is used online.
  5. 5. Case Video (50 First Dates)  How does marketing work in the real world?  It has to be always consistent with the brand image  It has to satisfy the needs and wants of consumers  It has to be unique
  6. 6. Marketing Videos Source:
  7. 7. Dolfenal
  8. 8. Biogesic
  9. 9. Century Tuna
  10. 10. San Marino  San Marino can’t say they’re better  Introduced Corned Tuna (an alternative to corned beef)
  11. 11. Century Corned Tuna  Expanded share because they also got the “corned beef eaters”
  12. 12. Argentina
  13. 13. 555 Tuna
  14. 14. CEMEX Philippines CEMEX Milyonaryo Contest Showed CEMEX Commercials
  15. 15. Videos on Marketing Source: Showed videos on: o I Marketing in Context o Creating and Capturing Value o Working in different Industries o Strategic Marketing Process o Sales can create value at each stage of the buying process
  16. 16. Requirements Requirements next week (10 Steps in Marketing Plan)  Deadline: 11:59pm (March 01)  Late will not be accepted  There will be representatives that will report – chosen by Sir
  17. 17. Session Summary Session 13 Belinda Anne Tamayo February 24, 2012