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This is a presentation done for school to a fictitious yogurt company about the benefits of diving into social media marketing

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  • Hello ladies and gentlemen of Fit Yogurt. Many of you already know me but for those of you that do not, I am Belinda Harris, your Account Executive from XYZ Ad agency. Today I am here to speak with all of you about incorporating social media into your current marketing plan. As a person that has a passion for social media, personally and professionally, I understand what type of positive impact social media can be for your corporate brand if executed properly. Many of our current clients have seen very positive outcomes from implementing social media into their current marketing strategies. I want you to be able to experience those same results. Some of the key areas we will focus on today will be current social media statistics and the impact it has made in the corporate world. What the current trends are in the health food industry. How social media can benefit your organization and corporate brand. And last but certainly not least, the social media sites that I recommend to help you dive into the world of social media marketing. So, let’s get started.
  • I wanted to start off by giving you some current statistics about the number of users some of the most popular social media outlets have. A little over a week ago, the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, announced in a live webcast that Facebook currently has 750 million users. Twitter also recently announced the 200 millionth tweeter signed up. 2010 statistics show 100 million users are making connections on LinkedIn and according to BlogPulse, there are currently over 165 million blogs on the internet. I am telling you all of these numbers to let you know how many people that you can potentially touch with the utilization of social media and the popularity of blogs.
  • More and more corporate entities are starting to understand the benefits of utilizing social media and have experienced very positive outcomes. The results of a recent survey that was done by Social Media Examiner state that businesses have had a significant increase in exposure for their businesses and overall brand awareness by using sites such as Facebook and Twitter. They also saw an increase in traffic to their website and better rankings in searches made on search engines. Because the majority of social media sites are free to use, their marketing costs were reduced. They survey also stated they saw an increase in sales which is a very important factor for any business that wants to stay in business!
  • Since I am a statistic junkie FitYogurt and a lover of Facebook. I want to tell you a little more about this particular social media site. eMarketer compiled some information from various surveys that concluded that 53% of Facebook users reached a retailer’s website from its Facebook page. The article also stated that 5% of online shoppers would be likely to make a purchase through the Facebook page of a retailer or business. Now, I know that you do not sell very much yogurt directly to consumers over the internet but Facebook users also visit the Facebook page of a business to find out if there are coupons, deals or special offers they can take advantage of there.
  • Social media also allows the opportunity to communicate with your customer/consumer in a way that you never have before. Social media has no delay so you can talk to your customers and respond to their questions or concerns quickly in real time. You now have the same outlets that larger brands like Dannonand Yoplait are using. You can now compete with them without breaking or exceeding your marketing budget on the same playing field. And there is also the opportunity for some of your content to go viral providing countless exposure to FitYogurt. I know you all remember seeing the Old Spice commercial with the man on the horse. That commercial quickly went viral on the internet making Old Spice “the number 1 all-time most viewed branded channel on YouTube.” (PR Web) Social media provides that same opportunity to Fit Yogurt.
  • Many large food brands like Whole Foods, Pepsi, Nabisco and Starbucks are already very active on social media. Everyone has to eat and food easily connects to the emotions of the people that you can potentially communicate with on social media. Also, with the increased awareness of organic foods, people want to know where there food comes from. Social media is an easy way to provide that information to your customers. Some other ways that the food industry as a whole is using social media is making fans and followers aware of new product launches before the general public or television commercials are released. Like I stated earlier, many people connect with brands on social media sites to acquire those special deals or coupons. You can also provide information about what your organization is doing in the way of events or community service. This is another emotional connection that cannot be made with customers via social media that can not be made through a television, magazine or newspaper advertisement. Your customers have the opportunity to comment and engage with you about those topics as well as your products, customer service, etc.
