Steak, Seafood & GameHere at the Five Bells we pride ourselves in actual cooking, and have stepped away from what hasbecom...
Fresh smoked Haddock £1.20Fishcakes £4.50 eaSmoked Mackerel £3.00 ea or 2 4 £5.00(If you have a particular fish that you re...
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  1. 1. Steak, Seafood & GameHere at the Five Bells we pride ourselves in actual cooking, and have stepped away from what hasbecome the standard for our treasured country pub food - Fast food cooked in a microwave.Our main feature is our Counter - this has been been designed with you the customer truly in mind -it allows you to choose exactly what you want. We source only the best quality in all our produce.Our Beef is fully traceable and includes Aberdeen Angus or Rare Breeds such as White Park for itstaste and texture.  Venison, Pheasant, Partridge comes direct from The Rougham Estate, Our oaksmoked Gammon (whole on the bone) is freedom food, and our fish comes direct from our localsupplier who is a member of the British Skippers Scheme. All our fresh vegetables are mainlysourced from within a 10 mile radius. We are always looking at sourcing the best produce availableto provide you quality. We dont believe good food so should be messed around with, so everythingis cooked fresh to order therefore enhancing the natural flavours. Simply put - "its good quality fresh (not frozen) food cooked just as it should be".On entering our servery you are introduced to your menu for that day, we dont dictate what youshould or shouldnt have for your meal, all decisions are down to you so you only pay for what youlike - not what you dont. Our chef will guide you through the produce available then the fun reallystarts. Start with your choice of meat or fish or both, then add to it exactly what you want from ourselection of side dishes and sauces.Surf & Turf, Turf & Turf, Mixed Grill, All day breakfast (literally) or as our chef would say "youcan even have it for dessert" - nothing is a problem.All of our food is always freshly cooked for you, so all you have to do once you have chosen yourmeal is sit back, relax and enjoy the company of friends & family. (please allow more time duringbusy periods)We now have fresh Venison Steaks & Game.Most of our meat and fish are charged by the weight - and we work in proper English (ounces) aswell as grams.i.e 1oz = 28.35 grams approxRegular Features in our Counter - however these can vary (prices by the oz unless stated) andthey can sell out very fast.Rump £1.45Sirloin £1.65T-Bone £1.20 (sells out fast)Fillet £1.80 (sells out fast)Rib-eye £1.80 (sells out fast)Gammon £1.20Bourbon Ribs £1.05Local Sausages £2.00 eachBacon £1.00 per sliceSalmon £1.35Tuna Steaks £1.25 per oz (approx 5oz)King Tiger Prawns £1.50 ea or 6 4 £8.00
  2. 2. Fresh smoked Haddock £1.20Fishcakes £4.50 eaSmoked Mackerel £3.00 ea or 2 4 £5.00(If you have a particular fish that you really like eg Skate Wings, Swordfish, Oysters, Langoustineetc speak to us when booking and providing it is in season and available we will try and get it inespecially for you).Lobster - We regularly cook Lobster, these are always fresh - however we do require 48 hoursnotice to get them in for you. Please ask for details when booking.Side OrdersProper hand cut chips (cooked in beef dripping) , Mustard Mash £2.00Three Cheese & Garlic Gooey £2.50Side Salad £2.50Large Salad £4.95Large Grilled Tomato £1.00Portion of peas or baked beans £0.75Fresh Pineapple Slice £1.20Free Range Egg £1.00Dish of Vegetables £1.75Mushrooms (sliced)Plain £2.25, Garlic £2.50, in a white wine cream £3.00Sauces (all home-made) £2.75PepperBlue CheeseFine chopped mushroom in white wine creamBlue Cheese & Mushroom £3.00Shallot & Red WineLemon & Caper Butter Sauce - perfect with fishChildrenTypical example of a childs DinnerOne Plain Local Pork Sausage, Half a portion of Chips, One Egg and Baked Beans £4.75Two Plain Local Pork Sausages & Small portion of Mashed Potato £5.00One Egg, Chips & Beans £3.75Fishcake & Half portion of Chips £5.752oz Rump Steak with Chips £4.90Small bowl of Vanilla Ice Cream with lots of sprinkles £1.50NB: With all our produce being supplied fresh from local sources, we are constantly updating our counter to allow for seasonalvariations and prices. All our prices are based on current market value. Everything is cooked to order (usually on our flame grill or inthe steamer) in a modern, microwave free kitchen, so please allow time for your meal to be produced. We pride ourselves in ensuringthat everything is prepared to the highest standard.