How Does PSD to HTML Conversion Contributes To Your Website?


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PSD to HTML is a conversion process of PSD designs to HTML a markup language...

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How Does PSD to HTML Conversion Contributes To Your Website?

  1. 1. How DoesPSD to HTMLConversionContributesTo YourWebsite?
  2. 2. Why to Go For PSDto HTML Conversion
  3. 3. PSD to HTML is a conversion process of PSD designs toHTML a markup language.This conversion is essential to launch a website into abrowser and to achieve a well structured website thatis visually attractive to the viewers.
  4. 4. PSD to HtMLFeatureS
  5. 5. The popular PSD to HTML features are SEO friendly web pages Clean slicing of website W3C Markup Validation for CSS and HTML Cross Browser Compatibility Lightweight layout involving the faster downloading pages Quicker turnaround Pixel perfect conversion
  6. 6. Code Quality -The website code quality has immense significance; endusers may not rate it during their visits but the searchengine robots as well as browsers crawl every line ofthe code.
  7. 7. Code that is not written properly would make thewebsite appear scattered in the browsers or the searchengines may not crawl it properly. It means no rankingfor the pages
  8. 8. The Parameters Affected By Poor Code QualityThe mediocre code qualityaffects many parameters.These include -1. Page loading speed2. Navigation methods3. Integration of the third-party features
  9. 9. TheCompatibility of a Professional PSD to HTML
  10. 10. 1. The major browsers such asInternet Explorer, Chrome,Firefox, Opera and Safari.2. The major operating systemssuch as Windows, Macintosh,Linux and Ubuntu.
  11. 11. 3. The IE 6 and IE 94. The mobile devices, in case you offer themobile compatibility
  12. 12. Unique Images by PSD to HTML • You may easily cut off certain parts of the image. • Resize any image without distorting of resolution and also convert the color scheme. • Many added ways to get delightful images from PSD to HTML.
  13. 13. CMS Integration• Integrate your website to CMS for making it more sustainable and easily manageable.• When you convert your website to HTML, it can be integrated with any kind of CMS theme.• The integration to your preferable CMS suggests you can emphasize on content management in a much better way.
  14. 14. The Impact of Semantic CodedPSD to HTML
  15. 15. The semantic coded PSD to HTMLhelps your website in many ways.These include1) The semantic coded PSD to HTML conversion is done considering the search engine friendly attributes.2) The clean and semantic coding helps a web page in getting indexed by the search engines.3) It assists the website to get loaded quicker on all the major web browsers.
  16. 16. W Hy uS? is the perfect podium to take yourremarkable PSD designs to the higher level byconverting them into HTML or XHTML.Such a conversion would help ?? ?to optimize your websitegreatly and also enhance yoursales in a huge way.