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Steps to take when filing a car insurance accident claim


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Steps to take when filing a car insurance accident claim

  1. 1. Steps to Take When Filing aCar Insurance Accident Claim
  2. 2. Sooner or later, a mishap with an automobile is bound to happen toevery driver. Sometimes it is a minor mishap and sometimes it’smore serious, but if you’re out on the roads enough you’ll probablyhave reason to make a car insurance submission eventually.Making car insurance claims can get pretty complex and can turnout poorly if you don’t go about it the right way. Following the rightsteps is crucial to ensure your car insurance submission goes assmoothly as possible.
  3. 3. Is It an Emergency?The most important step in the process is to get emergencyattention to anyone who needs it. If the accident is serious andyou’re able, call 911 for police and ambulance before you doanything else.If you are injured and aren’t able to move, just try to remain calmand wait for an ambulance to arrive.If possible, move your vehicle over to the side of the road, out ofthe way of the main traffic.
  4. 4. Don’t Admit FaultAssuming everyone is ok, and you are speaking with the otherdriver, do not admit fault for the accident.Even if it seems as though the collision was definitely your fault,don’t verbally admit it. You may feel as though you want toapologize and you may feel bad, but an admission of guilt nowcould come back to haunt you later.You’ll have plenty of time to say sorry later when all the details aresorted out.
  5. 5. Exchange InformationExchanging insurance and personal information is the next stepyou should take. This includes:• Insurance company information• Address• Phone numbers• Driver’s license number• Year, make and model of vehicles
  6. 6. Look for WitnessesAfter you’ve exchanged information with the other driver, try to findwitnesses that might be able to help your case.Look for people that neither you or the other driver know, who sawwhat happened and would be willing to share their story. Ask forcontact information in case your insurance company wants tocontact them.
  7. 7. Contact Your Insurance CompanyOnce everything seems under control at the scene, it’s time to callyour insurance company and report the incident. In order to makea car insurance submission, your provider must be aware of whathappened.Your provider will let you know exactly what kind of coverage youhave and if you’re entitled to a rental while your car is repaired.
  8. 8. Don’t Get RepairsYour insurance provider will advise you not to get any repairs doneon the vehicle, but if for some reason you have that option beforespeaking to the insurance agent, don’t get any repairs done.You can replace or patch a damaged tire so the vehicle can bedriven, but let your insurance company take a look at the carbefore having anything more substantial done.
  9. 9. Prepare for QuestionsDepending on the nature of the incident, your car insurancesubmission will likely come with a lot of questions. You will beasked questions by your own insurance company, possibly theother driver’s insurance company and maybe even by police.Be honest with your version of events, and ask your insuranceprovider for guidance in any areas where you may be unsure.Write down of everything you tell the other insurance carrier incase there is an eventual lawsuit.
  10. 10. Follow the ProcessAfter you’ve taken all the initial steps and contacted your insuranceagent, just allow the process to unfold naturally. Take the advice ofyour insurance company when it comes to repairs and otheraspects, and follow the process until its completion.Some elements may seem unnecessary or trivial to you, but it’simportant to see it through to the end so you get the full extent ofyour coverage.
  11. 11. ReferencesLa Compagnie dassurance Belair Inc. offers many types of insurance, including car insurance. For more information on their services, visit