Action adventure revision pt2


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Action adventure revision pt2

  1. 1. Representation and Action Adventure• Action Adventure film characters are usually stereotypes (they mostly fit in to a certain type of character).• However we often just take for granted that certain characters will look and behave a certain way, some modern audiences see this as a real problem as some characters misrepresent genders and ethnicity.
  2. 2. How is masculinity represented in these films?
  3. 3. Representation of women • How has the role of the ‘princess’ changed in action adventure films? • Account for the reasons why the representations of women have changed?How do they still have conventionalaspects of a female character?
  4. 4. How is gender represented in this scene?Lo: To analyse the representation of women in action adventure films Link to media terminology: Mise-en-scene, sound, cinematography…
  5. 5. Stereotypes and Action AdventureStereotype Function in the film: ProblemCharacter: (misrepresentation):The Action Against all the odds, Women and otherAdventure hero he saves the day by ethnicities are NOT defeating villains, represented asIs usually a white saving the leading strongly as men inmale who is often lady and making the the role of Actionplayed by a western world a better and Adventure (mostly safer place! Female and blackAmerican or lead characters areEnglish). He is good starting to appearlooking, athletic and more regularly infights for good. more modern films but still not as frequently as white males.
  6. 6. Stereotypes and Action AdventureStereotype Function in the film: ProblemCharacter: (misrepresentation):The Leading Lady For a long time the Other ethnicities are(Princess) leading lady was in rarely represented by the film to look leading ladies in Action Adventure films.Is mostly white, good, be rescued by And, the leading lady isbeautiful and falls in the hero and often seen as useless,love with the Action provide him with needing the male heroAdventure hero. somebody to seduce to rescue them. through the film And, should all leading ladies be beautiful? Normal looking females are rarely represented by the leading lady.
  7. 7. Stereotypes and Action AdventureStereotype Function in the film: ProblemCharacter: (misrepresentation):The Villain The villain usually With the hero being handsome and villain ugly, wants to do this reinforces the ideaThe villain is often rich, something evil, that good people are goodpowerful and a criminal.The villain is often ugly taking over the looking and bad people world, stealing large are ugly.compared to the ActionAdventure hero and amounts of money, And, the rich powerfulphysically less impressive, hurting and even villain can seem to suggestneeding henchmen to do killing innocent that if you are rich ormost of their evil deed for powerful you must be evil!them. people and appears almost impossible to And, with the villain oftenThe villain is morecommonly from a non defeat. foreign, this can create racism/ prejudice towardswestern country (Russian, the country that the villainMiddle Eastern and comes from!Chinese are favourites)
  8. 8. Stereotypes and Action AdventureStereotype Function in the film: ProblemCharacter: (misrepresentation):The Sidekick The sidekick is often Again this shows that(Helper) in the film to make heroes have to be male, white, athletic and good the audience laugh. looking.The sidekick usually is amore humorous They usually bumble This reinforces the ideacharacter who is less their way through that if you are not:athletic and handsome the film, onlythan the Action - WhiteAdventure hero. helping the hero by - Male accident. - AthleticSidekicks are more - Handsomelikely to be foreign,children, female or You are inferior andeven a robot than the cannot be a hero and aremale Action Adventure only good for laughing at!hero.
  9. 9. Applying knowledge• A criticism of Action Adventure films is that they reinforce stereotypes in terms of both gender and ethnicity. Do you agree? Give examples
  10. 10. Design a HeroineLo: To analyse the representation of women in action adventure films Fill out your profile sheet Name: Age: Gender: FEMALE Target audience: Character qualities: Catchphrase: And DESIGNED character
  11. 11. Heroes & Villains In Action Adventure In most action adventure films the narrative is driven by a single ‘hero’ also called the PROTAGONIST who is in conflict and opposition to a ‘villain’ also called the ANTOGONIST This is also known as binary opposites where opposing influencescreate drama and conflict- eg. Good VS Evil, Man Vs Woman, Rich Vs Poor, Man Vs nature, Water Vs Land What do all these Heros and Villains have in common?
  12. 12. HERO VILLIAN• Add more to this list• Are the women represented as masculine or feminine?• Does one gender dominate? Why?
  13. 13. Action AdventureTextual analysis skills are important when discussingcharacter types.Watch this clip and write 200 words to analyse the twocharacter types Watch the clip – Who is the hero? – Give evidence Who is the villain? – Give evidence How are binary opposites used? Link to mise en scene, sound, cinematography… Ext: Do either challenge conventions?
  14. 14. Summarising & Applying knowledge• Consider how character is represented• Typology of characters• Attributes of heroes/ heroines• Women tend not to be the lead• Do heroines act like women or men?• Do the representations reflect gender roles in society and how we value men and women?• Heroes – white, English speaking from Western democracy (more so USA)• Villains – contrast the hero• Are there characters that break with traditional hero stereotypes?• How do the brake from them?• What sort of actors are employed to play theses roles?• How do action adventure films shape our values?• It could be argued that Action Adventure films are a means of exporting western ideologies to the rest of the world (specifically from American)• The values attitudes and beliefs in these film are being subtly imposed on other nations. How far do you agree with this?
  15. 15. Action Adventure Film Star• Hollywood is famous for its movie stars; Hollywood celebrities can command huge fees for appearing in films. A Hollywood star is often seen as a box office draw – someone that audience will pay to see at the cinema and hopefully increasing a film’s success when it is released.• Who are the great Hollywood stars of the action adventure genre?
  16. 16. Action Adventure Film Star• Some actors are known for playing mostly Action Adventure heroes throughout their whole film careers. These actors are films stars who can be seen as more important than any other element in the film. In fact some audiences will go and see a film just because a certain actor is playing the Action Adventure hero.• One such film star was Arnold Schwarzenegger who starred in numerous Action Adventure films and whose name attached to a film would automatically make is a box office success.
  17. 17. Action Adventure Film Star• Arnold Schwarzenegger became bigger than any of the films he starred in and most film trailers would use his popularity stating his name before the title of the film. For example. ‘The latest Schwarzenegger film’ or ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger in .....’• Arnold Schwarzenegger often played a similar character in Action Adventure films, a tough, strong, muscular, cigar chomping, gun totting hero who spoke very little (due to his strong Austrian accent) using catch phrases and physical action to portray his character.• Despite his acting receiving very negative reviews from film critics, audiences did not care and loved his simple, no nonsense, muscle bound characters.
  18. 18. Action Adventure Film Star• Research a film star who has often appeared in Action Adventure films.• What type of role does he/she play?• How important are they to the success of the film?• Who would be a suitable star for your film? (Think about your audience, how marketable the star is and if they are right for the genre)