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  • No Single Point of FailureBattery protection = up to 72 hoursMonitoring all the key component status in the array
  • Continuous performance and capacity load optimization Intelligent RAID configuration and full system virtualizationBenefits of virtualizationReduces or defers capital expendituresRaises asset utilization ratioLowers maintenance costsReduces TCORaises service levelsEasier management results in fewer human errorsHigh performanceEase of management and administrationReduces administrative time and activitiesHelps the storage administrator perform the tasks of backup, archiving, and recovery more easily, and in less time
  • With the PS4000 Launch: The same software features included. However, the capabilities are optimized to satisfy the needs of remote office and small medium businessesWith this launch we have added some software functionality, but we have kept the same no cost model that is standard for EqualLogic.A few features to highlight that where launch with the PS6000 Series: -With FW 4.1 (Highland Park), we have added RAID 6 support on all arrays (PS6000/PS6500) and added additional RAID support on the PS6500E (5 and 10) -Added Hyper-v support to ASM/ME -Added SAN HeadQuarters (multi-SAN management and performance monitoring)Existing EqualLogic customers can download these software items and update their arrays to use the new features.
  • UK's Channel Five, has deployed four EqualLogic PS400E storage arrays to provide more than 30 terabytes of storage capacity for rapidly growing digital media data and to ensure business continuity.  This deployment complements the company’s virtualised server environment, allowing Five to optimise its entire IT infrastructure for simple management and reliable disaster recovery capabilities.The increasing demand from viewers for easily accessible digital media content made it critical for the company to have a scalable storage and server infrastructure. The shift in user demand from analogue to larger, digital files caused an explosion in the volume of data that Five needed to house and have available, which was a burden for its IT department to manage. To keep pace with this fast growing amount of data, Ken Davis, CIO at Five, evaluated both Fibre Channel and iSCSI products. He chose to implement a virtualised storage environment based on EqualLogic’s PS Series iSCSI storage arrays due to their cost-effective, enterprise-class performance and flexible management capabilities. "Our storage requirements are vast: we need to store company data as well as have digital content available for viewers to access on demand,” said Davis. “However, as a relatively small IT department, we could not afford to have staff resources dedicated solely to supporting a SAN. To solve this problem, we chose EqualLogic’s PS Series storage arrays, which offer us a cost-effective solution that requires little on-going management. Our IT team can now focus on other priorities, including the continual enhancement of content and applications, which is critical for our success as a business in the digital world.”In addition to deploying a PS400E array for content management, Five purchased another PS400E when faced with a data warehousing project to provide additional capability and redundancy. The PS400E’s auto-replication feature, standard in each array, ensures protection of the company’s important data. “We had already proven the efficiency and performance of the PS400E array in our IT environment, so our warehousing project was easy to tackle. Upon receiving the SAN, we were able to plug it in and connect it overnight, saving significant amounts of time and money. This type of near-zero configuration is unheard of with other iSCSI players in the market; it’s clear that EqualLogic operates on a customer-driven level,” commented Davis. Five runs two more PS400E arrays at disaster recovery sites. The PS400E’s auto-replication capability provides point-in-time periodic replication to the remote site for restore points and application-consistent copies of data. In the event of any issue, critical data can be restored within minutes. With EqualLogic, Five is able to achieve affordable disaster recovery without expensive add-on software or costly staff training. Five is using EqualLogic alongside server virtualisation from VMware to centralise management capabilities and improve availability throughout the company’s IT infrastructure. By operating in a completely virtualised environment, Five is able to shift virtual machines around the network based on user demands without administrative intervention or manual tuning, eliminating the need to spend additional resources on new servers or add-on software. This flexibility is essential as Five continues to deliver new services and content to viewers; it will also allow Davis to ensure business continuity throughout the company’s operations by eradicating downtime. Operating in real-time and with automated load balancing software, the EqualLogic PS Series iSCSI SAN optimises access to Five’s most popular applications, including the latest programme downloads from the Internet.  Each PS400E ensures Five’s maximum capacity and optimal performance with a virtualised array of 14 750-gigabyte SATA drives; a fully configured chassis delivers 10.5 terabytes of raw storage capacity in an enterprise-class iSCSI SAN built on fully redundant, hot-swappable hardware. Self-managing and expandable online, the PS400E maintains 99.999 percent application and data availability.
