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Belize Real Estate Grand Vacation Homes


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The best place to get a vacation home is in the Belize real estate market, since the properties here are reasonably priced and are considerably lower than the rates you can see in other Caribbean places.

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Belize Real Estate Grand Vacation Homes

  1. 1. Belize Real EstateGrand VacationHomesLooking for your dream vacation homecan be a nerve-wracking experience,especially if you are looking at the wrongplace. The best place to get a vacationhome is in the Belize real estate market, since the properties here are reasonably priced andare considerably lower than the rates you can see in other Caribbean places.Belize is the new and exciting addition to the list of Caribbean tropical destinations and isbecoming quite popular with the tourists, expatriates and even retirees. Because of theaffordability of Belize real estate properties, there has been an increase in sales due to theever increasing population of expatriates and retirees in the country.You don’t have to spend so much on luxurious vacation homes in Belize. There are a lot ofcommunities which cater to people looking for the best vacation homes. There are grandvacation homes found in the town of San Pedro, located off the coast of the mainland where itis near beach shores specifically intended for those who want a vacation home on the beach.On the other hand, you should try vacation homes that are already in the mainland since it ismore convenient when it comes to shopping for supplies. There is a community in thesouthern part of the country where everything you need is conveniently within reach.Sanctuary Belize is in the Stann Creek District where it is sitting between two wildlifereserves.The community’s environment has a place where flora and fauna thrive in its most naturalway without any threat of pollution, and where animals live as they please without fear frompoachers and other dangers. There are hundreds of breathtaking sceneries here where you canchoose to have your vacation home. Your home can be located along the beach where youcan hear the waves and feel the sea breeze upon taking a few steps away from your frontdoor, or you can also try living in the midst of the rainforest where majestic trees will serveas the canopy of your home.What makes Sanctuary Belize homes so grand you ask? Well, aside from being surroundedby nature’s beauty, homes here are carefully designed and are built with protecting nature in
  2. 2. mind. Using only eco-friendly and high-quality materials to create the best homes possiblefor their residents, these homes are constructed by the best developers in the land.The community’s amenities also bring convenience and add to having the best experiencewhen living in this place. These amenities include the private resort and spa where you canrelax in a boutique hotel fashion and stay in one of the luxurious rooms. The Marina Villageserves as a leisure place where residents can purchase supplies and shop all they want. Theycan also have the taste of Belize in a gourmet fashion in one of the fine restaurants available.You can experience all these and more in Sanctuary Belize with very reasonable prices tothese homes. No need to think it over, take a close look and get your luxurious vacation homenow!