Music magazine reaserch and ideas annabel lucey


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Music magazine reaserch and ideas annabel lucey

  1. 1. Music Magazine Research<br />Annabel Lucey<br />
  2. 2. Vibe; A popular music magazine aimed at males as you can tell from the front cover featuring little Wayne. Vibe is aimed at older male teenagers and covers a number of sections.<br />The colours are bring and stand out unlike other magazines there is a chair in which Lil Wayne is crouching on in the background other magazines do not have things in the background. <br />Target audience would be readers interested in rap & R&B as it also talks about other rap music artists such as Weezy, Jermaine Depri, t-pain, Mariah Carey.<br /> There is a billboard feature article on Lil Wayne who is on the cover.<br />The masthead projects itself as its bright yellow on a complementary colour blue. The masthead is a simple font and the size of the front is larger than the other music magazines. This helps it to stand out.<br />NME; aimed at males and females Is a light-hearted music magazine. The Band on the front featuring two people is not as effective as magazines with only one person. Aimed at a Target audience of people who like rock n roll music .<br />The masthead Font is bold and plain but stands out as it is brightly coloured on the white and black background like Kerrang the colour scheme is red black and white.<br />The layout of the magazine is typical of a music magazine the masthead left justed but unlike other magazines I researched has two cover people in the image. Kasabian sharing centre Then sub headings centred with captions left justed. <br />
  3. 3. Kerrang; For male readers aged from 15 upwards. From the cover we see it is for heavier music taste. This magazine would not appeal to the typical girl. <br />The colours are monotone black white and greys with hints of red splattered on to look like a blood effect linking with the caption “someone's gonna get killed” <br />Target audience is people interested in rock and heavy metal music. <br />The masthead font is more interesting than other magazines making it stand out. From the font you can tell what type of music it may be as the font is strong not fancy and the lines through it give it an rocky effect. There is a sub heading of “slipknot” who is featured on the centre front of the magazine and underneath the sub heading a caption saying “somebody's gonna get killed” again linking to the type of music death mental and rock appealing to the target audience.<br />The layout is typical of a music magazine with the large image centred. There is then right justed and left justed sub headings.<br />Blender; aimed at males with a popular icon on the front. Beyonce looking prerogative out to the reader inviting them to buy it this would attract the target audience of males. It has two images on the front cover one a smaller picture of Beyonce where we see her posing in her under where this appeals to men and as its put small they will want to buy it so they can see the bigger picture. The masthead is bright orange and stands out. The cover is colourful with bright orange yellows white and black. The magazine cover is busy with lots of writing and colours and 2 images. The front cover also quotes Borat ,The Killers and other music artists such as evanescence. Front the cover we see blender covers a wide range of music. <br />
  4. 4. Rolling stone; A popular magazine cover featuring Christina Aguilera a well known music icon. The front cover looks old fashioned to go with the image this makes it interesting and different to the others on the market. The target audience is men and women from young adults upwards.<br />The layout of the magazine is typical the image centred and the sub headings left-justed and right –justed. We know its a music magazine as Christina Aguilera is a singer songwriter and the cover is based on her album back to basics which features a song candy man where she where's this costume rolling stone has used to idea to make a good interesting magazine cover that's different to others on the market. <br />FHM; Aimed at male readers. Rihanna on the front appealing to men most magazine covers from this magazine have women in under-where or less on the front this appeals to the older male audience.<br />The masthead is modern with a burgundy colour which is an in at the moment and is set on the grey background giving the magazine a modern computerised effect. The magazine is not an English magazine this shows how FHM is popular and not just for this country in English.<br />
  5. 5. FHM Music men’s magazine<br />On the front of the magazine is a female in a bra and knickers prerogative and appealing to a male audience. It is a Powerful image centred over the mast head. The Masthead is to the left and is sans serif. The black background makes the image stand out and also the white and gold text. We know the magazine is about music as the magazine is made to look like a speaker and Pixie Lott a singer and songwriter is on the front.<br />Out of all the magazine covers this is my favourite and i would base and get ideas for my magazine from this magazine.<br />FHM Contents Page<br />The contents page is very simple and easy to read. Set on a grey background and with an image central carrying on from the image on the front cover (pixie lott) The contents page box stands out as it is in an orange box. The image has a relaxed feel to it as she is comfortably standing with a guitar bare footed smiling/ laughing at the camera this goes with the magazine as it is an easygoing easy read magazine. <br />
  6. 6. Kerrang contents page has lots of images making the contents page interesting but busy. The information on the contents page is black and white and doesn't really stand out on the page certain words are highlighted in yellow. The largest image is of Chiodos which is an American post-hardcore band from Davison, Michigan. The large image shows there may be a big feature on them further on in the magazine.<br />Vibe contents page is very sophisticated and modern. It is simple but easy to read unlike the Kerrang’s contents page it is easy on your eyes as it isn't so packed and full of information. Beyonce is featured centre page focusing on her legs suggesting its a men's magazine. Beyonce s an American Pop/R&B singer, songwriter, actress and fashion designer appealing to readers on vibe as she does R&B a main genre featured with rap in the magazine. <br />
  7. 7. NME contents page follows on from the cover featuring Kasabian. The layout is more like a newspaper cover than a magazine contents page. NME’s content page is busy with lots of writing subheadings an image and an advert at the bottom of the page. <br />Blender contents page is different to the other magazine contents pages as it is a double spread. So the images are much larger and font also bigger. The images and writing are on a white background apart from the heading which is in a red box making it stand out against the white. The colour scheme is black red and white similar to NME and Kerrang. <br />
  8. 8. Rolling stone’s contents page follows on from the traditional looking magazine cover with a black and white image also looking traditional and old on a white background with black colour writing there is little colour apart from ‘968’ is in purple suggesting importance making it stand out. The second smaller image is of a female singer Beyonce who specialises in hip hop showing the diversity in the rolling stone magazine. Appealing to people as it includes different genres of music. <br />NME double page spread features lily Allen a musician songwriter in the glam rock alternative genre. Representing NME in how they feature different artists and different types of music. The heading is made to look like newspaper cut-outs making it stand out and giving it a newspaper look effect. <br />
  9. 9. FHM double page spread features pixie lott who also features on the front cover and in the contents page . Unlike the other magazines there is no writing to backup the image just the name of the artist. This makes it different from all the other magazines and shows what the readers are interested in and who the target audience are. NME appeals to men. This picture does just that and also shows that this particular issue is based on pixie lott as she was also featured on the cover and contents page.<br />Kerrang double page spread features a rock band this shows the type of music readers are into. The double page spread has images and writing with the colour theme black white and red like on the cover. The font is big and headline on the double spread eye-catching. The layout of the Kerrang double page spread appeals to the rock audience as it has a black background and a selection of images which look like they are of the band at a gig making them interesting as there not just posing for the camera also the font of writing has a rock effect with cracks init and not a straight line. The colour scheme also appeals to the rock genre as its red black and white popular colours with the genre. <br />
  10. 10. Vibe double page spread uses basic colour scheme but contrasting colours black white blue and red. It features A woman who is in colour unlike the rest of the images and is slightly off centre this is different to the other magazines where the main image was always centred It is also much larger than all the other images on the page. The artists/ image’s name is highlighted in blue making it stand out. This tells you exactly who it is. The image’s are off Solange Knowles who is a hip-hop artist matching the genre of the magazine and stereotypical as she is of black origin. Unlike the other magazine spreads there is a lot more text. <br />Blender magazine double page spread consists of one image containing a band ‘the black eyed peas’ an American hip hop band. On the left page and taking up half of the right.. The image and text is on a white plain background and the text is in black with grey and mustard colour heading “ will he wont he?” . One of the black eyed peas member is more in colour than the rest who have a translucent effect this shows that he is important as he stands out. <br />
  11. 11. Rolling stone double page spread mainly consists of an image covering one and a half pages. This shows that the image is of importance. Unlike the other magazines there is not a lot of colour apart from the A on the top left of the page this opens the text. The font is rather small and like Vibe there is a lot more of it than in the other magazines. Rolling Stone is a music magazine for the older generation compared to the others this is reflected in the amount of writing and the lack of colours and bright contrasting font. <br />
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Find your tribe<br /><object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" <br />
