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  1. 1. om e se Ta ke HPlea Monday - Saturday Menu & Wine List Welcome to the Jolly Waggoner - a historic place for real food & real alesA Jolly HistoryThe Jolly Waggoner’s was once known as the “New Bell Inn”being next to another pub “The Old Bell”. In front of the pubwas the village hub, a blacksmith’s shed – since converted– and the parish tithe barn – now a house and a pond. Forhundreds of years this was a busy meeting place for peoplefrom miles around.Wagons, carts, horses, oxen, and implements of all typeswould be seen waiting outside the blacksmith’s shed.Waggoner’s would deliver a tenth part – the tithe – of cropsto the big barn. With two pubs it is safe to assume a lot ofbeer and a jolly time was had in Ardeley. One “JollyWaggoner” was such an influence that this pub becamenamed after him.The village of Ardeley dates back many thousands of years. Anobject found 10 years ago was dated to 6000BC – it was aMesolithic ceremonial mace head. The Church is nearly 1000years old. All who come remark what a wonderful place it is.In 1820 William Cobbett sat upon the hill at Ardeley lookingdown to Cromer and over to Luffenhall and wrote of the fairfarming and countryside here.Ardeley Bury, all the land and farms around and three othervillages, were given by the first King of England – Athelstan –in around 900AD to the Canons of St Pauls Cathedral inLondon. They owned it for the next 1000 years – the wealthfrom here went to maintenance of the Canons and theCathedral.North Hertfordshire grows some of the best malting barleyand has done so for 2000 or more years. Ardeley is a smalloasis where you can still find the best local food and real alestoday.
  2. 2. Jolly WaggonerMonday - Saturday Menu STARTERS Dry Cured Rare Breed Gammon, Egg & Chips £9.50 Soup of the Day £4.95 Prime Beef Burger with Cheese, Bacon, Chips and Salad £9.50 Aylesbury Duck Liver Pate £6.50 Pan Roasted Rare Breed Pork Fillet with Mustard and Onion Sauce* £12.95 Ham Hock Terrine with Piccalilli £4.95SIDE DISHES Rare Breed Lamb Chops, Chips, Tomatoes & Deep Fried English Brie with Cranberry and Mushrooms* £13.95Side Plate of Seasonal Special Ale Chutney £5.95Vegetables £1.95 Church Farm Pedigree Red Poll Rump Steak* £15.95Plate of Chips £3.50 MAIN COURSES Church Farm Pedigree Red Poll Sirloin Steak* £17.95Cheesy Chips £4.50 Three Sausages, Chips & Baked Beans £6.95 Church Farm Pedigree Red Poll Fillet Steak* £22.95 Stuffed Pancakes with a Mornay Sauce £8.50 *All are served with seasonal vegetables with a choice of mustard mash or chips Steak & Ale Pie with Winter Vegetables and Mustard Mash £12.50 DELICIOUS DESSERTS PLEASE NOTE: Pasta Bake £7.50 Lemon Tart £4.95 All primary ingredients come Fresh Orchard Egg Omelette, Chips & Salad £7.95 from Church Farm, Ardeley A Chocolate Pot £4.95 Chicken & Bacon Salad £7.95 Half portions are half price for Warm Walnut Pudding with Butterscotch children Fresh Breaded Plaice, Homemade TarTare Sauce, Sauce £4.95 Chips & Peas £8.25 Please speak to us about any special dietary requirements. Treacle Sponge with Custard £4.95 We will try our best to prepare a dish for you Bread and Butter Pudding with Cream £4.95 Book Your Table Today! Ice Cream £4.95 T: 01438 861 350 E: Cheese Board £5.50 W:
  3. 3. Jolly Waggoner Autumn Wine List WHITE RED Domaine Grier – (France) £12.95 Blue Cove Merlot 2008 (France) 12.5° £13.95 By the glass £3.50 (175ml) / £4.50 (250ml). By the glass £3.50 (175ml) / £4.50 (250ml). Grape varieties: 100% Merlot The Maccabeu was picked slightly early to retain freshness. It was oak fermented to add structure and With its deep crimson colour, it has delightful black fruit aromas (blackberries and blackcurrants)kept “sur lie” for 6 months after fermentation. Fully ripe Viognier was blended with the Maccabeu base to enhanced by a touch of spice. Its rounded mouth feel makes it a great wine enrich the wine. It is beautifully perfumed with obvious floral notes combined with