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e-Portfolios at Elm Park School


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Brief overview of our e-Portfolio journey at Elm Park School. Presented at Rototuna Primary School on 13 August 2010.

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e-Portfolios at Elm Park School

  1. 1. Our Purpose For students to become self- regulated/ self directed life long To provide evidence of leaners... learning, specific achievement data and next learning steps.
  2. 2. EVERY class has ... wireless & cabled a digital network access camera laptops with 6-8 computers webcams and access to: microphone video data projector and cameras, speakers tripods, iPods
  3. 3. KnowledgeNet Comic Life iWork: Pages KidPix Keynote iLife: Numbers iMovie iPhoto iTunes Web2.0 tools: GarageBand Flickr Vocaroo Voicethread DivShare Google Apps Fotobabble Photo Booth
  4. 4. e-Portfolio Contents Literacy and Numeracy goals Reflections by students, teacher and parents Evidence of progress - work samples, reading data, numeracy stage, cumulative graphs etc Spelling/basic facts - graphs and expectations
  5. 5. e-Portfolio Contents continued My Competencies - self assessed rubrics, teacher comments, relates to all curriculum areas Teacher Feedback - a general comments area My Achievements - certificates, awards, accomplishments - home and school More About Me - student selects work they are proud of and would like to share
  6. 6. Barriers
  7. 7. Where to next ?