Emerging Technologies


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Emerging Technologies

  1. 1. -Learning Lendedearning
  2. 2. E-Learning Basically E-learning is using any devices in hand to connect into the internet.
  3. 3. SummaryE-Learning and Blended Learning has bring advantages to many people.• Open boundaries towards individuals having difficulties• Education is attainable anywhere at anytime• Break down boundaries and gate ways• The Michigan – Provided a netSpace where individuals are able to learn mandarin.• E-Learning and Blended Learning teaches individuals - Self- discipline - Determination - Perseverance - Asked questions - Self confident
  4. 4. Summary• Offers universities education through the internet.• Furthermore, technology not only used to educate individuals, it also provides aid towards helpless and the needy. Example: NotSchool and FreeRice (game) – donates rice The day is coming when the work done by correspondence will be greater in amount than that done in the classrooms of our academic and colleges
  5. 5. Time Line Printing, telegraph, Paper phonograph Shipping Televisio n InternetClosed OpenStructured Accessible
  6. 6. Aim of NotSchool – help students with behavior and circumstances. Bullying Phobias Reluctance to Pregnancy learn Travel Schedule Assorted other reasons
  7. 7. Based upon what Ivan Illich’s expressions, he mentions that there are three purposes of a good education system. 3. It should offer unlimited resources for any learner at any point they are requested.2. It should allow individuals who want to share knowledge or expertise to find those who would like to learn from them. 3. Third, the system should allow all who want to present an idea, issue, or resource to the public to be able to do so.
  8. 8. Memorization without Unable to solveunderstanding problems Traditional LearningNot Motivated Contents learnt easily forgotten – Low retention of knowledge No 2 way communication
  9. 9. Text Book Based Teachers are allowed to whip The students Especially Based in Europe Learning is very flat very Few interactionsVery dull and only basedIn memorization
  10. 10. 21 century Learning st Computer savvy Social Goal Oriented Higher Order Thinking – Solve problems Collaborative Personal Hands-On Independence Self-Innitiative In addition to all these, Multi- taskers we are also guided by More assertive our Supervisors and Lecturers.
  11. 11. As Educators towards students -Be OUT-standing-Think OUT of the BOX
  12. 12. Thank You