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Belilove Company-Engineers ISO9001 : 2008 Certification


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ISO Certification recognizes businesses for their strict adherence to standards ensuring continual quality and performance improvements pertaining to regulations, business requirements, and customer satisfaction.

Published in: Engineering
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Belilove Company-Engineers ISO9001 : 2008 Certification

  1. 1. REGI STRATTON C E RTI F ICATE fhis document certifies thot the odministrotion systems of Be Iilove Co mpany- Eng in ee rs 21060 Corsair Boulevard, Haryard, California 94545, USA hove been ossessed ond opproved by QAS lnternotionol to the following monogement systems, stondords ond guidelines: ISO 9001 : 2008 With the permitted exclusion of clause 7.3 Design and Development The opproved odministrotion systems opply to the following: Providing lnnovative Solutions to Process Control, Applied Heat Applications and Vacuum Feedthroughs. Original Approval Current Certificate Certificate Expiry Certificate Number 2td April 2015 2* April2015 23'd Aprit 2016 us3844 ;s"'"''1?o- This cenmcate remains valid while the holder maintains lheir q uality administration syslems in accordance with the standards and guidelines slated above, which will be audited annually by OAS lnternational. The holder is entitled to displaylhe above regislration mark for the duration oflhis cenmcate, which should be relurned to OAS International upon reasonable request. lssuing Office: QAS lntematonal, 20A Oxford Slreet. Malmesbury, Wiltshire SN16 gAX, UK tiulav a) On behalf of OAS QAS lnternational