ART 110: Online assignment for November 24 and changes to syllabus
Note: At the beginning of class on the November 15, we ...
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Online assingment, schedule change


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Online assingment, schedule change

  1. 1. ART 110: Online assignment for November 24 and changes to syllabus Note: At the beginning of class on the November 15, we discussed the potentially tricky issue of having class scheduled for the evening before Thanksgiving. There could be any number of potential problems people might face regarding that class meeting, especially family obligations, travel plans, and having to drive to campus on the worst traffic day of the year. The class preference was to replace the in-class meeting with an online assignment, and the chair of the Art Department has approved this. Thus, we are canceling our class meeting for Wednesday, November 24, and instead we will have the following assignment which you can do at online and at home (I will give you extra credit for it). Because of this change, our syllabus for the rest of the semester will also be changed by one day, as detailed below. The assignment for November 24: one-page paper on the DOME OF THE ROCK Introduction to the Dome of the Rock: The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is one of the most important of all historic Islamic sites, and one of the most famous sacred places in the world. It dates to the first century of Islam, and has undergone various changes and interpretations throughout its illustrious history. It was originally constructed in the seventh century by a Muslim caliph (one of the rulers who followed the prophet Muhammad), apparently as a shrine for pilgrims. It was later captured by Christian crusaders, and then taken back by Muslims in the twelfth century. Its mythology includes many different ideas. The piece of rock covered by the dome has been considered to be the rock from which Muhammad himself ascended to Heaven, and also the piece of stone on which Abraham stood to sacrifice Isaac in the Old Testament. It has also been believed by some people that it stands on the site of the original Temple of King Solomon, and the building has also been connected to they mysterious Christian order of the Knights Templar. Its plan and style have been extremely influential in the history of sacred architecture, especially in the Islamic world. Assignment: Your assignment is to put together a one-page paper (I will give you up to five point extra credit) on the history and interpretation of the Dome of the Rock. Using online resources (yes, online encyclopedias are OK, just make sure you double check that the information seems correct), class notes, or library material, discuss in brief the history of Dome of the Rock. Then look online at a short article I have posted (see both Blackboard and the Facebook page, or you can find it directly at this address,, “The Meaning of the Umayyad Dome of the Rock,” by Nasser Rabbat. Discuss some of his more detailed information, and how it challenges some of the traditional mythology surrounding the site. Please note that this does not have to be a long paper, because after all it is only replacing a single class meeting—really, one page is sufficient, and it can be either type written or hand written. Ideally I think you can do this assignment in two decent sized paragraphs: one paragraph to discuss the history of the site, etc., and the second paragraph focused on the article I have focused. You can turn it in either the following Monday or the following Wednesday; I won’t accept it after the following Wednesday, and no, you cannot email it, you have to turn in a hard copy. Changes to syllabus/course schedule: Due to the change on November 24, our schedule for the rest of the semester will be altered, with all the lecture classes afterward pushed back by one day, so please note: Nov. 29, Dec. 1 Early Indian and Asian Art (reading posted on Blackboard); Precolumbian Mexican Art (reading posted on Blackboard) Dec. 6, 8 Central American, and South American Art (reading posted on Blackboard); review for Final Exam (Dec. 8) The final is, of course, still on December 13.