Warning Signs: What Steering Wheel Vibration Can Be Telling You


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Looking for ways to save on new tires? There are plenty of things vehicle owners should keep in mind to ensure a new tire purchase doesn’t break the bank. Read more at http://www.belletire.com/blog

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Warning Signs: What Steering Wheel Vibration Can Be Telling You

  1. 1. Warning Signs: What SteeringWheel Vibration Can Be Telling You October 2011
  2. 2. Looking for ways to save on new tires? There are plentyof things vehicle owners should keep in mind to ensure anew tire purchase doesn’t break the bank.
  3. 3. As a car’s speed increases,pulling and vibrationproblems will generallyget worse. If you happento identify any of thesesigns, it is best to have acertified auto professionaldouble check yourautomobile to confirm theproblem and fix it beforeit gets worse.
  4. 4. This will not only help you save money by maintainingyour vehicle and preventing other issues, but also keepyou and your passengers safe on the road. Click to watch
  5. 5. A Closer Look at the Warning SignsWhen a car with average sized tires hits 60 miles per hour,its tires will rotate an average of 850 times per minute. Atspeeds like these, any kind of variation in the balance ofthe vehicle’s tires will cause the steering wheel to vibrateor feel unstable. www.csgnetwork.com/tirerevforcecalc.html
  6. 6. If ignored, wheel vibrations can create more problemslike excessive tire wear and damage to a vehicle’ssuspension and steering. The vehicle’s performance willcontinue to worsen and handling the car will becomemore difficult.
  7. 7. Wheel alignment and tirebalancing are inexpensiveservices that local tire retailerscan perform quickly. Whileadvanced suspension andsteering problems are costly andrequire intensive repair. For carsthat haven’t had regularmaintenance performed inawhile, another possible fix forsteering wheel vibration might bea power steering flush.
  8. 8. The power steering system produces an extreme amountof pressure and generates lots of heat. Contaminantsbuild up in the system over time and they lessen theamount of fluid that passes through the power steeringsystem’s valves.
  9. 9. Sometimes a buildup of contaminants can also cause thesteering system to pulsate, which is worse when thewheel is turned fully in one direction or another. A powersteering flush could also be performed at local tireretailers.
  10. 10. Talk to an ASE certified automotive professional to see ifyour car needs this or any other regular maintenanceflushes.It’s always better, for a cars general health and a carowner’s wallet, to address a small problem now than abigger problem later.
  11. 11. Have you had any warning signs with your vehicle lately?What were they and what did you do as soon as younoticed them?
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