Existing Recipe Card Analysis        Rebekah Asquith
The little writing that there is on the page, is all in lower case and in         This photo is taken is veryThe front of ...
The content of the back of this recipe card isThe layout of this side of the card is                   much different to t...
The content of the front of this recipe                                                                 The colour scheme ...
This side of the card has the             The words used here are impersonallist of ingredients and also the          and ...
The content of this side of this                   The way that there is only one large image that takes up most of the si...
There is a small image of the image that was on the frontThere is more text here than there are       of the recipe card h...
The colour green is used significantly here; it is part of the The image is simplistic and                               m...
There are important details in the top block of colourThe green blocks of colour here have         such as preparation tim...
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Existing recipe card analysis powerpoint


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Existing recipe card analysis powerpoint

  1. 1. Existing Recipe Card Analysis Rebekah Asquith
  2. 2. The little writing that there is on the page, is all in lower case and in This photo is taken is veryThe front of this card white against a green background colour. This is done so that the words high quality and allshows a full page image of will stand out and can be seen and noticed. The fact that the words are aspects of the image arean idealised version of a all written in lower case letters hints at a casual and informal style. This taken in equally sharpraspberry frangipane tart. could be welcoming to the audience and indirectly tell them that focus. Taking theThere is no text except for making this dessert would be easy and fun. The writing is also a very photograph of thewhat is incorporated into simple san serif so it is easy to read dessert in high quality willthe logo and the title of make people want tothe recipe. The fact that make and eat it more as itthis image is shown on the looks the best that it can.front of the card wouldmake an audienceinterested in the food asthey can see how good it The layout of the front of this recipelooks and this would make card is quite balanced and is easy onthem want to cook it. the eyes – there is not much going on. The green rectangles on both the top and bottom of the card balance outThe colour scheme used here – the green the image well and also go well with– is a fresh colour and is also the colour the bit of green used in thethat can make people more creative so is photograph on the garnish leaf.relevant for cooking. It is alsoincorporated into the green used in thephotograph as the garnish leaf. The white I like the way that this recipe ison this card also seems to play a presented on the front of the card. Isignificant part in the colour scheme and think that it is simple but effectivethe make-up of the card. There is white in a way that it makes people whoused in the logo, the title of the recipe see the image want to make theand also in the photograph. The green is food as it looks appetising.bright and noticeable, yet does not takeany attention away from the subject ofthe card – the photograph of the tart. Thisis the perfect balance and way to use a Aspects from this recipe card that I would use and like to employ into my own workcolour scheme. I will employ a technique would be the way that the colour scheme has been chosen due to the detail of thelike this into making my own recipe cards. garnish leaf in the image. I also like the way that the image is set out with a background that applies to the recipe card.
  3. 3. The content of the back of this recipe card isThe layout of this side of the card is much different to the front. The main The writing style here is quite simplepretty spaced out, however the card is content of this side is the text, where as the and easy to follow. In the method,still busy and has a lot going on but it is main content of the front was the there are a lot of imperative wordsnot too overwhelming that it would photograph of the food. used which makes what you need todisinterest someone in reading it. do to make the dessert much easier. The method seems to be quite short which would make people interested in reading it as it is not too much text. The colour scheme used – green and white – is used to represent The font and text that has been freshness and the kind of natural, chosen to be used here has been done organic feel that you get from so carefully to make it easy to read. eating vegetarian, The white The green white colour represents purity, this could be background/text combination that is suggested by the fact that you are used on the front has been repeated making the food yourself you know here but reversed where the that it is just the pure ingredients background is white. This makes it that are going into it. This is a easy to read as there is a colour bonus of making your own food. contrast. The information at the top of the page such as how many the dessert will serve, the preparation I think that the overall time and the cooking time are all appeal of this card is that it is included in a simple way that delivers interesting to read and is the necessary info well. There is also a appealing to someone who calligraphy-like font used up the right would interested in these side of the card to state the name of kinds of recipes. It has a the recipe again. sense of professionalism also which would be appealing to people and they know that There is another image on this side of they can trust it. the card that is a close up shot of a part of the original image. This is again I like this recipe card, I think that it is simple and well organised/laid an idealised image of what the food out. It is easy to follow but there is not so little on the page that it is should look like and will make you not interesting to read. I would like to reach the same balance with want to make it more. The image is my recipe cards and a balanced text to image ratio. still in very high quality.
