Collective id research tasks end of year 12


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Collective id research tasks end of year 12

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. A2 G325: Critical Perspectives in MediaThe A2 media course has the same structure as AS course, 50% coursework(Advanced Portfolio) and 50% examination.The exam in split into 2 sections:Section A: Theoretical Evaluation of Production (50 marks)Section B: Contemporary Media Issues (50 marks)Section A - requires you to step back from your production work and reflect onthe process of creating it and the final outcome. To be successful at this you mustbe able to critically discuss your work while applying relevant media theories tothe workSection B – Will require you to answer 1 question, from 6 topic areas, you DONOT choose the topic as that has already been chosen by Mrs Raji. As it says onthe cover we will be do COLLECTIVE IDENTITY, more specifically the collectiveidentity of black Britain. This is a far more complex task than you think, as we firsthave to define what or who makes up the collective identity of black Britain. Inaddition there a four questions set by exam board that you must be able toanswer in order to perform successfully in the exam.  How do the contemporary media represent nations, regions and ethnic/ social/ collective groups of people in different ways?  How does contemporary representation compare to previous time periods?  What are the social implications of different media representations of groups of people?  To what extent is human identity increasingly mediated?In addition to this you must be able to discuss past, contemporary and futureissues to do with the collective group. 2
  3. 3. In order to prepare for this unit and to show me you are truly ready for A2, Iwould like you to complete some tasks.TASK 1Log into your Blogger account and create a new blog with the title ‘CollectiveIdentity’ – make it look good, rest of the tasks to be completed on your new blog,email the blog address to me.TASK 2Sign up to take a look around make you know how to use it.Create an interactive brain storm of what you think is meant by the term ‘blackBritain’. Use images, YouTube links, and quotes about what people have written.This will be shared with the class, use the embed code to post on your blog – somake it look good!TASK 3Find out the definitions of the following terms, include quotes if you can andmake sure you reference who said them and where you got them from:IDENTITYCOLLECTIVE IDENTITYMEDIATION – Find out the definition, find a media text to deconstruct and applythis term to itREPRESENTATION - Find out the definition, find a media text to deconstruct andapply this term to itHEGEMONY - Find out the definition; discuss its relevance within mediaCOLONIALISM and POST-COLONIALISMIMPERIAL ‘OTHER’YOUTH SUBCULTURE - Find out the definition, discuss how the term may berelevant for collective identity 3
  4. 4. SYNCRETISMPOST-MODERNISMURBAN MUSICTASK 4Watch THE WINDRUSH YEARS (1948-1998), parts 1-15 on YouTube, make notesafter each part on what you have learnt and what you got from it. this link is for part 1.TASK 5Listen to this radio extract from 1958 is being represented?What is being represented?How is the representation constructed? (communicated?)TASK 6Listen to the Radio 1Xtra programme ‘What is Black British culture?’ at least 450 - 600 words on what you have learnt from the radioprogramme, include what you think is Black British culture.TASK 7Look at the images on the front of this document, research each item. Create aPrezi that shows what you have found out (don’t make this too word heavy, try tocondense the information you have found out). Post the Prezi to your blog, andanswer these questions: 1. What links all the media texts together? 2. How are the media texts representative of the changing landscape of black Britain? (past, present and future) 4