  • Product Specifications.
  • Product Specifications.
  • Eql demo

    1. 1. IP SAN Storage<br />Jeffrey Chen / 陳 詩鴻<br />Storage BDM<br />
    2. 2. AX4-5 <br />ML6010<br />TL4000<br />TL2000<br />PV124T<br />DELL 2010 STORAGE PORTFOLIO<br />CX4-960<br />NS4-120,240,480<br />NX4<br />NX3000<br />File Storage<br />CX4-480<br />PS6000 and <br />PS6500<br />NF600<br />CX4-240<br />PS6000 and <br />PS6500<br />CX4-120<br />PS6000 and <br />PS6500<br />Block Storage<br />PowerConnect<br />Networking<br />PS4000<br />ML6030 <br />ML6020 <br />MD3000i<br />DL 2100<br />MD3000<br />MD1220<br />MD1000<br />Storage <br />Software<br />MD1200<br />DD140, DD610, DD630<br />Data Protection<br />114X<br /><ul><li>ProSupport
    3. 3. Storage Consulting
    4. 4. Global Infrastructure Consulting Services</li></ul>NX300<br />RD1000<br />Object Storage<br />Dell DX Object Storage Platform<br />
    5. 5. Dell SAN current PORTFOLIO<br />3<br />Dell | EMC<br />Dell | EMC<br />EqualLogic<br />PowerValut<br />
    6. 6. 4<br />WW exceed 20,000 companies are PS Series Users <br />Finance<br />Government<br />xSP<br />Education<br />Manufacturing<br />HC<br />Legal<br />Media/Enterain.<br />Retail<br />Construction<br />
    7. 7. Customers Feedback<br />5<br />Even I can manage it, it is really easy to use!!<br />Powerful SAN software all included. Yes!!<br />I love the Virtualization<br />Why do you pick Dell EqualLogic?<br />I can spend weekend with my girl friend!<br />iSCSI SAN provides best values for my money!<br />
    8. 8. EqualLogic’s Peer Storage = Highly available SAN component<br />Peer Storage (PS) = Grid-like building block for IP SAN<br />Delivers Mission Critical SAN-based Storage Array:<br /><ul><li>End-to-end hardware reliability
    9. 9. Fully Redundant & Hot Swappable (5-9’s Availability)
    10. 10. Non-stop monitoring systems (disk health, temp)
    11. 11. 2 GB battery-backed mirrored memory</li></ul>New<br />PS6010 (10G)<br />Dual Power Supplies / Dual Fans<br />PS4000<br />Hot Swap Drive Carriers<br />Dual Controllers (PS6000)<br />Dual Controllers<br />© EqualLogic, Inc. | All Rights Reserved<br />6<br />
    12. 12. 48 TB<br />PS6500E (7,200 RPM)<br />16 TB<br />PS6000E (7,200 RPM)<br />PS4000E(72000 RPM)<br />Family of Self-protected SAN Components<br />Single firmware architecture / Completely upgradeable & interoperable<br />Performance-classSerial Attached SCSI (SAS) 16 Drives SAN components<br />Capacity-class Serial ATA (SATA-II) 48 &16 Drives SAN components<br />PS6010S (SSD)<br />PS6000S (SSD)<br />New<br />New<br />PS6010XV (15,000 RPM)<br />PS6510E (7,200 RPM)<br />New<br />9.6 TB<br />9.6 TB<br />PS6010E (7,200 RPM)<br />PS6010X (10,000 RPM)<br />New<br />PS6000X (10,000 RPM)<br />PS4000X (10,000 RPM)<br />PS6000XV (15,000 RPM)<br />PS4000XV (15,000 RPM)<br />© EqualLogic, Inc. | All Rights Reserved<br />7<br />
    13. 13. Why is Virtualization technology important?!<br />8<br />Virtualization combined the best of both worlds!<br />Easy of use<br />HighPerformance<br />Virtualization solves the “compatibility” issue!<br />Virtualization is an “Enabler” technology<br />
    14. 14. Dell Virtualization 3.0 = Auto Tuning<br />Traditional Technologies<br />Capacity-class<br />Virtualization 3.0 Technologies<br />Performance-class<br />Always available<br />(online operation)<br />Auto Anti-lock <br />Braking System<br />(zero configuration)<br />Cruise<br />Control<br />(auto-pilot)<br />4 wheels drive<br />Activation/re-activation with Zero downtime<br />9<br />
    15. 15. DELL EQUALLOGICUnique Storage Virtualization Technologies<br />10<br />
    16. 16. DELL EQUALLOGIC PS SERIES:COMBINING THE BEST OF SCALE-UP & SCALE-OUT<br />11<br />Transparent to Servers<br />Logical Layer<br />Single Enterprise-class IP SAN<br />One “Group”<br />Single TCP/IP address<br />Same Management<br />Dynamically Scale:<br /><ul><li> Storage Capacities
    17. 17. Memory/Cache
    18. 18. Network Bandwidth
    19. 19. Processing Capabilities</li></ul>Group = IP SAN<br />Virtualization Layer<br /><ul><li>Fully Automatic
    20. 20. Self-Optimized
    21. 21. Self-Monitoring</li></ul>Volume(s)<br />Physical Layer<br />Member(s)<br />Scale out withoutframe-based storage Scale-up bottlenecks<br />Highly available & reliable SAN components (RAID protected)<br />
    22. 22. 12<br />Real-world operation<br />#1<br />#3<br />#4<br />#5<br />#6<br />#7<br />#8<br />Workload3<br />Workload.5<br />Workload1<br />Workload1<br />Workload.5<br />Workload.5<br />Workload.5<br />Virtual <br />Machine<br />#1<br />#2<br />#3<br />#4<br />#5<br />#6<br />#7<br />#8<br />#2<br />Workload1<br />Workload1<br />Workload1<br />Workload1<br />Workload1<br />Workload1<br />Workload1<br />Workload1<br />Workload1<br />VirtualizedServer <br />Resource<br />Resource:??<br />Resource:??<br />SAN<br />4<br />1<br />1<br />2<br />Storage <br />port<br />#2<br />#4<br />#5<br />#6<br />#8<br />Volume <br />for VM<br />#1<br />#7<br />#3<br />Added together: reality check Impact to business<br />before<br />after<br />Sub-optimal Business Solution<br />Initial Design<br />Dynamic Front-end Infrastructure<br />Virtual <br />Machine<br />VirtualizedServer Resource<br />Resource:4:1<br />Resource:4:1<br />Static Back-end Configuration<br />(based on traditional storage implementation)<br />SAN<br />2<br />2<br />2<br />2<br />Storage <br />Port<br />#1<br />#2<br />#3<br />#4<br />#5<br />#6<br />#7<br />#8<br />Volume <br />for VM<br />
    23. 23. VIRTUAL SERVERS MEETSVIRTUAL STORAGE<br />13<br />Confidential<br />An Extendable, Scalable, and Resilient Infrastructure for both Servers and Storage<br />Network<br />Fabric<br />Physical Infrastructure<br />Virtualized Assets<br />
    24. 24. PS SERIES ISCSI SAN:Enhanced Virtual Machine Infrastructure<br />EqualLogic introduces 4 virtualization elements to physical SAN-based storage to truly enable Virtual Server dynamic environment<br />SAN<br />ConsolidationVirtualization<br />Path Virtualization<br />Port Virtualization<br />CapacityVirtualization<br />14<br />
    25. 25. Thin ProvisionMethod to ensure no storage spaces are “wasted”<br />Before<br />After<br />1TB<br />1TB<br />1TB<br />1TB<br />1TB<br />1TB<br />Green Storage<br />Zero spaces left<br />3 TB usable spaces(plenty room remaining)<br />3 TB usable spaces<br />© EqualLogic, Inc. | All Rights Reserved<br />15<br />
    26. 26. RAID<br />RAID 10, 50 or 5<br />Disks<br />PS Series Array 1<br />PS Series Architecture (Virtual Page)<br />Exchange<br />SQL<br />Archive<br />Switched Gb Ethernet<br />Exchange<br />Archive<br />SQL<br />Storage Pool<br />1<br />Pages<br />2<br />N<br />
    27. 27. RAID 10, 50 or 5<br />PS Series Array 2<br />PS Series Architecture (Virtual Page)<br />Exchange<br />SQL<br />Archive<br />Switched Gb Ethernet<br />Exchange<br />Archive<br />SQL<br />Storage Pool<br />1<br />Pages<br />2<br />2<br />RAID<br />RAID 10, 50 or 5<br />3<br />4<br />4<br />Disks<br />PS Series Array 1<br />N<br />Automatic and transparent load balancing across arrays<br />
