CDMG Dec 10 NGA Update


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NGA Broadband update for Cornwall Digital Meetup Group = presented by Belinda Waldock

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  • 132m investment in Cornwall – europes largest investment in broadband Vision - best connected rural area in the world! large rollout of fibre with supporting investment into additional connectivity solutions
  • 49% premises??
  • Satellite – avanti, wireless mesh, 4g, innovative solutions
  • NGA Project has huge ambitions as it did for the actnow project which it met and exceeded in many cases
  • Main rollout beginning in South East Cornwall, with further areas following in 6 month tranches Local independent advice & support – business support from 2012, other supporting current projects – ukti, grow cornwall, partners 2 suceed, dpn, air – fal uni, pool inn
  • Fttc pilot preparations currently underway for launch in March next year, fibre footprint improve poor access which is currently a huge issue in remote areas of the county 8 exchange areas receiving significant upgrade to their networks though the extension of fibre to new cabinets located alongside existing cabinet Potential speeds of upto 40mb near to the exchanges, a pilot project to test FTTC in rural area Pilot – so ISPs can check things like systems, billing ordering, and the fibre footprint can be understood re. any future infill
  • In the early new year parts of chiverton cross and par to go live Massive rollout of fibre broadband
  • Upload important for business Send files Connect to systems remotely Video comms Reliability – intermittant connections and downtime costs money QoS means user experience eg. watching iPlayer Huuge amount of fibre in the ground – round world 3 times! Futureproofing, useful for decades to come
  • Evidence actnow business survey (2008) showed 87% say internet critical 33% need more speed / reliability 87% of businesses describe the internet as critical
  • More people able to work from home / remotely snow FW means any change in time or location of work WFH is an example Need access to same data as office bound staff Better connectivity achieves this WE have shown that FW helps business to Improve productivity Save money Reduce travel Improve customer service Reduce office overheads
  • Finance - crunch, crm - salesforce, cms websites, blogs, email, doc sharing, remote backup, sector software - online booking, case management, television, radio, video, convergence Online apps, social media, realtime, visual, location based
  • Ecommerce, Video conferencing, flexible working, supply chain management, automation, engagement, Productivity, effficiencies, ict good policy, always exposed to internet with android/ipad/iphone Competitive edge – eg holiday cottages with broadband
  • Opportunities – growth market Supporting cornish businesses adopting technologies, ICT sector – knowledge (eg hci/code), utilise the bandwidth, develop applications, gaming, graphics/media, build profile of ICT sector in cornwall throught the projects exposure, work collaboratively, ‘ outsource to cornwall’ - we can receive the file sizes, host services, maintain QoS Support Innovation Production competitive edge
  • Gain a competitive edge, grow and transform your businesses
  • CDMG Dec 10 NGA Update

    1. 1. Next Generation Broadband Digital Cornwall aspiring to be the best connected rural area in the world
    2. 2. 132 million
    3. 3. 49% FTTP  100mb  30mb
    4. 4. 37%  40mb  10mb 29% assured
    5. 5. 14% infill
    6. 6. <ul><li>132m investment in Cornwall </li></ul><ul><li>Best connected rural area in the world! </li></ul><ul><li>Connect 10,000 businesses </li></ul><ul><li>Connect 263,000 premises </li></ul><ul><li>Wide range of ISPs, e.g. BT, Eclipse etc. </li></ul><ul><li>Local independent advice & support </li></ul>
    7. 7. South East Cornwall
    8. 8. FTTC Pilot Leedstown Devoran Portreath St Agnes St Day Three Waters Stenalees Par March
    9. 9. New Year
    10. 10. increased.. ..speed ..quality ..reliability ..scalability of businesses describe the internet as critical 87%
    11. 11. improve productivity 32 % of businesses are limited by speed and reliability of the internet
    12. 12. flexible working
    13. 13. cloud computing
    14. 14. transforming the business landscape
    15. 16. Next Generation Broadband Digital Cornwall transforming the business landscape “ This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to revolutionise Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly”