Most Popular Children's Toys By Decade


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Ever wonder what the most popular toys were for a certain decade? Wonder what long-lost toy you may want to buy again? How about finding the perfect holiday gift for someone that brings back just the right childhood memories? Here is a list of the most popular toys by decade for your enjoyment.

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Most Popular Children's Toys By Decade

  1. 1. The Most Popular Toys By Decade Jay Moneta • Hunter Thomson This presentation is dedicated to the young at heart.
  2. 2. THE 50’s
  3. 3. THE 50’s Mr. Potato Head Matchbox Cars Silly Putty Slinkys Hula Hoops Tinker Toys Frisbees Play-Doh Barbie Skateboards
  4. 4. THE 60’s
  5. 5. Easy Bake Oven Monopoly Etch-a-Sketch Jacks G.I. Joe Troll Dolls Twister Lincoln Logs Legos Hot Wheels Silly Sand Clue Bingo Operation Candy Land Duncan Yo-Yo THE 60’s
  6. 6. THE 70’s
  7. 7. THE 70’s Barrel of Monkeys Hacky Sack Battleship Hungry Hippos Cabbage Patch Kids Hello Kitty Checkers Hi Ho Cherry Oh Atari Chrissy Dolls Chatty Cathy Chinese Checkers Stretch Armstrong Weeble Wobbles
  8. 8. 80’s header THE 80’s
  9. 9. Rubik’s Cube Pogo Balls Transformers Pound Puppies Trivial Pursuit Rainbow Brite Care Bears Star Wars Fluppy Dog Strawberry Shortcake Glo Worm Teddy Ruxpin Micro Machines Pogo Sticks My Little Pony Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles THE 80’s
  10. 10. THE 90’s
  11. 11. THE 90’s Beanie Babies Power Ranger Tickle Me Elmo Buzz Lightyear Pogs Koosh Balls Furby Polly Pocket Tamagotchi Teletubbies Super Soaker Slammer Whammer
  12. 12. THE 2000’s
  13. 13. Hokey Pokey Elmo Elmo tickle hands iPods Baby Alive Transformers Bratz Dolls Gaming Systems (Wii, PSP, PS3, XBox 360) Animatronic toys (Robosapien, Roboraptor) Kid computers (Dora the Explorer Laptop) Sleepy Time Care Bears THE 2000’s
  14. 14. About this book This unscienti c and largely unsubstantiated summary is just for fun and convenient reference. Please do not count on the information here for any ‘real’ data or any sort of proof of any sort. Why this book? Jay Moneta and Hunter Thomson are not toy experts but were curious about a few toys and what decade they were from. We did some research on our own then decided to make a quick book to refer to for our own purposes. Then we wanted to share. Hopefully, the informaiton is of value to you. Produced by Believe Kids Elementary School Fundraising - ©2010 Jay Moneta & Hunter Thomson