    28. 28. Exchange<br />Archive<br />SQL<br />RAID 10, 50 or 5<br />RAID 10, 50 or 5<br />PS Series Array 2<br />PS Series Array 3<br />PS Series Architecture (Virtual Page)<br />Exchange<br />SQL<br />Archive<br />Switched Gb Ethernet<br />Storage Pool<br />1<br />Pages<br />2<br />2<br />RAID<br />RAID 10, 50 or 5<br />3<br />4<br />4<br />Disks<br />PS Series Array 1<br />N<br />
    29. 29. RAID 10, 50 or 5<br />RAID 10, 50 or 5<br />PS Series Array 2<br />PS Series Array 3<br />PS Series Architecture (Virtual Page)<br />Exchange<br />SQL<br />Archive<br />Switched Gb Ethernet<br />Exchange<br />Archive<br />SQL<br />Storage Pool<br />1<br />Pages<br />2<br />RAID<br />RAID 10, 50 or 5<br />3<br />4<br />Disks<br />5<br />PS Series Array 1<br />N<br />Automatic and transparent load balancing across arrays<br />
    30. 30. DELL EQUALLOGIC PS SERIES:RICH SET OF IP SAN SERVICES SOFTWARE<br />20<br />Advanced SAN Services<br />Online Storage Tiering<br />Thin Provisioning<br />Snapshot<br />(instant restore)<br /> (cloning)<br />(single/multi volumes)<br />Notification<br />(event log/log server)<br />(email/call home)<br />(SNMP)<br />Replication<br />(multi-ways)<br />(manual sync)<br />(fast failback)<br />Monitoring<br />(historical trend analysis)<br />Maintenance without downtime<br />Complete SAN Virtualization Services(frame-less, server-free)<br />Linear Scalability<br />Easy Management<br />Auto Tuning<br />Both capacity and performance<br />Multi-path I/O<br />Network Load Balancing<br />PS Series SAN Components(RAID 5, 6, 10, 50 protected)<br />
    31. 31. Bonus : ASM for Microsoft<br />Auto-Snapshot Manager<br />Dell EqualLogic Auto-SnapshotManager (ASM) Smart Copynow supports Microsoft® Exchange ®<br />ASM Smart Copy: Application leveldata management software forPS Series iSCSI SANs<br />Delivers powerful and flexible<br />data protection and rapid recovery<br />test and development<br />data maintenance<br />Microsoft SQL®, Exchange®, and Windows® File Systems<br />All-inclusive feature of PS Series arrays<br />Simplifying IT: spend less timemanaging and protecting application data<br />SQL<br />Server<br />Windows File Shares<br />ExchangeServer<br />SwitchedGb Ethernet<br />PS Series Array<br />Exchange<br />Shares<br />SQL<br />Exchange<br />Shares<br />SQL<br />Backups<br />Backups<br />
    32. 32. Bonus : FULLY INTEGRATED WITH DELL EQUALLOGIC STORAGE<br />Site Recovery Manager<br />Manages and monitors recovery plans<br />Tightly integrated with VirtualCenter<br />Based on VMware Infrastructure ESX Server 3.0.2 / VirtualCenter 2.5 (or later)<br />PS Series SRM Storage Adapters<br /><ul><li>Coordinates directly with SRM Server
    33. 33. Array discovery, replicated volume discovery, test and failover initiation</li></ul>VirtualCenter<br />Site Recovery Manager<br />VirtualCenter<br />Site Recovery Manager<br />Virtual Machines<br />Virtual Machines<br />VMware Infrastructure<br />VMware Infrastructure<br />Servers<br />Servers<br />Storage<br />Storage<br />PS Series Auto-Replication<br />Production<br />Disaster Recovery<br />
    34. 34. 23<br />Bonus: EqualLogic SAN Headquarters<br />From a single interface, SAN HQ lets you…<br />Monitor multiple PS Series SAN Groups <br />Launch management console for any group or member to drill down<br />Get a consolidated view of alerts<br />Manage multiple versions of firmware<br />EqualLogic Deployment Advantage<br /><ul><li>Lightweight frame which can run anywhere
