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Sun TeleSolutions offers small offices an affordable full-featured telephone system with no upfront capital expense. We provide a full managed Cloud PBX so you can have a sophisticated telephone system without spending thousands up front. It is fully managed by our expert staff and supported 24/7 to ensure your customers can always reach you.

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Hosted pbx-and-conference-bridges-presentation

  1. 1. The business-grade voice service that integrates with Exchange.
  2. 2. o Hosted PBX from Sun TeleSolutions is the business-grade, VoIP-based phone service that integrates with Exchange.o Professionalizes your business with advanced calling features like an automated attendant, dial-by-name directory, music-on-hold, and more.o Increases your response time to customers, colleagues, and business partners. 2
  3. 3. Addressing Business Challenges 3
  4. 4. Reach-ability Your customers are having a hard time reaching your employees. You wish your could project a more professional image when peopleAppearance call your office.Cost Your phone service costs too much.Management It’s time consuming to set up new employees or make changes. Difficult, expensive, or sometimes impossible to extend office callingMobile employees features to employees who are regularly out of the office or toand remote offices branch offices. Hosted PBX solves all these business challenges and more! 4
  5. 5. Is this happening in yourbusiness? Hosted PBX can help:• Inquiries about buying your • Voice Menu – automatically answers and routes calls to the appropriate services or product go people straight to voice mail • Hunt Groups – rings to multiple• Customers sit on hold for a people so calls are always handled long time • Find Me/Follow Me – lets employees• It’s difficult to get calls from take calls even when they’re away customers, partners, or from their phone vendors routed to the right place • Voicemail To Email – forward inquiries easily to anyone with an email address • Extension Dialing – makes transferring calls a breeze 5
  6. 6. Is this happening in your business? Hosted PBX can help:• Your calls aren’t being answered in a professional manner • Voice Menu – automatically answers and routes calls to the appropriate• Employees have to use personal people. phone numbers as their business number • Voice Menu scheduling – lets you set up different call handling during after• Callers have a hard time reaching hours, weekends, and holidays. the person or function they need to when they call your business • Dial by Name directory – an automated• You have limited options on how to way for callers to reach anyone. handle the phones on the weekends, holidays, or when your office is • Music on Hold – customize the closed experience for your callers. • Extension Dialing – makes transferring calls a breeze. 6
  7. 7. Is this happening in your business? Hosted PBX can help:• Usage fees are unpredictable from month to month • Predictable, flat-rate, per-user charges.• You’re paying tolls for local or domestic long distance – or both! • Unlimited local and long distance• Getting new employees set up with phone service requires you to pay set- calling in the US and Canada. up fees• To get new features, you’d have to buy • A wide variety of features are new software, new hardware, and pay included, like Voice Menu, Hunt someone to install it Groups, local phone numbers.• You’re paying for more capacity than you need; or you don’t have enough • Runs off your existing Ethernet capacity. network – no additional wiring or cabling required. 7
  8. 8. Is this happening in your business? Hosted PBX can help:• You aren’t able to change your current phone features easily or in a timely fashion • Online administration – manage all aspects of your You have to wait for a paper bill in• order to see what calls have been service from the same Control made Panel you use to manage Exchange.• Getting new phone numbers or reassigning current numbers is difficult and complicated • Set up new users within• You’re not taking full advantage of minutes. the features in your current phone system because no one knows how to set them up • Change greetings, hold music, call routing easily. 8
  9. 9. Is this happening in your Hosted PBX can help:business?• Employees have a difficult time • Find Me/Follow Me – lets staying connected when they’re employees take calls even when out of the office or away from they’re away from their phone. their desks.• No easy way to give employees • Softphone support – turns any in remote or branch offices PC or smartphone into a Hosted business-grade telephone PBX device, with access to all features. features. • Voicemail to Email – easy to listen to voicemails from anywhere, or forward voicemails to any email address. 9
  10. 10. Feature Details 10
  11. 11.  Hosted PBX is VoIP-based telephone service ◦ Provides business-class calling features enabled by a PBX that is hosted by Sun TeleSolutions ◦ Customer supplies data connection and IP Phones Service sold on a per-user basis ◦ Every user gets dedicated line for inbound and outbound calling, their own phone number, and extension ◦ Includes:  Unlimited local and long distance in the US and Canada  All account calling features  All end-user calling features  Online Administration  Free number porting
  12. 12. Voice Menu Hunt Groups• An automated attendant to automatically • Call group for a group of employees, like “sales” answer and route calls to: or “support” • An employee • Calls can be set to ring employees sequentially, • A Hunt Group simultaneously, or to the person who has been • Pre-recorded announcement off the phone the longest • Dial-by-name Directory • Configure a Hunt Group as a Voice Menu option, • Voice mailbox or set up a number to ring directly into a Hunt• Program different Voice Menu configurations Group. for business hours and non-business hours • Can configure greetings for Hunt Groups, as well as a voice mail.Music/Greetings on Hold Online Administration• Create a customized listening experience for • Manage every aspect of Hosted PBX through the callers during hold times, with up to 5- Control Panel – the same online panel you use to rotating audio files. manage email and all your cloud services.Number Porting Bundled service• Number porting for local and toll-free • Every user seat includes: numbers provided free of charge. • Unique phone number • Unique extension (3-, 4-, or 5- digit dialing) • Unlimited local and long distance calling in the US and Canada 12
  13. 13. Voice Mail to Email Call Recording• Voice mails are delivered as email • On-demand, in-call recording. attachments to any email address, Recordings are delivered in email as an allowing you to easily listen to, store, and attachment. forward emails.Find me/Follow me Call Parking• Forward calls to up to three additional • Park calls on an extension to be picked up phone numbers, programming them to at a different phone/by a different user. ring one-by-one or all at the same time.Calling Features End User Online Administration• Caller ID • Set up and manage Find me/Follow me• Caller ID with Name settings, upload voice mail greetings, change• Call waiting voice mail PIN, log in and out of Hunt Groups• Call transfer (blind and warm) and more through the My Services end user• Call forwarding (via Find me/Follow me) control panel.• 3-way calling 13
  14. 14. Incoming call pop-upHow it works: ◦ Click to call any contact in Lync or Outlook. ◦ Hosted PBX phone will ring. ◦ Once Hosted PBX phone is answered, called party phone or extension will be dialed. During the call, presence will update to “In a call.” Lync roster with “in a call” statusBenefits: • Brings together Hosted PBX, Exchange and Lync into a comprehensive unified communications solution • Makes it faster and easier to dial the phone • Shows incoming calls in pop-up window with number and, if in your contact list, name 14
  15. 15.  Service Overview ◦ Proprietary, standards-based soft switch, running on Linux, using a VMWare hardware platform ◦ Use Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for two-way call communications and supports the G.711 and G.722 Codecs High-availability, geographically diverse infrastructure ◦ High-availability hardware and network components. ◦ Redundancy within a datacenter in the case of hardware or storage network failures. ◦ The ability to switch service to another datacenter within minutes in the highly-unlikely event of a major datacenter disruption. ◦ Multiple network connections to upstream providers. 15
  16. 16. Included account features: Hosted PBX • 1 Voice Menu with 1 local number $34.99/user per month • 5 Hunt Groups Add to any Exchange 2007/2010 plan or as a Standalone service • Number porting • 24x7 Support and OnboardingIncluded user features: • 1 Local phone number Feature Monthly Fee • 1 Extension Additional Phone $3.99 /number • Unlimited Local and LD (US and Numbers/DIDs Canada) (1 included) • End User calling features Additional Hunt Groups $4.99 /group (5 included)Not included: Lync Calling $4.99 /user (requires Lync Enterprise) • IP Phone Toll-Free Numbers $4.99 + taxes/number • International toll charges $0.045 /minute for incoming • Toll-free number and inbound toll- usage free usage 16
  17. 17.  For more information: 773.756.1739 17