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Superhero revision


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Superhero revision

  2. 2. What will the exam cover?!!!
  3. 3. QUESTION ONE• will be about Film Language and how it communicatesto the audience• Make sure you know your film terminology for all theMICRO FEATURES• CINEMATOGRAPHY• SOUND• EDITING• MISE-EN-SCENE• THEY CAN ALSO ASK YOU ABOUTSPECIAL EFFECTS
  4. 4. ELEMENTs OF MISE-EN-SCENE• You need to able to comment on how the elements ofmise-en-scene communicate something to theaudienceObjects/PropsSetting/LocationLightingShadowColourCharacters position within the frameFacial expressions and body languageCostume, hair and make-up
  5. 5. sound• YOU NEED TO BE ABLE TO USE THE RIGHTTERMINOLOGY,• You need to be able to recognise and describediegetic and non-diegetic sound and explainthe effect they have
  6. 6. Sound terminology• Diegetic sound• sound that comes from thenarrative world• Non-diegetic sound• sound that is external to thenarrative world• Sound bridge• sound that carries over intoanother scene• Voice Over• a narrative voice• Parallel sound• sound that matches theaction• Contrapuntal sound• sound that doesn’t matchthe action• Dialogue• spoken script (think abouttone and pace)• Pleonastic sound• exaggerated sound
  7. 7. Describing sound• Ambient• Eerie• Orchestral• Instrumental• PaceWhat other words can youthink of to describe sound?
  8. 8. QUESTION TWO & THREE• will usually be about TYPICAL FEATURES thismeans codes and conventions or characters. Youwill need to apply this knowledge to the film clipAND another Superhero Film of your choice• MAKE SURE YOU COMPLETE PGS17-24 IN YOURREVISION BOOKLET• Question 3 & 4 can also be about the filmindustry – for example how films are marketedand publicised
  9. 9. QUESTION four• will be a creative question you will mostprobably have to use your imaginations and ordesign something. So it will be useful to havecolouring pencils.• You could be asked to come up with an ideafor a brand new Superhero film.