  • To get you started with your social media marketing plan, I suggest first starting out using two outlets. The first is a Facebook page. With the astounding amount of users and the Facebook statistics I presented to you earlier, this is a place that FitYogurt can really raise your brand awareness. I would recommend a landing or welcome page design encouraging users to like your page by being able to enter into a contest or sweepstakes that we can details at a later time. This would also help to build up your mailing list to be able to email special coupons and offers to subscribers as well as on the page itself. You can also highlight events or community involvement there too. Facebook users love photos. Showing that FitYogurt is active in the community and posting pictures of your employees at those events encourages engagement with your fans aka “likers.”
  • The other type of social media site that I would recommend would be a blog. On the blog/website, you can provide more detail about the events or community involvement in article form. This is also where you can provide your blog readers additional information about your yogurt ingredients and new products your might have coming out. All of this might sound redundant but you are providing them the information in a different way than you can on Facebook. You can even bring your readers a little closer to your company by having a category to highlight employees doing great things allowing your blog readers to connect with the inside of your organization or a more personal level. You should also provide a way for your readers to subscribe to your blog through a RSS feed. This way they get your stories daily through their favorite reader without having to even visit your blog on a daily basis.
  • Well, I hope that I have successfully shown you and provided you the information that you need to understand that social media marketing is effective for businesses and in the corporate world. It will give FitYogurt the opportunity to compete with larger brands and connect to your consumer in a more personal way in real time. Once you incorporate social media into your marketing plan, I think you will see that your overall marketing expenses will decrease. There will not be a need for other marketing outlets that you have been using because I am sure you will find these methods more effective. You do not want to dive into social media with more than you can handle, so I recommend starting the social media powerhouse, Facebook, and a blog. These two social media marketing methods will provide you the brand awareness and exposure you are looking to obtain. The key to making this all work is planning a marketing strategy to make sure that the goals you want are being meet and all of your employees know how to properly represent FitYogurt. Once you decide to move forward, I would also recommend appointing only a few people to have access to these accounts to make sure that happens. It is my sincere desire that after today, we will move on to the next planning your social media strategy for Facebook and your blog. Thank you all for your time.
  • Fit Yogurt - Diving Into Social Media

    1. 1. FitYogurt<br />Diving Into the World of Social Media<br />July 17, 2011<br />Presented by Belinda Harris <br />XYZ Ad Agency<br />
    2. 2. Introduction<br />Social Media in the Corporate World<br />Current Trends in Health Food Industry<br />Benefits to Your Organization<br />Recommendations<br />
    3. 3. Current Social Media Stats<br />Facebook – 750 million users<br />Twitter – 200 million users<br />LinkedIn – 100 million users (2010)<br />Blogs - 165,654,209<br />
    4. 4. Social Media & the Corporate World<br />Increased business exposure/brand awareness<br />Increased website traffic<br />Increased search engine rankings<br />Reduced overall marketing costs<br />Increased sales<br /> source: Social Media Examiner -<br />
    5. 5. The Facebook Factor<br />53% of Facebook users reached a retailer’s website from its Facebook page<br />35% of online shoppers would be likely to make a purchase through Facebook<br />56% of users visit a retailer’s page for sales or promotions<br /> source: eMarketer -<br />
    6. 6. Additional Social Media Benefits<br />Communication with customers in real time<br />Opportunity to respond quickly<br />Opportunity to compete with larger brands<br />Opportunity for viral content<br />
    7. 7. Health Food Industry Specifics<br />Large food companies are already utilizing them<br />Food connects to people’s emotions<br />People want to know where their food comes from<br />New product launches<br />Event & community involvement awareness<br />
    8. 8. Recommendations - Facebook <br />Facebook Page<br />Welcome Page<br />Mailing list<br />Coupons/special offers<br />Special Events and community involvement<br />
    9. 9. Recommendations - Blog<br />Blog/Website<br />Events and community involvement<br />Food ingredients<br />Product launches<br />Employee spotlight<br />RSS feed<br />
    10. 10. Conclusion<br />Social media can be very effective<br />Opportunity for FitYogurt to compete<br />Increase awareness of the FitYogurt name<br />Reduce marketing expenses<br />Facebook and Blog <br />Planning phase<br />
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