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Pre production powerpoint

  1. 1. Pre-Production TechniquesLO1Bekki Asquith
  2. 2. FinanceGive a definition for each of these terms listed:Self Financed – A self financed project is one that you put money into yourself to set it upin the first place. The project is funded by you alone. This means that when the projectis completed and a profit is made there will be no need to pay anybody back foranything, it is yours.Employer/Client Financed – This is where the client of the project, (someone/a group ofpeople who want the project to be completed for them), provides the appropriateamount of money to fund the project until it’s completion.Kickstarter – Kickstarter is a website that media companies or independent businesses canget onto and present their idea to people. If someone likes the idea, then they will thenreceive funding from people who would like to see their product become successful.Funds could be as little as £10, it is the amount of people that want the project to workthat will make up the appropriate amount needed to complete the project.
  3. 3. FinanceWhich source of funding will be most likely for your production and why?It would be most realistic and sensible to use self financing as a way of funding myproject. I think that this is the most sensible choice as I would not have to payanyone back at the end of it. Also, I will know where the money is coming fromand the reliability of the source.AdvantagesThe advantages of this way of funding would be that the money source would bereliable, as I know exactly where it is coming from. There will also be no way of themoney being cut off or any other hindrances to the project like this.DisadvantagesHowever, the disadvantages of this way of funding could be that it may be difficult tofind the amount of money that is needed to be able to initially set up and thenfinally complete the product. I do not think that the amount of money for theproduction of recipe cards would be that much and would be a manageableamount due to the features of the cards and the simplicity of the production.
  4. 4. FinanceList the aspects of your production that will require financeAspects of my production of these recipe cards that will need financing are:• Personnel – this is the people that will take part in the project that I would maybe have to pay oroutsource. For this project, I may have to use people like a chef to help with the food preparationfor the images and the actual putting together of the recipes. I may also need a model to be in thepictures, eating the food to make them more interesting than just simply displaying the food.• Images – The images could be stock images from the internet or I could take them myself; If I wereto take them myself then I would need to think about hiring locations such as a studio for aprofessional looking picture, models and maybe equipment such as a tripod for a clearer image.• Location and studio hire – I may need to hire studios to take the photos in. I may also need to hireout a kitchen to have the chef prepare and cook the food to be photographed and used in theproject.• Equipment hire – I may need to hire a tripod, a professional camera, a printer, and a copier toproduce the 3,500 copies of the recipe cards.• Printing – Given the amount of copies that are needed to be made, especially if the prints are incolour, the printing costs could be quite high.• Ingredients – If I were to prepare and make the meals and then also take pictures of the stages ofthe processes, then I would need to pay for the ingredients used. I think I will do this for my recipecards because I think that the more effort I put into the production, the more appealing the cardwill look and the better the outcome.
  5. 5. TimeWhat methods could you employ to ensure you stick to your deadlines and whywould this be beneficial to your project?I would need a schedule. This would tell me what I needed to do and when it neededto be done by. In order to make sure that everything would get done by the end ofthe 10 weeks that I am issued to complete this project, I would need to add somecontingency time into my schedule and planning which would allow me extra timeif anything were to go wrong and need fixing.A schedule would also allow me to organise my crew, cast, locations, equipment, whatI would be doing and anything else that I might need.I would most likely dedicate a week to each card and make sure that everything wasdone for that one card by the end of the week so then I know that it is done and Ican move on to the rest. I think that this would make the workload reasonable andmanageable for me, and it would also leave me two weeks for contingency time ifsomething were to not be finished by the allotted time.
  6. 6. TimeWhat is contingency time and how might this be beneficial to your project?Contingency time is time that is allowed, usually towards the end of a project that isdedicated solely to getting things finished that are outstanding. Things that are notfinished could be so because of a difficulty or risk that may have occurred duringproduction.Contingency time is a useful idea and should be included in any project. It is there incase things go wrong or it takes you slightly longer to do something than youplanned, which is likely and could happen at any time. Contingency time couldhelp me out with my production because it may take me longer than one week tocomplete a recipe card due to when the chef is available or when locations such asstudios are available to be used etc.
  7. 7. PersonnelWhat size team will you use for your production (large or small)? How many peoplewill you have in your team? Why?My team will consist of just myself. I may also use a chef and to help me with thecreation of the recipes and the food that I will be using. I think that the size of theproject is manageable to complete by myself. I am able to take the photographsand also take care of any paper work that needs doing by myself. I can also takecare of the printing by contacting a printing company to get high quality images orby just printing them off myself at college or at home cheaply. I may also want afew people to use as models in some of the pictures eating the food to make itlook more appealing and interesting.I am only having a small team of people to work on this project because then myfinancing can be kept to a minimum as I will not have to pay very many people todo things. It is easier to do most of the work myself so that I know it has beendone to a standard that I am happy with.
  8. 8. PersonnelWhat job roles would you have in your production and what skills and experiencewould be required?Because I am working on my own, I will not need many people to do job roles in thisproject, I will do most of them myself. I have skills in writing quite sizeable piecesof copy which will be helpful with what I need to do for this project.I think I will need a chef or food expert which would require an amount of skills thatwould be learnt from the job anyway. They would also need experience andmaybe even qualifications that would again, come from working in the industryand profession.I may also need models for some of the images, I do not think that this would needmuch experience or much skill; they would just need to eat the food and lookhappy.
  9. 9. PersonnelHow could you find people to be in your production team?There are many ways to find people if you are looking for people to be in yourproduction team. You can source people through your own personal network suchas friends, family, friends of family etc. and also previous employers.There are also production teams that can help you contact people and source aproduction team for yourself. They would do this by placing adverts in a localpublication, publishing a vacancy advert in a media magazine appropriate to theparticular platform or topic e.g. film advertisements in Empire magazine or musicin NME. You could also think about advertising in a different way like a televisioncommercial or on the internet e.g. or websites particularly to do witha medium such as film, music etc.There are some job roles such as a model and a chef that I already have some peopleof my own personal network that I could use.
  10. 10. FacilitiesList the equipment, resources and facilities you need for your production and its sourceEquipment/Facility/Resources needed forproductionCollege Self ClientCooking equipment and kitchen (knives, pans, surfaces etc.) /Tripod /Ingredients for food /Printing/printing materials /Camera /Recipes /
  11. 11. ContributorsContributor Type of ContributorTeam member TalentClient ExpertTutor ExpertPhotographer of Sourced Images TalentModel(s) Talent
  12. 12. LocationsWhat method could you employ to identify locations needed for your production(production/ post production facilities) and how could this be useful?I could use a recce. This is a decision whether the location should be used or not.Things to consider when making this decision are things such as:• How far away from you is the location ?• How long would it take to get there ?• Would we need permission to use the location ?• Is it safe to use ? Has there been a risk assessment of the premises ?• Are there any risks?• Are there any limitations ?
  13. 13. LocationsAre there any limitations or risks you would need to consider for your locations?Location Limitation/RiskKitchen Lighting, use of cooking and technical equipment, falling/trippingComputer and printerlocationCheck plugs and connection cables so I wouldn’t trip, and there would not be an electrical appliance risk
  14. 14. Codes of Practice - ClearancesWhat is a model/location release form and why is it important to your production?Release forms are practically just a signature and a statement saying that the model orthe owner of the location has given permission to be used/for it to be used. Youneed permission to photograph people or use locations or there could be seriouslegal complications later on, as a repercussion.Model and location release forms are important for my production because they givepermission for the models to be photographed and the locations to be used. If Idid not have the appropriate permission then either a model or an owner of apremises that I used could sue me for not having the proper consent.
  15. 15. Codes of Practice - LegalWhat legal requirements will you have to consider in your project and what aspects do theyrelate to?Aspect of Production Legal ConsiderationPhotography I would need to make sure that the location and model release formswere completed and properly documented.Recipe Recipes used could be public domain recipes (from a website open forthe public to use) or you would need written permission to use acopyrighted recipe or would have to pay to use it.Graphic Designs The graphic design aspect of the project could also be either publicdomain or you would need written permission to use a copyrighteddesign template or design.Copy Do not use copyrighted text from other people, this could be consideredas plagiarism. Things such as an introduction to the recipe cards shouldbe your own words.Location Conduct health and safety check
  16. 16. Codes of Practice – Regulatory BodiesWhich regulatory body’s guidelines would you need to follow when creating yourproduction?When I am creating my product, I will need to consider the ASA’s (the Advertising Standards Agency’s)guidelines. Their guidelines that will need to be considered would be:• 01 Compliance: Rules relating to social responsibility; legality and fair competition. It also spells out thatthe ASA applies the Code in the spirit, as well as the letter. This would apply to my project because it statesthat you can not lie to your audience, what you say has to be legitimately true. You can also not state thatyour food is better than anybody elses as this is an opinion and not a truthful fact, you cannot makeyourself and your company or product seem to be better than any other.• 04 Harm and offence: Rules to ensure that ads do not cause harm or serious or widespread offence.Includes rules relating to shock tactics, unsafe practices and photosensitive epilepsy. This could apply tomy project with an unsafe practise being a kitchen and the equipment that you would use to cook. Thiswould be particularly applicable if children were to be doing the cooking, they would have to be warned.There must be a warning of the harmful substances and appliances that will be used during the process ofcooking.• 05 Children: Rules that must be followed if directing ads at children or featuring them. Includes rulesabout unsafe practices and unfair pressure; pester power and sales promotions for children. This appliesto my project because I was thinking of having the food aimed at children. This means that my recipes andfood must not encourage children to do anything that they would not want to or that would be unsafe.• 15 Food: Food supplements and associated health or nutritional claims. Rules relating to health andnutrition claims in foodstuffs; claims for vitamins and minerals; infant and follow on formula and food andsoft drinks marketing to children. This is self explanatory how it would relate to my project. I would not beable to include anything really unhealthy and not tell the audience/consumers.
  17. 17. Codes of Practice – Regulatory BodiesWhere can you source information from regarding these guidelines?