  4. 4. The content of the front of this recipe The colour scheme used here is red card is a large photograph of the food and white. I think that the red has just like the previous card and a small been used as the background and the amount of writing used in the logo main colour for the cards because and also the title of the recipe. there is a small section of the image that is red; the ‘ginger and red pepperThere isn’t much to say about the relish’. This is the same on thewriting as there isn’t much of it, previous recipe card, there is a greenhowever, the little writing that is garnish leaf that has cause the mainincluded is written in lower case letters colour of that card to be green. I thinkwhich gives a sense of informality and that this is a nice way to choose afriendliness about the recipe and it’s main colour for the colour schemestyle. because then the all of the colours fit together nicely. I would like to employ this into my work when I make my The way that the photograph has own recipe cards. been taken, parts of the image are in clear focus and some are not. The The overall appeal of this side of ‘leek & chestnut purses’ are in clear the recipe is that it looks focus as they are the main subject of interesting enough that someone the photograph. We can tell this by would want to learn to cook from looking at the title and the way that it. It also looks appetising to look the purses are in a larger font that at. the relish that goes alongside it. One of the ‘leek & chestnut purses’ is broken open to show what it is inside I also like that the background of the and to show you what it should look image (behind and under the plate) like. This is again an idealised version has been included, it makes the image of the food that the cook will be look nicer and more detailed. I also aspiring to achieve. like that the text that has been used is There are a number of things that I like about the way this recipe all in lower case, I think that this gives card is presented. I like that the photography has been done using a an almost casual and chilled out, fun shallow depth of field to put more emphasis on the ‘purses’ but the sense to the recipe card. relish, which is also part of the dish is still included, just not as defined.
  5. 5. This side of the card has the The words used here are impersonallist of ingredients and also the and quite indirect where the audiencemethod of how to make the is concerned. I would like to make themeal so there needs to be instructions on my recipe cardsmore text that images here. personal and able to connect with theThe image used is a much audience; I feel that this would makesmaller one, just like the other them more interesting for thecard. There are the ingredients audience to read and cook from. Theand method listed and also titles of the different sections of theextra info such as where to go text here are written all in lowerfor more recipes like this one, case, this also makes the words seemserving info and preparation informal and casual, relaxing.and cooking times.The layout of this page is very similar The text is written in a san serif fontto the last card. There is text that is which is designed to make words easyorganised into paragraphs that are to read and follow on the page and inthen spread evenly across the page. the middle of a paragraph.There are no large white spaces that The detail of the calligraphy writinglook like they need to be filled with down the right side of the page is awords or an image. The image that is detail that makes the card moreused takes up the space well that interesting. It would also make it a lotwould otherwise be blank and white. easier to see which recipe card it is if there are a few in a row and you need The colour scheme here is the to find just the one, you can pull out same as the flip side of the card. In the side of it to see. the image that is used on this side there is quite a distinct use of red All of the text that has been used on again, at the top of the filo pasty this card and the previous card is of ‘purses’ where they have been the same font, which is clear and easy cooked; this matches the colour of to read. the red that has been used at the I think that the overall appeal of this top and bottom of the page. recipe card is again quite professional looking and also interesting to look at an appealing to use for it’s purpose.
  6. 6. The content of this side of this The way that there is only one large image that takes up most of the side is a good featurerecipe card is a large photograph of of this card because it shows what the focus is and shows a good close up before goingthe finished food product. There is into more detail on the reverse side of the card.also some text that uses a variety offonts. I think that there has been a The main photograph is focussed well ondifferent fond used here to that of the main subject of the image, the ‘festivethe other cards because this is filo pillow’, however more of a depth ofspecifically for festive time period field is used on the other items on theand so is different to the others and plate and the items behind the plate, sois established in this way. that no attention will be taken away from the subject.There are small details on the The layout here is a whole page image withpage which make it relative to the very minimal text. There is a white banner‘festive’ reference that is used in at the bottom of the page which is used tothe recipe title. There are sparkles introduce a slogan and a logo into this sidearound the title and also a swirly of the recipe card. The text that is at thepattern which is also quite festive top of the page, the recipe title, is not putin the bottom left corner. These into a banner it is just placed over the topare small details that just add of the image. Having the white bannerinterest to the side and may cause background for the text at the bottompeople to take more interest in draws attention to those words, whichthe card. would be the intention here seeing as thatThe colours used here, the purple is the logo of the Vegetarian Society thatand gold, are not generic colours produced the card.that would be used when inreference to festiveness and the I like the idea of hinting that this is notfestive season like Christmas. Gold is what is expected when ‘festive’ isused quite commonly in reference mentioned; it points out that being ato Christmas and other holidays, but vegetarian is different and should bepurple is not. The fact that a colour The overall appeal of this recipe card is that it is highlighted and paid attention to. Ithat is not normally associated with interesting and intriguing. It is something new to make would like to do this in my own workfestivities would imply that this dish for the holidays rather than the normal turkey and because I would like the vegetariansis something that would not vegetables that everybody makes around Christmas. that use my recipe cards to feel likenormally be made for the Christmas there has been a lot of effort put intoseason, which it is. the food that can be made for them.