dried apricot and an for all grilled meat as well as cheese. underlying minerality. On the palate, it is structured and lively with a broad finish. Organic Nero d’Avola Sicilia,Vinuva Italy 2009/10 13° £13.95 Organic Pinot Grigio Pavia,Vinuva12°£13.50 By the glass £3.50 (175ml) / £4.50 (250ml) By the Glass £3.65 (175ml) / £4.75 (250ml) Made from Nero d’Avola grapes grown without the use of man-made herbicides, fertilisers and Grapes are notoriously difficult to grow organically without the use of synthetic herbicides, fertilisers pesticides. Overtly fruity with sweet blueberries and bilberries with a touch of spice.and pesticides: their thin skins and sweet contents are a target for many vineyard pests. However, that is exactly how the grapes were grown for this light, delicate, apple flavoured wine. Alto Rio Rioja (Alta Region, Rioja, Spain) 13° £15.00 By the glass £4.00 (175ml) / £5.70 (250ml) Alta Rio Blanco ( Alta Region, Rioja Spain) £15.50 By the Glass £4.00 (175ml) / £5.20 (250ml) The Rioja Alta Region is the most prestigious region in Rioja giving this wine a garnet-red colour and purple hues allowing the wine to express aromas and flavours of the famous Tempranillo grape, this well Made primarily from the Viura grape (sometimes called Macabeo), this white Rioja from the Rioja Alta rounded wine works wonderfully with lamb. region has fresh citrus notes and minerally overtones, with a good clean satisfying finish, goes very well with gammon and fish. Merlot DOC 2009, Musaragno Terra Musa (Veneto) £15.95 By the glass £4.50 (175ml) / £6.00 (250ml). Grape varieties: 100% Merlot Falerio DOC 2009, Saladini Pilastri (Marche, Italy) 12°£17.95 By the glass £4.65 (175ml) / £6.20 (250ml) Rich, ruby red velvety wine with intense fragrance and grassy undertones. Harmonious and complete. A Venetian Merlot with rich bouquet and southern softness. This wine is produced from vine varieties going back to medieval times. Its typical straw-yellow hue Certified organic. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. and delicate bouquet are due to the excellent position of the vineyards. Elegant and full-bodied, this is smooth, flowery white with a clean taste fermented at very low temperatures. Valcorso Organic Monastrell, La Purísima, Spain 2007/8 14° £16.50 Certified organic. The Monastrell grape variety is native to eastern Spain and produces richly textured, quite powerful Pinot Bianco DOC 2009, Musaragno Terra Musa (Veneto, Italy) 12.5° £19.95 wines, with aromas of wild herbs, dried red fruits, backed with a smooth finish. This wine is organic. By the glass: £4.95 (175ml) / £6.55 (250ml). Medium-bodied, it exhibits generous fruit flavours with a well-balanced finish. Elegant, smooth and well-balanced white Pinot with a straw-yellow colour and hints of green. Its Cote du Rhone De Natura Rerum, Organic (Rhone Valley, France) 13° £18.50 delicate aroma of white fruit and bread crusts is balanced with a white pepper finish. Certified organic. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. This Organic wine from the Rhone Valley is powerful and spicy with notes of forest floor, black plummy/ almost prune fruit, then a hint of charcutérie on the finish. Soellner Wogenrain Grüner Veltliner, Wagram 2008/9 11.5° £24.5 Dolcetto d’Alba DOC 2009, Gagliasso (Piedmont) 13.5° £19.95 The Soellner family own vineyards in the Donauland on the Danube in Austria, and they consistently produce wines of great depth of character and balance. This blend makes a light and typically Using traditional methods, steeped 5-7days, aged in stainless steel, then vats for 6 months and 3 monthscharacteristic wine. The grapes are hand-picked, and the must is slowly fermented in stainless steel tanks. in bottles. Full-bodied, austere red with fragrant deep red fruit.Maturation takes place for a short time in oak casks. After the second racking the Wogenrain is kept until the following spring in tank, in order to retain freshness and fruit purity. Biodynamic Wine.
