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Being Agile in Business - :Leadership - Agile Business Conference 2015


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Being Agile in Business – Belinda Waldock

Session Type: Presentation

Session Length: 45 minutes

Target Audience & Level of Experience: Leaders and all roles involved in driving Agile in an organisation

Session Description: In order to become a truly agile organisation its people must embrace and apply agile thinking at every level of the business. The primary driver for successful agile adoption within a business is the level of buy in achieved amongst its teams. It is not enough to implement structures and tools into day to day practices, the organisation must learn to listen to what agile tells them and act upon it in order to sustain buy in both to the method and their commitment to the ambitions of the business. Belinda shares her experience of introducing agile to an array of SME businesses from project management through to improving the strategic agility of their business models to evoke growth. The session will report on their journeys of adoption and the impact upon people and interactions within those businesses. She will explore what worked well, what could work better, what barriers they faced and the results achieved sharing case studies and the new tools and materials adapted from agile that create a Business Management methodology for Business Agility

Belinda WaldockBiography: Belinda is an Agile Business Coach, professionally qualified ILM Coach and Mentor in Business Management and a Computer Science graduate. Over the past 15 years Belinda has worked with small to medium sized businesses in the South West of the UK supporting ICT adoption and more recently agile adoption through Oxford Innovation. As Programme Manager and Business Coach for Agile Innovation, Belinda has worked with a broad range of high growth businesses across most business sectors to adopt agile practices to leverage their growth aspirations. Author of Being Agile in Business, this June, Belinda published a simple and comprehensive introduction to agile for any business professional on how agile can help them to be faster, leaner and smarter at work. Belinda is part of the organising committee for one of the world’s leading agile conferences, Agile on the Beach, held each September in Falmouth, Cornwall. Belinda is a regular speaker sharing her experiences of adopting and using agile beyond the software sector. She also supports Software Cornwall, a small high growth cluster network of software development companies and works as an independent Agile Business Coach.

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Being Agile in Business - :Leadership - Agile Business Conference 2015

  2. 2. #beingagile @belindawaldock
  3. 3. A FEW YEARS AGO.. IN A COUNTY … NOT THAT FAR AWAY… #beingagile @belindawaldock
  4. 4. VALUE OF BEING AGILE lighten your mental load embrace and manage change deliver value early gain a competitive edge communicate effectively maintain workflow and focus make informed decisions quickly personal growth and skills development Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock
  5. 5. REASONS FOR BEING AGILE fast changing environment visibility and clarity blocks and bottlenecks capacity and capabilities moving goalposts and scope creep starting projects but not finishing them running late and over budget communication / collaboration Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock
  6. 6. EDEN #beingagile @belindawaldock Innovation Leadership Teams Start Up High Growth
  7. 7. AN AGILE APPROACH Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock
  8. 8. Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock TEAMS OVER PROJECTS
  9. 9. #beingagile @belindawaldock Being Agile
  10. 10. Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock
  11. 11. THE AGILE MANIFESTO Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Working solutions over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change over following a plan Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock
  12. 12. AGILE VALUES Being Agile over Being Perfect Collaboration over Competition Teams over Projects Real Time Models over Snapshot Plans Sanity Metrics over Vanity Metrics Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock
  13. 13. AGILE MIND SET Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock
  14. 14. Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock
  15. 15. LEARN ACT REFLECT AGILE METHOD Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock
  16. 16. LEARN ACT REFLECT AGILE METHOD Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock LISTEN & LEARN ACT REFLECT
  17. 17. WRITING ON THE WALL Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock
  18. 18. WRITING ON THE WALL Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock Being Agile
  19. 19. 4iteration #beingagile @belindawaldock Being Agile
  20. 20. Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock
  21. 21. GET IT OUT OF YOUR HEAD! Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock Being Agile
  22. 22. Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock
  23. 23. Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock
  24. 24. BEING AGILE OVER BEING PERFECT Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock
  25. 25. MINIMUM VIABLE PRODUCT VALUE ACTIONSRESOURCES MVP Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock
  26. 26. Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock AGILE PRODUCTS
  27. 27. SLACK TO GROW Being Agile Run the business Grow the business #beingagile @belindawaldock
  28. 28. GET IT OUT OF YOUR HEAD! Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock Being Agile
  29. 29. RETROSPECTIVES INTERACTIONS OVER PROCESSES Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock
  30. 30. RETROSPECTIVES INTERACTIONS OVER PROCESSES Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock
  31. 31. MAPPING THE WAY Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock
  32. 32. 16 % 20% 21 % 27% Visual not Hidden: Sanity Check Shipping Dates #beingagile @belindawaldock Being Agile
  33. 33. BEING AGILE IN A TRADITIONAL WORLD #beingagile @belindawaldock Being Agile
  34. 34. #beingagile @belindawaldock Being Agile
  35. 35. #beingagile @belindawaldock Being Agile
  36. 36. BEING AGILE IN A TRADITIONAL WORLD #beingagile @belindawaldock Being Agile
  37. 37. AGILE CUTURE Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock
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