Become a Believe Kids Fundraising Representative


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Work at Believe Kids! Here are details on how to become a school fundraising representative.

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Become a Believe Kids Fundraising Representative

  1. 1. WWW. BelieveKids.C Toll-Free Cu OM s tomer Servic 1-877-7-BELIE e: VE (877-723-5438)Become a Fundraising Representative with Believe Kids• Absolutely no cost to you• Earn substantial commissions• All marketing materials are provided free• Be a part of an amazing team• We will make you look good!Believe Kids Fundraising offers a comprehensive fundraising program. We include everything schools need tosucceed at a product fundraiser. We offer the right program for the groups and offer follow-through exceptionalcustomer support.We make our reps look good!Here is what we are looking for in a successful Believe Kids Fundraising field representative:Easy-going individuals that understand the importance of networking – we are looking for the types of peoplewho are go-getters who really want to get out there and meet people!You will be building relationships with schools and other groups that are accustomed to fundraising. Theyrequire your assistance through the fundraising process so you will have to be able to help them choose Believeand then give them some basic instruction on how to succeed using the tools Believe provides.What does a Believe Fundraising Representative get?We provide you with free fundraising materials and catalogsYou will receive a stipend used to customize your fundraising offersEverything the school needs to hold and promote the sale is provided to them freeYou will receive superior customer support and a contact to call on in our headquartersYou will earn substantial payment based on each fundraising product gross saleI’m interested, what do I do now?In the spirit of transparency, we need to quickly mention that we do not accept all representative requests. Wedo require that you be an experienced fundraising rep with a good reputation. We are not interested in quantity,but rather quality.Please take a moment to visit and let us get to know youbetter. Once approved, you will be provided everything you need to provide Spring & Fall Catalog and FrozenCookie Dough fundraisers to your schools and groups! 7101 S. Fulton St. Suite 200 Centennial, CO 80112 FOR THE FUTURE OF EDUCATION TM