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Week 9 2011 winter


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Week 9 2011 winter

  1. 1. Ancient Art History: Survey of Western Art I, Week 9 Today: Review for Final in second half of class. Next week: Final Exam and paper due.Justinian, Theodora, Constantinople (Istanbul), Hagia Sophia, Anthemius of Tralles andIsidorus of Miletus the Elder, Nike (Nika) Revolt, Isidorus of Miletus the Younger,pendentives, icons, tempera, encaustic, Theotokos, Pantocrator, Monastery of St.Catherine (Sinai, Egypt), iconoclasm, Leo III, Second Commandment,iconodules/iconophilesPossible essay questions:Discuss the construction and history of Hagia Sophia—what was the Nike Rebellion, andwhy was it influential in the construction of the church? What are icons?—discuss iconsand the iconoclastic controversy during the eighth century AD.Images:Hagia Sophia, 530s ADIcon, 6th century AD