    35. 35. Does not require a cumbersome dedicated management console
    36. 36. No extra cost</li></li></ul><li>24<br />Bonus….SEAMLESS SAN EXPANSIONCONTINUOUS SOFTWARE ADVANCEMENTS<br />Single Multi-Generational SAN<br />New<br />AD / Dom<br />PS3000 Series<br />PS4000 Series<br />PS5000 Series<br />PS6000 Series<br />PS6010 Series<br />PS100 Series<br />PS3000 Series<br />Backup Servers<br />Continuous Advancements ofAll-inclusiveFirmware & Software<br />Vmware® vStorage<br />ASM/ME for Hyper-V™<br />SAN Headquarters<br />Auto-Snapshot Manager/ Vmware® Edition (ASM/VE)<br /> Vmware® Site Recovery Manager <br /> Thin Provisioning<br />Auto-Snapshot Manager/Microsoft® Edition (ASM/ME)<br />Core Data Protection<br />2004<br />2009<br />
    37. 37. PS Series Comprehensive Data ManagementAll-Inclusive with NO Additional Costs<br />BASESOFTWARE FEATURES<br />Advancedsoftware features<br />Management<br /><ul><li>Instant on ‘set-up’ manager
    38. 38. Group manager
    39. 39. Rapid provisioning
    40. 40. Roles-based management</li></ul>Data Protection and Availability<br /><ul><li>RAID 5,6, 10, and 50
    41. 41. Automatic RAID placement
    42. 42. Multi-path / IO support</li></ul>Maintenance<br /><ul><li>Phone home
    43. 43. Enclosure monitoring system
    44. 44. Performance monitoring</li></ul>Storage Virtualization<br /><ul><li>Complete SAN virtualization
    45. 45. Thin provisioning
    46. 46. Auto-load balancing
    47. 47. Automatic storage pools & tiering
    48. 48. Array evacuation</li></ul>Data Protection and Recovery<br /><ul><li>Writeable snapshots
    49. 49. Multi-volume snapshots
    50. 50. Instant restore / cloning
    51. 51. Multi-way replication for disaster recovery</li></ul>Multi-Group Monitoring<br /><ul><li>SAN HeadQuarters (SAN HQ) event & performance monitoring</li></ul>Server Management Integration<br /><ul><li>VSS and VDS Providers
    52. 52. Automatic MPIO Connection Management
    53. 53. Auto-Snapshot Manager/ Microsoft® Edition
    54. 54. Hyper-V™, Exchange®, SQL Server and Windows® file systems data, now including MSCS
    55. 55. Auto-Snapshot Manager/ Vmware® Edition 2.0*
    56. 56. Hypervisor-aware SAN-based snapshots, clones and replication for rapid recovery
    57. 57. Selective VM restore
    58. 58. VMware® vSphere™ 4.0 Advanced MPIO integration
    59. 59. Vmware® SRM Storage Adapter
    60. 60. Automated DR for thevirtual data center</li></ul>New<br />New<br />New<br />25<br />
    61. 61. Ethernet<br />Ethernet<br />iSCSI SAN<br />iSCSI SAN<br />VARIOUS Storage Designs vsDell EqualLogic for SAN2.0<br />Traditional FC SAN<br />TraditionaliSCSI SAN<br />Next Generation<br />Scalable iSCSI SAN<br />FC Network<br />Only Difference<br />SQL<br />RDM1<br />eMail<br />VMFS1<br />RDM2<br />Backups<br />VMFS2<br />NetApp FAS<br />EVA<br />
    62. 62. TestingReport<br />27<br />
    63. 63. Stable throughput<br />28<br />
    64. 64. Let’s see the demo<br />29<br />
