Oracle Specialization Step-By-Step Guide


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Oracle Partner Specialization made easy - just follow this step by step guide!

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Oracle Specialization Step-By-Step Guide

  1. 1. Step-by-Step Guide: How to become an Oracle Specialized Partner 1. You will become an OPN partner by following these simple steps (you must choose Gold or Platinum Partner Level to become specialized) 2. After you set up your OPN account choose your specialization area from our knowledge zones, e.g. MySQL (OPN account required to access these links!)  Please note: Not all specialization topics are available yet, check out the Specialization Guide for details! 3. You or your team need to follow the appropriate guided learning path at our Partner Competency Center. There is a path available for every job profile required (Sales, Presales, Support and Implementation Specialist) 4. It is mandatory to successfully pass all required competency criteria (sales, presales, support and implementation specialist assessments) as well as business criteria (number of transactions and customer references) that are listed separately for each Knowledge Zone (Oracle Solution) example: Oracle 11g Database Specialization Criteria. 5. As soon as you completed all the relevant steps above you contact our Partner Business Center dialing 0800 55 30 41 (in Switzerland) or email (partnerbusinesscenter- 6. The PBC will verify your achievements before you will be granted OPN Specialized Partner Status. Please make sure that all required business and competency criteria have been achieved before you apply for specialization status.  Check out details on transactions and references here!Contact: Ralph Bellinghausen – Alliances & Channels Switzerland –