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FaceBook pages for Toastmasters


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Gaelic Toastmasters is a Sydney based Toastmasters club. These are slides from a presentation on what they could do to get better results from their FaceBook page. It includes screenshots showing results of the strategies used as proof of concept.

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FaceBook pages for Toastmasters

  1. 1. Social Media - connect, engage and share
  2. 2. Timing is everything - post when people will see
  3. 3. Use Eye Catching Images - photo, video and text
  4. 4. Keep it Short - 100 to 150 characters get 60% more likes, comments & shares
  5. 5. Be Relevant On Gaelic TM FB Page On District 70 FB Group
  6. 6. Use Your Own Authentic Voice
  7. 7. ADD a CALL to ACTION
  8. 8. Get Creative - run contests surveys promotions use apps 2 shares, 9 likes, 21 comments
  9. 9. Create a sense of URGENCY
  10. 10. ADD VALUE entertain, educate - give people a reason to care & share
  11. 11. Use Infographics Mari Smith - social media speaker & author Use Infographics Courtesy of Mari Smith- social media speaker & author
  12. 12. Tag people in photos Always take photos that make meetings look busy & vibrant Make me feel like I’m missing out!
  13. 13. Social Media - connect, engage and share Create a sticky web of visual, engaging, urgent short sharp, shareable posts with a sense of urgency that educate & inform ie - ADD VALUE