    65. 65. Faster, Easier, and More Intuitive Setup<br />Install and configure a PS Series array in a fraction of the time<br />Everyday tasks take less time with EqualLogic<br />Less time means lower project costs and fewer headaches<br />USABILITY COMPARISONEQUALLOGIC, NETAPP FAS3020, OTHER MID-RANGE FC<br />Everyday Tasks<br />Installation and Configuration<br />7<br />90<br />70<br />80<br />6<br />5<br />70<br />5<br />FAS3020<br />FAS3020<br />60<br />4<br />Other FC<br />Other FC<br />50<br />Time Shown in minutes(unless otherwise noted)<br />Time Shown in minutes<br />3<br />PS Series<br />PS Series<br />3<br />40<br />2<br />2<br />2<br />30<br />0.5<br />0.5<br />20<br />1<br />20 sec<br />15 Sec<br />10<br />0<br />Expand the database volume<br />Restore<br />Snapshots<br />Delete<br />Database Files<br />0<br />Installation and<br />Create: RAID Groups,<br />Volumes and LUNs<br />Configuration<br />Data from: VeriTest report - “Network Appliance FAS3020 and [other FC array]: Comparison of Usability and Performance.” May 2005<br /> VeriTest report: “EqualLogic PS Series Usability and Performance,” July 2006<br />30<br />
    66. 66. Peer Storage - Linear Scalability proven in Real World<br />31<br />20,000 users<br />128 Disks<br />8 members<br />PS3800XV, 146GBx15Krpm<br />10,000 users<br />64 Disks<br />4 members<br />PS3800XV 146GBx15Krpm<br />ESG Validation Lab<br />Microsoft Exchange<br />1.5 MIOPS(actual)<br />Performance (IOPS)<br />Seamless, Automatic Growth<br />Excellent Performance60,000 IOPS300 MB/sec per Array<br />60,000IOPS(actual)<br />25<br />1<br /># of Storage Controllers<br />Microsoft Corp: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/exchange/2003/esrp.mspx<br />
    67. 67. EXCHANGE 2007 PERFORMANCE LEADER EQUALLOGIC SUPPORTS MORE USERS WITH FEWER DISKS<br />PS3900XViSCSI<br />FAS 3070c<br />Fibre<br />60,000 users<br />EVA6000<br />Fibre<br />26,000 users*<br />313 Users per Disk<br />192, 300GB, 15Krpm<br />20,000 users<br />171 Users per Disk<br />152, 147GB, 15Krpm<br />179 Users per Disk<br />112, 300GB, 10Krpm<br />174 IOPs / Disk<br />115 IOPS/ Disk*<br />76 IOPS/ Disk<br />Data source: Microsoft Corp: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/exchange/bb412164.aspx<br />* Performance not sustained over time and not sustained as raw capacity utilization increases above the 24% NetApp tested. (NetApp TR3521-3 “Cooking the Numbers“) Additional restrictions apply.<br />
    68. 68. CUSTOMER REFERENCES: “IMPROVE OPERATION EFFICIENCY” <br />Customer: Ergotron, Inc.<br />Customer contact: Jim Fischer (VP of IS)<br />Problem: Jim has budgeted Q108 also but ran out of space running their Oracle E-Business suite. Note, to wait for budget approval and shipping equipment, this can be an easy 6 months waiting period<br />Solutions:<br />To help save spaces, in the Oracle application development platform which running on VMware, PS series unique technology allows them to re-claim spaces by simply online modify the snapshot space settings to a much smaller spaces<br />Secondly, because they still needed more room, PS Series unique technology allows them to online dynamically changed the hardware-level RAID setting from RAID10 to RAID50  <br />Benefits: Not only Jim got extra storage room for immediate needs, they also noticed that there are no performance degradation! To many customers, this level of flexibility of being able to make storage decision and yet be able to change/switch decision at any time is 100% unique in the entire storage industrial.<br />