  4. 4. RED (continued) SPARKLING (continued) Rosso di Montepulciano DOC 2009, Il Conventino, (Tuscany) 13° £25.95 Denbies Whitedowns Cuvée Brut, England 2004 12° £39.00 Grape varieties: 100% Prugnolo gentile By the glass £9.65 3-6 months in wood casks gives it structure and quality, rich with fruit and a good acidic contrast. It is Made by the same method as Champagne, with the fizz developing in a second fermentation in the bot- the simplest version wine from this prestigious area. Certified organic. tle, from the Seyval Blanc grape variety, it is ‘lees’ aged for 2 years. A wine that admirably demonstrates how highly thought of English ‘sparklers’ have become. It seems the combination of Surrey’s chalky soils Bookers Vineyard Dark Harvest Red, Sussex 2006 11.5° £26.50 and climate, both remarkably similar to the Champagne region, provide ideal conditions to grow grapes for sparkling wines. A blend of Rondo and Dornfelder which enjoy the mild Sussex climate to produce a smooth, velvety wine with plenty of red berry fruit flavours. Bookers Vineyard is a family run business started by Janet Cristoff Champagne Reserve Brut (Champagne, France) 12° £39.95 / By the glass £9.75 and Rodney Pratt in 1972 with only 3 acres of vines. Today this has expanded to a modest 22 acres. A quality dry champagne with lemony, biscuity flavours, fine bubbles and a touch of ageing. Gagliasso, Barolo DOCG, Torriglione 2006 (Piedmont) 14.5° £44.95 Grape varieties: 100% Nebbiolo Off sales welcome and £3 per bottle will be deducted. Using traditional methods, steeped 12 days, aged in barrique and large casks for 24 months, then SAUTERNES DESSERT WINE, BIN END BARGAINS, PINK CHAMPAGNE, GARONNELLES10 months in bottle. 5000 bottles produced. Strong, deep, structured, masculine and tannic wine - 2006 AND OTHER CHAMPAGNES ARE AVAILABLE ON REQUEST :) was a great year. Gagliasso removes 50% of their grapes when thinning to ensure concentration of fruit. This is far in excess of usual practice for quality wines. REAL ALES ROSE Buntingford Highwayman Fuller’s London Pride Blue Cove Syrah Rose 2010 ( France) 12.5% £13.95 and guest ales in rotation from Buntingford, Red Squirrel, Crouch and Adnams breweries By the glass £3.50 (175ml) / £4.50 (250ml)Made from the Syrah grape sourced from the cool climate regions of France, this fruity rose has aromas of red summer fruits with an attractive crisp sweetness on the palate, perfect with gammon dishes. The Jolly Farmers at the Jolly Waggoner’s In July 2011, Church Farm took on the stewardship of this ancient pub. This will be SPARKLING a jolly place to relax and spend time and will be open 7 days a week from noon to 11pm. Prosecco,Villa Teresa (Veneto, Italy) 11° £17.95 All of the meat and over 100 different vegetables, fruits and herbs are grown at By the glass £4.65 (175ml) / £6.20 (250ml). Grape varieties: 100% Prosecco Church Farm across the road. Heritage varieties and rare breeds enable us to offer the very best local ingredients and we run the pub alongside a Farm Café & Store. Traditional vinification, natural fermentation with sparkle, obtained from fermentation in autoclave, no CO2 added. Clean, fresh, clear straw yellow colour, rich bouquet of flowers and fruits, particularly We guarantee the best real food & real ale or if not completely satisfied we will be elderflower & unripe apples. Exceptional Value. Certified organic. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. glad to refund you. ☺ Rosé Frizzante,Villa Teresa (Veneto, Italy) 11° £19.95 And for Hertfordshire’s farmers, friends and neighbours who can sing a perfect By the glass £4.95 (175ml) / £6.55 (250ml). Grape varieties: 90% Raboso, 10% Prosecco rendition of “The Farmers Boy” there is a free pint on the house! The Raboso lends a fruity acidity, added to the sweetness of red berries, especially wild strawberries, Have a Jolly time with us here. Do let us know your ideas, input and feedback. fresh and bright with garnet tones, while a touch of prosecco perfects the balance. Certified organic. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. T Emma, Adrian & T im, eam
  5. 5. The Jolly Waggoner, Ardeley Autumn 2011Mondays: Local Musicians Evening From 8.30pm. Local Musicians Jam. Open Noon to 11pm Restaurant and Bar Food 12 - 3pm and 6.30 - 9pm.Tuesdays Occasional Guest Landlord Appearances From Authors to MPs, Farmers & Friends Hosting. Chat in the bar. Landlords Wanted! 10% beer takings to local charity. Open Noon to 11pm. Restaurant and Bar Food 12 - 3pm and 6.30 - 9pm.Wednesdays: Informal Bar Games 6.30pm – 11pm. Free to join in. Open Noon to 11pm. Restaurant and Bar Food 12 - 3pm and 6.30 - 9pm.Thursdays: Live Music in the Bar From 8.30pm. Live music in the bar. Blues & Old Time Singalong. Open Noon to 11pm. Restaurant and Bar Food 12 - 3pm and 6.30 - 9pm.Fridays: Late Night Bar to Midnight Open noon to 12am. Restaurant and Bar Food 12 - 3pm and 6.30 - 9pm.Saturdays: Live Music in the Bar Live music from 8.30pm. Open noon to 11.30pm. Restaurant and Bar Food All Day from 12 - 9pm.Sundays: The Best of British - Sunday Lunch Serving from 12pm through to 8pm. Open noon to 11pm. Informal Bar Games 6.30pm-11pm. Parties, Dinners and Celebrations Please speak to us and we will design a menu and package for you. Bookings can be made by phone on 01438 861 350 or via email to The Jolly Waggoner Pub, Ardeley, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG2 7AH T: 01438 861 350 E: