WordPress Plugins to add style to your website


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5 or my WordPress favourite plugins

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WordPress Plugins to add style to your website

  1. 1. WordPress Plugins To add Style to your Website
  2. 2. Slider • Responsive! • Really easy to use • Flexible in terms of design can use HTML in captions, add links easily • SEO friendly • Secure - audited by Mark Jaquith, lead developer of WordPress, for security. • Easy Video Integration
  3. 3. Setup is easy • Create new slider • Insert images and customise • metadata and slider size and options • Insert the slider into post with "Add Slider" • button next to “Add Media”
  4. 4. Soliloquy Addons With the developer licence and you can access all of these!
  5. 5. • Responsive! • Really Easy to use • Flexible in terms of design • - slides can vary in height • Uses WordPress media library • and shortcodes
  6. 6. Setup is easy • After installation, set up the plugin options just once. • Add images to posts and pages as you build your site and use the [gallery] or [bxgallery] shortcode to show the images in the bxslider.
  7. 7. Full Screen Background Images • Upload and set an unlimited number of background images • Images automatically scaled to fit the user’s browser • Set images to show on different contexts: Global – show everywhere or Category, Archives, Pages, Posts, Custom post types, Blog, Front Page and Search • Context hierarchy / fall back support for contexts. If the current context doesn’t have an image set, then the global image will be displayed • Upload and set images directly from the post editor / or from the plugin panel • Option to fade images in when the page is loaded Adjustable fade speed in admin • Very efficient with minimal overhead
  8. 8. Full Screen Background Images
  9. 9. WordPress Plugins To add Style + extra functionality
  10. 10. Rather than have all your content in the main content area, ACF allows you divide it into sections Opening Statement The Challenge The Work The Impact Co-creators
  11. 11. Setup your fields Set the Location – this makes the fields show up in the correct page or post
  12. 12. Add content using fields • Easy to add content without having to think about any formatting (unless using HTML in fields)
  13. 13. Call the fields in your template
  14. 14. A customised CMS • Gives you greater control over the design • Keeps the site looking perfect, no matter who is editing it
  15. 15. Forms • Responsive! • Super Easy to use • Standard Fields • Pricing Fields • Post Fields • Schedule Forms • Form Settings – title, description, confirmation, notifications • No need for Captcha, has a built in honeypot!
  16. 16. Post Fields • Allow people to contribute to your website through a form • You can decide whether it is saved as a draft or published
  17. 17. Post Fields
  18. 18. Forms • The result A website with content contributed by your visitors
  19. 19. Links http://soliloquywp.com/ http://wordpress.org/plugins/bxslider-integration/ http://bxslider.com/ http://pippinsplugins.com/full-screen-background-images-plugin-pro/ http://www.advancedcustomfields.com/ http://www.gravityforms.com/ www.thedesignweb.com.au