  14. 14. Questionnaire <br />4.How much would you spend on a music magazine?<br /> £1.00£2.00: III2.50: IIIIII£3.00 +: I  5. Where do you most likely read magazines?<br />At home: IIIIAt school/collage: IIn the car/on the train: IIIIIAt a friend’s house6. What bands are you into?<br />Rock: IR&B: IIIRap: IPop: IIIDance/Electro: I<br />Mixture: II7. What would encourage you to buy a music magazine? <br />The front cover: IIIIIThe content: IIIIThe brand/name: IAdverts<br />What magazine would you prefer to read?Vibe: IKerrang: IFHM: IIIRolling stone: I NME: IIII2.What would you expect from a music magazine interviews: II backstage coverage: IIfestivals/gigs IInew releases reviews: Iexclusive news postersUK Top 40: III 3.What would you expect/prefer to read on a double page spread Pictures: IITextMixture of both: IIIIIIII<br />
  15. 15. Questionnaire resultsQuestion 1<br /> The most popular answer for question 1 was NME <br />
  16. 16. Question 2<br />The most popular was UK Top 40<br />
  17. 17. Question 3<br />On a double spread what do you prefer the most popular was a mixture of text and pictures<br />
  18. 18. Question 4<br />
  19. 19. Question 5<br />
  20. 20. Question 6<br />
  21. 21. Question 7<br />
  22. 22. Research Results<br /> Overall from my magazine research I have found out the most popular magazine is NME people expect the UK top 40 in there magazine a mixture of pictures n text on a double spread £250 most popular price. People read it while travelling. Prefer R&B and are attracted to magazines first from the cover.<br />
  23. 23. Front Cover Checklist (can be found in Topic Arae 5 in Shared Area)<br />· Mock up of Front cover (2 would be better than one)<br />· Mood board for <br />o Colour choice (I would suggest you use no more than 3 different colours)<br />o Font choice (you need about 3 different font choices)<br />o Use of flashes (stars/banners/circles...)<br />o Mode of address (what kind of language are you going to use – slang/the Queens English/use of exclamation marks/numbers instead of letters)<br />o Images – main image as well as other images you are going to have<br />· Mind map for contents of magazine (consider main articles/other articles you are ‘selling’, free posters/CD/prizes/)<br />Make sure you are ALWAYS considering your target audience as well as the genre of music for your magazine!<br />I would always be look at about two magazines and imitate what they have done to make sure you follow conventions<br />
  24. 24. Music Magazine Mind map<br />ITunes Vouchers<br />Brit awards<br />New releases<br />& new bands<br />Backstage coverage<br />Traktor<br />UK Top 40<br />Katy Perry<br />Reviews<br />Posters<br />Gigs; Katy B Kanye West Nikki Minaje<br />Content page<br />Gigs & festivals<br />Feature on Katy Perry<br />Tickets; Reading t4 wireless<br />HMV Discount<br />Interviews<br />Wretch<br />
  25. 25. Font<br />Font<br />font<br />Font<br />Mood Board<br />Standard English <br />Slight use of slang<br />! ? &<br />
  26. 26. UK Top 40<br />1 <br />Jessie J Price Tag (feat. B.o.B) non-mover | 2 weeks in chart<br />2 <br />Chipmunk Champion (feat. Chris Brown) new | 1 week in chart<br />3<br />Lady Gaga Born This Way new | 1 week in chart <br />4 <br />Bruno Mars Grenade down 2 | 5 weeks in chart<br />5 <br />Adele Rolling In The Deep down 1 | 4 weeks in chart<br />6 <br />Chris Brown Yeah 3X up 3 | 3 weeks in chart<br />7 <br />Kesha We R Who We R down 4 | 4 weeks in chart<br />8 <br />Taio Cruz Higher (feat. Kylie & Travie McCoy) non-mover | 6 weeks in chart<br />9 <br />Enrique Iglesias Tonight (I'm Lovin' You) (feat. Ludacris) down 4 | 2 weeks in chart<br />10 <br />Diddy - Dirty Money Coming Home (feat. Skylar Grey) down 4 | 4 weeks in chart<br />11 <br />Rihanna S&M (Come On) up 9 | 13 weeks in chart<br />12 <br />Jessie J Do It Like A Dude down 5 | 12 weeks in chart<br />13 <br />P!nk Perfect down 2 | 6 weeks in chart<br />14 <br />Chase & Status Blind Faith (feat. Liam Bailey) down 4 | 3 weeks in chart<br />15 <br />David Guetta Who's That Chick? (feat. Rihanna) up 1 | 11 weeks in chart<br />16 <br />Martin Solveig & Dragonette Hello down 3 | 7 weeks in chart<br />17 <br />JLS Eyes Wide Shut (feat. TinieTempah) non-mover | 7 weeks in chart<br />18 <br />TinieTempahWonderman (feat. Ellie Goulding) down 4 | 10 weeks in chart<br />19 <br />Rihanna What's My Name? (feat. Drake) down 4 | 13 weeks in chart<br />20 <br />Wretch 32 Traktor (feat. L) down 8 | 4 weeks in chart<br />21 <br />Dr. Dre I Need A Doctor (feat. Eminem & Skylar Grey) non-mover | 2 weeks in chart<br />22 <br />NickiMinaj Moment 4 Life (feat. Drake) new | 3 weeks in chart<br />23 <br />Katy B Lights On (feat. Ms Dynamite) down 4 | 8 weeks in chart<br />24 <br />Bruno Mars Just The Way You Are (Amazing) non-mover | 21 weeks in chart<br />25 <br />Adele Make You Feel My Love down 2 | 45 weeks in chart<br />26 <br />Britney Spears Hold It Against Me down 8 | 4 weeks in chart Go to artist page Jive <br />BBC Music<br />27 <br />AvrilLavigne What The Hell up 5 | 4 weeks in chart Go to <br />28 <br />TinchyStryder Let It Rain (feat. Melanie Fiona) down 6 | 6<br />29 <br />The Black Eyed Peas The Time (Dirty Bit) down 2 | 14 weeks in<br />30 <br />Rihanna Only Girl (In The World) down 4 | 16 weeks in chart Go to artist page Def Jam <br />31 <br />Katy Perry Firework non-mover | 18 weeks in chart Go to artist page Virgin <br />32 <br />Noah and the Whale L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. down 2 | 3 weeks in <br />33 <br />Lethal Bizzle POW 2011 (feat. Grime All Stars) new | 1 week in 34 <br />Ellie Goulding Your Song down 5 | 14 weeks in chart <br />35 <br />Cee Lo Green Forget You up 3 | 19 weeks in chart <br />36 <br />LoickEssien Stuttering (feat. N-Dubz) new | 1 week in chart G<br />37 <br />P!nk Raise Your Glass down 1 | 14 weeks in chart <br />38 <br />Modestep Feel Good new | 1 week in chart <br />39 <br />Alexis Jordan Happiness down 4 | 15 weeks in chart<br />40 <br />Neon Trees Animal new | 3 weeks in chart <br />