sustainability in india and china


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thisgives u an account of sustainability,how in india and china ...awesome

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sustainability in india and china

  1. 1. Growing Countries are notremembering how to respect the nature.
  2. 2. Rising China and India need pathto sustainable development This year marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of China and India diplomatic ties. Both the countries were poor before, but gained great achievements in recent years. Now the whole world is talking about the rise of China and India, so it might be a good way to memorize the anniversary by thinking about their future development.
  3. 3. Wanted But still cant do it?? We all want to get rid of poverty and live a modern life and things are moving in this direction. But consumerism is eroding our soul and life unconsciously. People dream of owning big houses, cars, yachts, private planes, and traveling all over the world, but are such dreams realistic? The average American consumes 262.4 tons of oil and 1,000 trees in his lifetime. If all Chinese and Indians reached this living standard, you would have to multiply these figures by 2.4 billion! And the population is still growing. India will overtake China by 2031.
  4. 4. Failed Steps OR Weak Steps WASHINGTON, DC, January 12, 2006 (ENS) - China and India are poised to join the United States as "planetary powers" with the economic muscle and influence to transform the ecological future of the Earth, the Worldwatch Institute said Wednesday in its annual report, "State of the World 2006.".
  5. 5. Planetary PowersThe United States, Europe, Japan, India, and China together claim 75 percent of the Earths "biocapacity," according to the report, effectively leaving 25 percent for the rest of the world.
  6. 6. Students in the Chinese city ofChengdu prepare for a bike ride. Sustainable Tree Cycle Ride
  7. 7. Renewable or a Waste And the two nations are making inroads in sustainable energy use and energy efficiency, according to the report, which cites several examples of a "leapfrog strategy" to sustainability. For example, India aims to increase renewable energys share of its power from five percent to 20-25 percent � it already has the fourth largest wind power industry in the world.
  8. 8. India aims to increase the sustainabilitybut country is against ,why?
  9. 9. Face book into Work-Groups by Indians Dharavi 27 members Sustainable Habitats in … 37 members
  10. 10.  Urban Sustainability 43 members Water Resource Management 32 members
  11. 11. China ‘s Sustainable Experienceby his own –Mark Diesendorf When I tell people that one of my business interests is fostering sustainable development in China, they laugh and say: “Well it certainly needs that!” Their experience is often based on a visit to Beijing in the 1990s, when that city was ranked third highest in air pollution in China. They have no idea of the dramatic transformation that is taking place there and in several other major cities of the world’s most populous nation. Last year, a citizen of Beijing told me, in a voice of full of wonder, “Now we can see the stars at night!”
  12. 12. China’s Laugh Results China’s future pathway could determine the success or failure of global sustainable development. If, in the future, China seeks a ‘standard of living’ (i.e. a level of wastage and environmental destruction)equivalent to that of the average Australian in 2002, then it is unlikely that human society has much oaf future on Planet Earth. If, through excess demand for water, China becomes an importer of staple foods, then world food prices will increase and so will hunger in many poor countries. However, at present, it is the USA that has the world’s largest ‘ecological footprint’ and greenhouse
  13. 13. Sustainable Formula
  14. 14. Laugh Ends
  15. 15. We have to Decide Now we have to Decide whether to Dump Earth OR keep it on cotton.
  16. 16. Book Works
  17. 17. Sustainability ,is it possible??  Through Proper Usage And Less Consumption of advanced technologies, is it possible to gain sustainable world in just the time limit of 3 years from now.
  18. 18. Judgment DaySustainability is the only way October 21st 2011 is just a couple of weeks away, and news that the Rapture is supposed to occur on that date is beginning to spread. Based on the teachings of doomsday prophet Harold Camping, many Christians are preparing for the 2011 Rapture.
  19. 19. This poetry describes how it isdone(it is in hindi)Prakrati se TakraogeMitti mein nahi,Zameen mein gadjaogeShareer zameen ke andar aur aatma upar paoge.
  20. 20. thanks