  7. 7. There is a small image of the image that was on the frontThere is more text here than there are of the recipe card here, so that the user will not need to There are words and the small imageimages. There is also a small image of flip it over constantly. in baubles which also represent thethe large image on the other side of festivity that is inferred from the title;the recipe card. There is not much ‘Festive filo pillow’. There is also aempty space here which makes the small image of a Holly plant whichcard look fuller and it is not in danger adds to the festive theme of thisof looking boring. recipe card. The vital information, the cooking and prep times, that is neededThe same colour scheme has been for any recipe card is shown here in acontinued here, using the colours gold bauble shape as well. There are alsoand purple to represent the baubles used as bullet points in thefestiveness. method telling us how to make the meal. The layout here is quite evenly spread and there is not much clear The background here is not just plain space that is not being used. The white like the other cards that I have top third has been taken up by analysed and looked at. I think that images and shapes and the bottom this is another detail that makes this two half of this side of the card is card more interesting and relevant to text; this is a good and well- the ‘festive’ mention. The fact that balanced text to image ratio. the card is festive makes it almost different from the others; more The text here is a small, clear special and looks a bit different to the and easy to read font that suits other generic style that the others the style well; although the style seem to take. and design of the card is interesting and in some areas quite complex, the overall design I like that there is a colour scheme and layout is quite simple and and also another theme that is basic which matches the text. continued through both sides of this recipe cards. I would like to employ There is a slogan and also a web this into my own work by ensuring address where people can go to get that there is a clear theme, whether it more ideas for vegetarian meals. These is just through the use of colours or kinds of features make the company There is an alternative to create another option with through an added theme like the look better and more thoughtful this meal which is a handy tip that I will employ in my festive theme used here. towards the user. I will employ this into own work to make the vegetarians meals vegan as my own work. well.
  8. 8. The colour green is used significantly here; it is part of the The image is simplistic and meal on the recipe card and also an organic colour represents the subject of the image is vegetables and therefore vegetarian cooking. the only thing that is actuallyThe fact that this side of the in clear focus, implying thatcard takes up most of the page, this is significant to theimplies that there may be a lot publication.of text on the other side. This isa good way to balance the The white text on the greenrecipe card out between images blocks of colour are attentionand text. grabbing, although the lettering is all lower case. The main image photograph is Lower case lettering usually in good focus on the soup, the means that it is not as eye- bowl and the spoon. There is catching as it could be but the something in the background fact that the colours are so that is very blurry and out of contrasting makes you look at focus which is obviously not and notice the title. important or significant to the recipe card. Most of this page is made upAspects of this card that I of a large image. This is towould like to employ into my entice the user and grab theirown work would be: the large attention to want to use thisimage covering most or all of recipe card over others andthe front of the card, the main make this meal. This image iscolours that are vital to the taken in very high qualitycolour scheme being which brings out the goodintroduced on the front of the The ‘Vegetarian Society’ logo is aspects of the image andcard, and also the contrast of placed at the bottom, on one of the makes the smaller parts morecolour to catch attention and green blocks of colour and also appealing to the user andinterest people in the card. coloured in white so that it stand viewer of the card. out.
  9. 9. There are important details in the top block of colourThe green blocks of colour here have such as preparation time, and cooking times. They arewhite text against them again. This put here so that the user will see them are they are There is an absence of any intriguingbrings out the lower case text that eye-catching. shapes or a theme on this card.would otherwise just be overlooked as it There can be recipe cards that areis lower case. This colour scheme is made specifically for festivereversed with the main bodies of purposes and times such astext, (the ingredients and the Christmas, however this one is justmethod), with green lettering on a white plain. This can be consideredbackground. This again grabs your positive as the card is simple, basicattention and is a stark contrast and straight to the point which isbetween the two colours. what some people want when they The font that is being used here is san are following a recipe. However, this serif and is clear and easy for the user could be considered a bad thing on of the card to read. However, the title a recipe card as people could of the dish that is being made here is overlook it as it looks less written in calligraphy writing up the interesting that some others that right hand side of the side. This gives may have patterns, more a slight bit more detail to the card pictures/images or other features. that would other be quite plain, simple and could even be considered as boring. The main method text is separated up into 4 step-by-step paragraphs so that the text is easier and more Aspects of this recipe card manageable tor read for the user. that I would like to employ This is a good way to maintain into my own work are: the attention from the user and is also small and easy to read step- something that would attract a by-step paragraphs for the reader more to this recipe card than recipe method, the important any other; people like to have a information such as manageable amount of text to read preparation time and cooking plus images, they do not like to read time in easy to see places that huge chunks of text, especially while grab attention and the use of doing a practical task such as a smaller image, or a small cooking. part of the large image on this side of the card.