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Taking Agile Mainstream - Agile on the Beach 2013 Belinda Waldock


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Agile on the Beach
BELINDA WALDOCK Agile Innovation

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Taking Agile Mainstream - Agile on the Beach 2013 Belinda Waldock

  1. 1. Taking agile mainstream..
  2. 2. Belinda Waldock Simon Gill Business Coaching Grow Cornwall Programme Taking agile mainstream @belindawaldock @drsgill #agileOTB
  3. 3. Enable Cornish Software businesses to adopt agile to enable business growth and job creation (+ demand side) Enable the methods of agile and lean start up to be used within start up businesses Enable the philosophy of agile and lean to be used within all businesses as good practice
  4. 4. Agile practice has helped you to be more flexible and responsive to customer needs Agile has helped to improve communications Agile has helped to improve workflow Agile has made you more efficient Agile has helped to develop skills within your business Quality of product/service has improved by adopting Agile practice Agile has improved project management, such as prioritising Agile has helped to improve our business focus Agile has contributed to change management Agile practice has contributed towards improved customer relations Agile has reduced time to market Agile has enabled your business to grow You now work more effectively in collaboration or through distributed teams from… Agile has improved new business/tender success rates
  5. 5. Innovative Idea into Proposition Repeatable & Scalable Business Model Quickly and Effectively Proof of Concept & Market Enable the methods of agile and lean start up to be used within start up businesses
  6. 6. Introduce Lean Start up to existing agile tech businesses with new services/product ideas
  7. 7. Introduce Lean Start up to a non tech business
  8. 8. we had learnt that the planning element was a high value element of the process that could be adapted into a coaching tool for start ups..
  9. 9. Start up Planner MVP : Explored varieties with existing start up businesses Tested on coaching team, partner event
  10. 10. “it’s the first tool of the many I have been introduced to that I’ve actually used and found useful!” Sophie
  11. 11. Ignite Cornwall experience workshops Introduced Do-Review-Learn Identify assumptions Test & measure Coaching Role-play using planner Individual Exercise using planner Tips
  12. 12. What is your vision? What are you doing already? What else do you need to do? What assumptions do you need to test? What’s the value of these activities? What are you going to learn? How are you going to measure them?
  13. 13. Challenge!! How could you test your proposition in the next 2 weeks with £200?
  14. 14. Ignite Experience Start Up Planner Workshops 68 people trained in Planner Use Mix of product/service ideas Average 9/10 (27@10/10, 18@9/10, 13@8/10, 7@7/10 and 3@6/10)
  15. 15. I know I'll use the Planner, so I felt "connected" to it Very helpful indeed and we will implement this and review during our board meeting weekly The chart makes one think & start "doing" more I will definitely use this tool! Role Play make it simple to follow and convertible for my business idea ..can see that it would be a really useful method to continue I will use that planner! Excellent way for planning and realising tasks and a great way to prioritise. Very very useful..excellent for focusing and moving forward A brilliant practical session - a simple, bite sized way to manage progressing the idea Love the planner concept
  16. 16. Taking agile mainstream.. What do you think? @belindawaldock @drsgill