Ryan Belanger- Burberry Digital Marketing Strategy


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Burberry Digital Marketing Strategy

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  • Demonstrate your understanding of your client's business, challenges and goals (this should take no more than 2 slides)
  • Image Source: http://5.mshcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/burberry-trendsmap1.jpg
  • Develop over-arching, integrated theme for the clientGlobal Iconic Luxury Brand#Innovative and #Trending Menswear, Womenswear, and Accessories
  • Describe key components of your proposal (social media, blogging, PR, commerce... list can go on and on).  Show how these component compliment and play off of each other  (this will probably cover a few slides)
  • Propose a budget, timeline (is there a seasonal peak you need to be aware of?) and recommended $$ allocation across various components you're proposing
  • Ryan Belanger- Burberry Digital Marketing Strategy

    1. 1. Digital Marketing StrategyRyan Belanger NMDL Spring 2012
    2. 2. Burberry: Iconic British Luxury Brand Est. 1856Challenges – Online Clutter – Further digitalization of the brand – Differentiate from other luxury brandsGoals – Consumer involvement – Providing new experiences – Maintaining an Iconic image
    3. 3. Who & Where? Burberry Trends
    4. 4. Preparing a Digital Marketing StrategyCaptivates: Over-Arching Theme:Burberry maintains aseamless appeal to -IconicBritish Luxurymales and females of all designdemographics andcustomer bases. -Innovative fashion appeal -Trending Menswear, Womenswear, & Accessories
    5. 5. Key Components• Public Relations – This 154-year-old Global Iconic British Luxury Brand continues to define Innovation in Menswear and Womenswear. Involving the consumer in this lifestyle is key.• Social Media/Networking – Burberry’s largest target market as it spends the most of it’s marketing budget on Digital Media.• Burberry Application – The introduction of the Burberry App will combine the best features of its website into a user friendly interface providing the latest Burberry news among many other features.
    6. 6. Social Media Burberry leads the way in the Luxury Fashion world in social media and have tapped into almost every social networking opportunity.• Burberry’s Social Media Stats – Facebook Fans: 12.3 Million – Twitter Followers: 926 K+ – Youtube Subscribers: 33 K
    7. 7. Internet Marketing• Provide latest information on upcoming events, promotions, features, and fashion trends on all social networking platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube).• 2-way interactive opportunities on social networking sites with consumer (Twitter mentions).• Repeat previous “Twitter Fashion show Tweetwalk” annually to promote it’s global trend to promote seasonal hype over product lines.
    8. 8. Mobile ApplicationThe $.99 Burberry App• Promotes all functions of their website with a social networking integration of Facebook and Twitter• Custom Seasonal Themes• Allows for location based services to search local stores and/or outlets that sell Burberry products• Burberry blog for designer trends and fashion tips• Provides latest sales promotions
    9. 9. Evaluating Success Google Analytics: Will allow for the tracking of viewers to each individual social networking Burberry page from anywhere in the world. Google Google AdWords: Track impressions, click-through-rates, Twitter cost-per-click, etc. Facebook Burberry Application: App usage measured by the amounts Blog/App of purchases/downloads as well as the Facebook and Twitter accounts that YouTube partake in the location based and forum app services.
    10. 10. Budget for Digital Strategy• $30 Million – Covers the 500+ stores in over 50 countries (location based services and contact numbers) – Burberry Application development – Continuation of consumer involvement in social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter One year duration will determine if more or less funding is needed. – Burberry allocates %60 of its Marketing Budget to Digital Media.