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  1. 1. Dumaguete Marine Biome<br />Jon Michael D. Gregorio<br />NATSCI 13<br />Mr. Faisal Alonto<br />
  2. 2. Location<br /><ul><li>It is near the island of siquijor and near in Cebu also
  3. 3. From the resort you can see the Apo island
  4. 4. The amount of precipitation in Dumaguete is about 2.5 – 10 cm
  5. 5. The dive spot is in the southern part or the negrosoriental
  6. 6. Dumaguete is one of the popular sites for diving</li></li></ul><li>Climate and Weather<br /><ul><li>There are two types of weather here in Dumaguetewhich is the wet and dry season.
  7. 7. The climate in the area is the normal climate of the country which is a tropical climate</li></li></ul><li>The Floras<br /><ul><li>In order for me to get under water I must wear the scuba diving attire so that I can go deep into the ocean</li></li></ul><li>Brain Corals (Platygyralamellina)<br /><ul><li> The Corals here are home of many different kinds of plants like Crinoids
  8. 8. If corals were destroyed it will take them years to rebuild the damage d done to them</li></ul>Sea weeds (Kappaphycusalvarezii)<br /><ul><li> Seaweeds are the most common of all the plants in the ocean
  9. 9. Seaweeds can also be classified by use (as food, medicine, fertilizer, industrial, etc.) </li></li></ul><li>Sea Anemone (Cribrinopsisfernaldi)<br /><ul><li> The anemones are groups of water dwelling
  10. 10. It is a home for animals like the clown fish
  11. 11. It is a jelly like form and it moves with the waves</li></ul>Food Web<br />Clown Fish<br />Plankton<br />Oriental Sweetlip<br />Sun<br />Humans<br />Sea Weeds<br />
  12. 12. The Faunas<br />Batfish (Platexorbicularis)<br /><ul><li> One of the animals that I saw from the diving spot are the batfish
  13. 13. Batfishes are found in warm temperature areas.
  14. 14. They eat planktons</li></li></ul><li>Clown fish ( Amphiprionpercula)<br /><ul><li> The clown fish lives in a warm temperature area
  15. 15. It lives with sea anemones and it hides when ever they see predators</li></ul>Oriental Sweetlip (PlectorhinchusOrientalis)<br /><ul><li> The Oriental Sweetlip is a reef dwelling creature
  16. 16. It is very common and can be found in any ocean in the Philippines
  17. 17. This fish is very afraid of humans, they swim fast when ever they see humans</li></li></ul><li>Importance in my course<br />It is very obvious that it is related tom my course. I am talking Hotel management right now and it will enable me to manage my future restaurant. I have to experience it first hand, in order for me to attract tourists there is one activity that I have in mind that is appealing to the people and that is Scuba Diving. Scuba Diving is a very pricy activity in this manner I can regain my loss in this particular business. From my experience I can avoid the things that can make the hotel or the business from losing its earnings. <br />
  18. 18. Sources<br /><ul><li>
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  22. 22.</li>