    69. 69. LINUX HPCC implementation<br />In US – Weinman GeoScience Inc., a consulting services group to the oil and gas industry in Dallas and Houstonhttp://www.weinmangeoscience.com/http://www.equallogic.com/uploadedFiles/Resources/Customer_Success_Briefs/SC103_WeinmanGeo.pdf<br />Supports a cluster of 250 AMD dual-core Linux nodes connected to 100TB of raw iSCSI storage on 15 PS Series arrays. The iSCSI storage is served up by four Sun Solaris NFS servers. This one app makes up 60% of Weinman GeoSciences’s business of process seismic data. Today, Weinman's infrastructure includes two data centers. The first consists of two Linux clusters (90 nodes), five PS Series arrays supporting a three-node Sun Solaris™ cluster, and two NAS units. In the second data center there are three Sun Solaris servers, five SCSI RAID arrays, and multiple tape drives<br />The iSCSI SAN was “very easy to scale, and reliability and performance has been excellent,” says Richard Smith. Retired an FC infrastructure in favor of an all-iSCSI SAN<br />Comment from Richard Smith:<br />“Dell EqualLogic’s iSCSI solution had a low introductory price point, but it wasn't the cheapest solution in town. The performance of the firm's Dell EqualLogic system RAID 50 storage has been remarkable, consistently reaching 100 [megabytes] to 150 megabytes per second from each of our four groups of three or four arrays" <br />
    70. 70. Channel Five TV Station<br /><ul><li>Pain Points
    71. 71. Complexity and expensive of FC solution
    72. 72. Small IT department
    73. 73. Benefits
    74. 74. Easily accesible digital media content
    75. 75. Distance Replication</li></ul>Content ManagementIP SAN (30TB) <br />WAN<br />Disaster Recovery SiteIP SAN<br />Data WarehousingIP SAN<br />“We chose EqualLogic’s PS Series storage arrays, which offer us a cost-effective solution that requires little on-going management. Our IT team can now focus on other priorities, including the continual enhancement of content and applications, which is critical for our success as a business in the digital world. This type of near-zero configuration is unheard of with other iSCSI players in the market; it’s clear that EqualLogic operates on a customer-driven level”– Ken Davis, CIO <br />
    76. 76. Thank you<br />
    77. 77. Iometer results-1 (PS6010E 10G model)<br />37<br />
    78. 78. Iometer results-2<br />38<br />
    79. 79. Recommended Environment<br />39<br />Dell EqualLogic Optimizing the iSCSI Infrastructure<br />
    80. 80. Improved Backup Operations<br />No server burden during backups<br />L A N<br />BackupServer<br />Server<br />Server<br />Server<br />3<br />1<br />SAN<br />GbE Network<br />Remote Location<br />iSCSI Tape <br />Library <br />Snapshot<br />2<br />
    81. 81. 10GE Cabling Options<br />Historic<br />Current<br />XFP+<br />CX4<br />10GBase-T<br />Has been power hungry<br />Currently has 10x the latency of SFP+ direct attach, consumes 5x the power and is more expensive per port<br /> It will take some time to significantly change any of these variables.<br />SFP+ (PC 8024F)<br />SFP+Cu (Twin-Ax) (Direct Attach Copper) capability (Distance restricted 3m, 5m, 7m…)<br />SFP+ Transceiver & LC Cables<br />41<br />Direct Attach SFP+ copper cables<br />
    82. 82. 42<br />10Gb EthernetUnified Fabric for Datacenters<br />New System models<br />6010 E,X, XV, S – 16 Drive systems<br />6510 E,X – 48 drive systems<br />Same controller in both models (2 x 10Gb SFP+)<br />Strong Unified Fabric messaging to attract FC customers in transition<br />DCB “Ready”<br />DCB enabled in CY10<br />Up to 150% performance improvement in sequential workloads<br />Comprehensive Investment protection<br />Mix and match existing and 10Gb systems<br />Controller upgrade offering<br />