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Decoupled Aquaponics Option


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Decoupled Aquaponics Option.

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Decoupled Aquaponics Option

  1. 1. Decoupled Aquaponics Option Huy Tran
  2. 2. Applications/Advantages for Decoupled System • Fish waste: From system or from backwash feed directly to plants  system • Nutrients: can flow one way if need, better usage of aquaculture  discharges (cut PVC cost, no return lines) • RAS discharges can be used to grow crops, PR for a more green RAS • Treatment of Systems can be Independent
  3. 3. Needed Components: Sump/s Pump (one 1/4Hp can pump up 500m away and up to 800 unites at 2 plants/unit) Auto Watering Pots PE water lines
  4. 4. Sump
  5. 5. Sump
  6. 6. General Information Needed: • Annual production number (fish and plants) • What species (fish and plants) • Project time line • Location • Water source • Power • Building • Market
  7. 7. Thanks: Jen Holdsworth, PAES  Aquaponics Facilities  Manager Jason Danaher, Ph.D