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Week 10 110 11


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Published in: Education
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Week 10 110 11

  1. 1. Ancient Art History Survey, Week 10NOTE: WE ARE NOT MEETING IN CLASS NEXT WEEK. WE HAVE OUR TAKEHOME EXAM, AND OUR DIA DE LOS MUERTOS ASSIGNMENT FOR OUTSIDE OF CLASS. I WILL EXPLAN THIS ALL IN CLASS AND ALSO SEND OUT AN EMAIL—THE EXAM IS INTENDED AS AN ALL-ESSAY TAKE HOME EXAM ON WHICH YOU CAN USE YOUR NOTES AND BOOK. I WILL PASS OUT ACOPY OF THE EXAM TONIGHT AND ALSO POST A COPY ON BLACKBOARD.Romulus and Remus, Rome, Aeneas, Roman Republic, veristic (topographical), deathmasks, Julius Caesar, Octavian, Battle of Actium, Augustus, Julio-Claudian, Livia, PrimaPorta, adlocutio, Aeneas, cuirass, Parthians, standards, cornucopia, Ara Pacis, CampusMartius, Tellus, Marcus Agrippa, Tiberius, cameo, trophy, Nero, Domus Aurea, trompeloeil, First through Fourth Styles (painting), Villa of Mysteries, Pompeii, Mt. Vesuvius,Vespasian, Flavian, Flavian Ampitheater, Colosseum, arch construction, voussiors,keystone, buttress, arcade, vault, triumphal arch/column, Titus, Domitian, NervaPossible essay questions:--Discuss the propagandistic messages of the Augustus from Prima Porta and the AraPacis.--Discuss images of Vespasian—why did he choose to be depicted in a veristic style?What was the “Flavian Ampitheater,” what were his motivations in constructing it, andhow did it utilize the principles of arch construction?Images:Augustus (from Prima Porta), c.20 BC, p. 174Ara Pacis, 13-9 BC, p. 176Vespasian, c.75 AD, p. 181Colosseum, 70-80 AD, p. 180