Week 13 110 11


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Week 13 110 11

  1. 1. Ancient Art History Survey, Week 13Theodoric, Ostrogoths, Arianism, San Apollinare Nuovo, San Vitale, Justinian,Theodora, Constantinople (Istanbul), Hagia Sophia, Anthemius of Tralles and Isidorus ofMiletus the Elder, Nike (Nika) Revolt, Isidorus of Miletus the Younger, pendentives,icons, tempera, encaustic, Theotokos, Pantocrator, Monastery of St. Catherine (Sinai,Egypt), Coptic, iconostasis, iconoclasm, Leo III, Second Commandment,iconodules/iconophiles, Mecca, Islam, Koran, aniconic, calligraphy, arabesques, mosque(masjid), Dome of the Rock (Jerusalem), central plan mosque, Qibla Wall, Mihrab,minaret, Mimar Sinan, hypostyle mosque, sahn, horseshoe/ogival arches, Iran (Isfahan),four iwan style mosque, harem, Kufic script, animated scripts, TugrasPossible essay questions:What are icons?—discuss icons and the iconoclastic controversy during the eighthcentury AD. What were some arguments for and against the production of icons?Why did calligraphy develop as an important art form in the Muslim world? Describesome different mosque plans; what are some important elements of a mosque?Images:Icon (Monastery of St. Catherine), c.600 AD, p. 246"Vladimir Virgin" (icon), c.1000 AD, p. 255Hagia Sophia, 532-537 AD, p. 233-234Dome of the Rock, 680s AD, p. 263-264Great Mosque (Isfahan, Iran), 11th century +, p. 275-276