Secrets of Losing Weight Faster


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Most people are living sedentary lifestyle which results in making them obese and unhealthy. Living in an air conditioned home and stuck on television for long hours with a chips bucket are a few acts that make people obese...

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Secrets of Losing Weight Faster

  1. 1. 2012Secrets of Losing Weight Faster By: Bella Jonsan 31 Day Fat Loss Cure 9/11/2012
  2. 2. Most people are living sedentary lifestyle which results in making them obese and unhealthy. Living inan air conditioned home and stuck on television for long hours with a chips bucket are a few acts thatmake people obese. Today, 2 out of every 10 people are fatty. It is not very surprising to know that inthe next 10 years, obesity will cover almost half of the world population. Not only adults but alsochildren are struggling with obesity these days. It’s really a high time to fight the problem, before it’s toolate.If you are an obese person and want to get rid of extra fat, all you need to follow is a proper diet plan.Sweating out in the gym is not enough. You need a diet plan such as 31 Day Fat Loss Cure that includeseffective dieting recipes, easy exercise and some need-to-follow rules to get the desired shape within ashort period of time. With this article, you are going to enrich your knowledge on the top foods that arerecommended by almost all expert dieticians.Eggs:You may be surprised to know that eggs are a good fat burner, which helps burn fat faster than otherfatty foods. It’s because eggs are high in protein, have vitamin B12, iron, minerals, calcium and othermicronutrients that help the body metabolize fat.Fish:Most expert dieticians guide to include fish in your diet. Like eggs, fish is high in protein that helps burnfat. Fish is also rich in omega3 that prevents building the stress chemicals which are responsible for fatabs. They advise to eat swordfish, mackerel, salmon and Tuna. To get benefits of fish to shed kilos, it’sgood to avoid eating its fatty parts; and don’t over fry it.
  3. 3. Green Tea:Green tea has been considered a miracle tea for a long time. It has power to make your immune systemstrong and keep you healthy. Researches on green tea have proved that it is one of the best ways tokeep you slim. It’s because green tea restricts fat from storing in your body. In you crash diet program,you can include a cup of green tea daily in the morning time.Oatmeal:Oatmeal is considered one of the highly energetic breakfasts. In America, there are numbers of familiesthat love enjoying this healthy breakfast. Now, scientists have come up with the research that oatmealshould be included in the dietician list, as it helps cutting down the fat content. Not just that, it is goodfor heart patients, as it reduces cholesterol level in the body. To get an effective result from the oatmealbreakfast, it’s good to eat oatmeal with flavor of honey rather than sugar.Dairy Products:Another very surprising thing is that expert dieticians and the scientists who are on a mission to find outan effective solution for weight loss have found dairy products effective for burning fat. According tothem, dairy products are rich in calcium, which helps burn fat. If your body has good proportion ofcalcium, it will prevent you from making obese, as calcium burns fat and at the same time, prevent itsformation in the body.
  4. 4. Berries:From raspberries to strawberries, all are fiber-rich fruits. According to dieticians, raspberries boostsmetabolism and has lower level of sugar than other fruits. You can have raspberries daily in your meal toboost your metabolism and lose weight.Green Vegetables:All dieticians give a “Big Yes” to green vegetables. Spinach, beans and cabbages are a few greenvegetables that can make an obese person slim. A latest research says that green vegetables can reduceyour waist size.Effective Exercise…To get a faster result, every fat loss diet program includes right exercise. Obese people find difficulties inperforming different types of exercises. For them, morning walk, cycling, easy yoga and aerobics aresuggested. Joining a gym is also considered profitable for obese people, as the environment of gyms isencouraging and it triggers people to continue their exercise.Apart from these things, positive thinking is always a plus point that helps you achieve a slim figure. Staypositive and continue your diet with effective exercises. So, will you follow these tips to accomplish yourmission “STAY SLIM?”