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Read before submitting Foster Application.

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  1. 1. TOP 10 FOSTER STATEMENTSThank you for responding to our Holiday Foster Plea. Please read thefollowing document and initial. If you are comfortable with these suggestions,please send back to You will still need to submit a fosterapplication online and can do so, but we want to make sure you consider thesestatements before you make your final decision to submit your application.Thank you for wanting to help LSBR and our mission to save and rescuehomeless dogs, we look forward to making your foster experience as rewardingas possible.The Top 10 suggestions doc is a preliminary evaluation to make sure youunderstand some of the requirements involved with fostering a dog.Regardless of the rescue you may choose to work with, these statements willhelp you understand what is involved when bringing a new dog into your homewhether to foster or even adopt. There is always an adjustment period.Fostering a dog in rescue is so very important to the success of all program, sobefore you commit we would like you to consider the following statements.Please read carefully and initial your agreement with the statement. If youare in agreement, please submit the foster application and send in, you canfind that on our website under Fostering. Please read, initial and submit first to fosters@LSBR.orgI understand that my new foster dog may take some time to warm up to myother dogs and may not get along with all my dogs AGREEI understand that bringing a new dog in my home will change the overall“pack” mentality of my home so I should introduce slowly using several days ifnecessary. AGREEI am prepared to crate and keep dogs separate to allow for a slowerintroduction, for separation of feeding areas and for the foster dog to have asecure place to settle in to. AGREEIf the foster absolutely is not a fit, if there is no threat of danger, I amprepared to crate separately and manage until after the holiday or until a newfoster is available. AGREE
  2. 2. I understand that using a long leash/drag line is helpful for the initial period ofintroduction as well as for the first few days or even weeks to manage myfoster. AGREE (definition of drag line below)I am open to using baby gates to prevent my foster from bolting or having fullaccess to specific areas of my house. AGREEI understand that my foster may not be completely house trained and I amprepared to manage and work on this very important issue. AGREEI understand that my foster may have tested well with clinic or the kennelcat(s) but still may not like my cat and will only introduce with my fosterhaving a leash on and my cat having the ability to get out of the room shouldmy foster display any aggression to my cat. AGREEI do understand that a dog can kill a cat or another small dog quickly,sometimes by accident and other times due to aggression. AGREEI understand that LSBR doesn’t know a full history of this rescue dog; thereforeit is important to monitor activities with the foster dog around children,strangers, visitors, other animals and even adults. AGREE*Please note if you holiday foster and can keep beyond the holiday period weare thrilled for you to do so.Thank you!LSBR Volunteers *Draglines are a leash or long line you leave on your foster while he/sheis out of the crate. This should only be on when supervised as the line can getstuck under a door or around furniture. It is meant to be used as a trainingmanagement tool so if your dog tries to bolt, jump up on furniture or get intoa fight with your other dog, you can easily correct by grabbing the leashinstead of the dog’s collar as most would. This also works well for dogs wholike to play “keep away.” Please email to get more information about the useof a dragline.