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10 Things To Do Post Expo


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10 things to do to keep up the momentum following the Eastnet ICT-PD Cluster Expo '09.

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10 Things To Do Post Expo

  1. 1. 10 Eastnet ICT-PD Things Cluster Expo ’09 to Do Post- Expo
  2. 2. Re-visit your handouts and notes
  3. 3. Choose one idea to implement in the classroom
  4. 4. Develop your personal learning network by making contact with presenters and other expo delegates
  5. 5. Download resources from other workshops you did not attend but are interested in
  6. 6. Write a reflection or blog post about your learning
  7. 7. Share something you learned with your colleagues
  8. 8. Make a goal and an action plan
  9. 9. Visit recommended websites and bookmark them
  10. 10. Take some time to practise a new skill
  11. 11. Have fun!