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Week 12 110 11


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Week 12 110 11

  1. 1. Ancient Art History Survey, Week 12 Remember: we did not meet in class last week, so there is no Week 11 handoutDamnatio Memoriae, Commodus, Column of Trajan, Trajan, forum, basilica, apse, nave,Dacians, Hadrian, Tivoli, Canopus, Antinoos, Narcissus, caryatids, mosaics, "MaritimeTheater," dome, Pantheon, coffers, oculus, Castel Sant’Angelo (Mausoleum of Hadrian),Diocletian, Tetrarchy, Constantine (the Great), chi rho, The Vision of Constantine, Battleof the Milvian Bridge (312 AD), Edict of Milan, Arch of Constantine, spolia, orantes,catacombs, cubiculi, loculi, typology, Abraham and the Three Men (Angels), Jonah,basilica (church), apse, nave, transept (crossing), martyrium, baldacchino, Tetramorphs,Santa Maria Maggiore, Triumphal Arch, cathedra, etimasia, Ravenna, (Mausoleum of)Galla PlacidiaPossible essay questions:What was the "damnatio memoriae" and how was it used? Give some examples—whowere some of the emperors against whom it was enacted?How did the early Christian art (including architecture) start as an art of borrowing? Howdid the early Christians consistently reinterpret and give new, Christian meanings to theirborrowed forms?Images:Pantheon, 118-125 AD, pp. 187, 188Hadrians Villa (Tivoli), c.125 AD, p. 189Arch of Constantine, c.312 AD, p. 203Catacomb painting, c.300 AD, p. 212Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, c.425 AD, p. 222