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We specialize in video marketing and advertising to help your reach your business goals and effectively market to you target audience.

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Video Marketing Melbourne

  2. 2. THIS PRESENTATION INCLUDES.. • Definition • Types • Steps for successful marketing campaign • Content strategy for video marketing • Impact on audience • Pros & Cons • Research’s conclusion
  3. 3. WHAT IS VIDEO MARKETING • Refers to incorporating videos into your marketing campaigns, to promote your company, product or service. • This typically takes the form of incorporating video into a direct marketing campaign like a newsletter or promotion
  5. 5. 8 Steps to creating a successful Video Marketing Campaign 1. Who is the target market? Before you get creative with your ideas for the video, you need to know who your target audience is. Whom do you want to reach with the video? What are some of their characteristics that can affect the impact of the video on them? 2. What’s the goal? Videos can be created for various goals. And yes, not all videos are made to push sales. Your goals will affect the storyline, props and other elements of the video. 3. What’s the context required for the video to succeed? There are many conditions that need to be right for the video to result in the impact you are looking for. Are these conditions in place? 4. What’s the idea? The key thing to remember when creating the video is to provide value to your customers. People are not interested in how good your product is but how it will help them solve a problem they have. People buy “solutions” to their problems not “features” of your product.
  6. 6. 8 Steps to creating a successful Video Marketing Campaign (Cont..) 5. How will you produce it? Now that you have identified your audience and have an idea on storyline and content of the video, it’s time to produce it. If you have a marketing department, you can produce the video in-house. On the other hand, you can also hire a video marketing agency to product the video for you. 6. What’s the integration plan? After the video is produced, how will it reach your target audience? You should have a distribution plan for the video 7. How will you measure success? After releasing your video, find out whether it is making any impact on your target audience. You need to define the key performance indicators (KPIs) that will act as a benchmark for measuring the success of your campaign. 8. How will you make improvements the next time you do this? The extent of success of your video marketing campaign should help you improve your future campaigns. Find out and measure the strategies that contributed to the success or failure of the marketing campaign.
  7. 7. CONTENT STRATEGY Marketers uses “marketing Funnel” approach for content strategy. a) Top of the Funnel: If you want to make sure that the maximum amount of people view your videos, your video needs to be short. b) Middle of the funnel: Subscribers, customers and people familiar with your brand will spend longer with your content once they know you, particularly if they feel that your product or service could be the answer to their needs. c) Bottom of the funnel: This is where your customers and brand advocates are. If they have gotten to this stage, then they are very familiar with your products or services and find the content you are producing valuable.
  8. 8. PROS • It costs less. • Results come in real-time. • Not limited to one format. • Global domination • Always with the consumer and available on multi-screen
  9. 9. CONS •You can’t force viewership •Wrong slot •There’s not enough data to justify the ad space.
  10. 10. IMPACT ON AUDIENCES Voice & visuals in combined form works far more better than voice & visuals separately. In addition, average engagement levels are rising as it continues to play a more prominent role in the online experience
  12. 12. THANK YOU! We are the video marketing Melbourne company, providing top north videos for your business. For more information you can Contact us on: 0403 433 203 Websire: