A simple mobile testing lab using screen recording software


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This document explains how to set up a cheap and simple mobile testing lab using ScreenSplitr (http://screensplitr.com/), iDemo (http://www.plutinosoft.com/idemo) and ScreenFlow (http://www.telestream.net/screen-flow/). This set up requires a Macintosh computer and it will only work on jailbroken iPhones. This is the problem with screen recording software: you will not find a single application that will work on all platforms.

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A simple mobile testing lab using screen recording software

  1. 1. Set up your own lab using screen recording softwareYou should have: 1. A Macintosh computer. 2. iDemo, a software application able to show an iPhone screen in a Macintosh computer. 3. Silverback, an application for Mac OSX to capture usability tests. We will use it to record the screen of the Macintosh computer while you are running the usability test. You can replace Silverback with any screen recording application able to capture audio. 4. WebCam Monitor, an application that shows a webcam feed on the screen of a Macintosh computer. 5. A Hue HD USB webcam. 6. A jailbroken iPhone 3G with an application called ScreenSplitr. ScreenSplitr is the phone-side of the iDemo magic. It allows iDemo to access the iPhone and capture its screen.How to set up your lab: 1. Make sure the iPhone is connected to the WiFi network in the room. 2. Open ScreenSplitr in the iPhone. When asked to enter a password press Cancel. ScreenSplitr should now show an icon badge saying On. 3. In the Macintosh computer, go the Applications folder and open iDemo. iDemo should show the name of the iPhone (belens iPhone) in the list of devices. Click on the name of the device: iDemo is now connected to belenʼs iPhone. Unlock the iPhone to make sure you can see its screen in the computer. 4. Plug the Hue HD USB webcam to the Mac. You will use this webcam to record the participantʼs face during the test, so point it towards where he/ she will be sitting.
  2. 2. 5. Go to the Applications folder an open WebCam Monitor. 6. If you see the built in iSight camera instead of the Hue HD camera feed go to Monitor > Video Settings. Select the Source tab and choose the USB 2.0 Camera. Click OK. You should now see the the Hue HD webcam feed in the WebCam Monitor window. If the window takes over the whole screen, go to Monitor and select the Quarter Size option. 7. Arrange the WebCam monitor window and the iDemo iPhone chrome so that they display next to each other without overlapping. 8. Go to the Applications folder and open Silverback. 9. Create a new project. You can call it UX Sofia workshop. 10. Create a new session. You can call it Test. 11. Click the Start session button, and when prompted by Silverback press the spacebar. Silverback has started recording. 12. One of you should sit down in front of the webcam and play with the iPhone for a few seconds. Say something while you do so to test the audio capture. After a few seconds, click on the Gorilla icon in the task bar at the top of the screen and select Stop. Your recording is now complete. 13. In Silverback, click the Export button. Save your recording on the Desktop as test.mov. 14. When the export process finishes, open the test.mov file youll find on the Desktop to check if everything is captured properly.Well done! Your lab is set up. You are ready to run a real test.