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Retrospectives - Smooth Sailing Game - Kernowdat 9/12/16


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Belinda will introduce and share how to play the Retrospective collaboration game – Smooth Sailing. The game is a great way to help teams run effective retrospectives and plot their future courses. The game is ideal for teams to reflect and review their work, helping to identify what’s gone well and put wind in their sails, the anchors that are holding them back, and help establish actions to raise those anchors and set the sails for a smoother course to success in the future. As a part of the game everyone will be invited to play the game and contribute to a number of ‘sail boats’ at the event representing key topics for our community.

Belinda runs Being Agile, who’s mission is to help teams and businesses to improve their agility to support their growth and improvement. She works with an array of teams from tech to marketing, across a broad variety of sectors both locally and nationally, from start ups to global giants, her work is customised to fit each business she works with to support their adoption and adaptation of agile working. She is the author of Being Agile in Business, shortlisted by the CMI as Management book of the year 2015 and recently translated and published in Chinese. She’s also co-founder and co-director of Software Cornwall, representing Cornwall’s tech community, and one of the organisers of Cornwall’s globally recognised agile conference Agile on the Beach. @belindawaldock

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Retrospectives - Smooth Sailing Game - Kernowdat 9/12/16

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