PRT Workshop 2012


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PRT Workshop 2012

  1. 1. e-Learning @ Elm Park School
  2. 2. Our e-Learning VisionThe effective use of e-Learning at Elm ParkSchool will:• Enable students to become 21st century learners.• Increase student engagement and improve student achievement.• Provide evidence of student learning, specific achievement data and next learning steps.• Strengthen home-school partnerships through 24/7 learning conversations.
  3. 3. e-Portfolios
  4. 4. goals, reflections, evidence, user generated content,Student embedded learningcomments, discussion, reflection and feedback (including achievement data, student led conferences) FamilyTeacher Students Adapted from Nick Rate, 2008
  5. 5. LearningJournalsYear 1-6My ReadingMy WritingMy NumeracyMy ShowcaseGeneral Comments
  6. 6. Goal Setting
  7. 7. KnowledgeNet iPad/iPod Apps iWork: Pages KidPix Keynote iLife: Numbers iMovie iPhoto iTunesGarageBand Web2.0 tools: Flickr Fotobabble Voicethread Google AppsPhoto Booth Comic Life
  8. 8. Reporting
  9. 9. The e-Portfolio itself is not the most important aspect, it is the process of commenting, reflecting and improving on learning that happens as the e-Portfolio is created that is the central goal.The formative nature of the e-Portfolios places the emphasis on effective pedagogy not technology.
  10. 10. Reflection
  11. 11. What is ICT?
  12. 12. What is e-Learning?
  13. 13. Where am I at withmy current e-Learning Practice?Where do I want togo next?
  14. 14. Belinda Johnston e-Learning