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letter of appreciation to Lone Star Boxer Rescue

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Karen G Letter

  1. 1. Dear LSBR, I just want to say thank you to you all for a very different reason. About 2years ago I was right on the verge of surrendering our boxer, JoJo as he wasextremely dog aggressive. He had attacked our neighbors’ dogs by goingthrough the fences! He had done this at least 4 times. He once spotted a dogabout 100 feet away and got away from us to go attack. Lots of vet bills we hadto pay. We had him professionally trained and neutered but nothing changed.Finally I couldn’t handle it anymore and I submitted the application. Well, a couple of days later one of your reps called me to get the story. Itold her everything. I even told her if I can’t place him w LBSR I would take himto BARC. She quickly stopped me in my tracks and said please don’t do that.He would be put down immediately. She also told me this, “JoJo is an old seniordog. He’s set in his ways. If you take him out in the backyard keep him leashedso he can use the bathroom and then bring him back inside since he’s an insidedog. He is who he is. He won’t live much longer so just make his last years ascomfortable as you can with his family.” I had never thought about it that way and she was right. Our whole familygot on board and we all leashed him whenever he was in the backyard and thatprevented any future attacks. After that, JoJo was no longer a problem. Well, this past Tuesday our beloved JoJo was put down after a battle w abrain tumor. He would’ve been 9 next month but he didn’t make it. I can’t tellyou how thankful I am for your guidance and helping me give JoJo a secondchance. He died peacefully w his face on my lap. I hugged him tightly, Iwhispered in his ear how much I loved him and that he was a good boy. I let himsmell my scent and then he was gone… Any other way for him to have gone is unbearable for me to imagine. I’mat peace knowing he’s not suffering anymore. I’m at peace knowing that I wasright there with him til the very end because he would’ve done the same for meand my family. So thank you once again, LSBR. Please share my storie w any otherowners who feel they can’t handle it anymore. Give your boxer one more chanceand he will give you his last breath.May God bless your wonderful organization and all that you do for thoseloveable, crazy, goofy, boxers.Sincerely, Karen